Know anyone who's a huge RPG fan? Don't know what to get them? This guide gives some great suggestions for a truly unique gift!

Gift Guide: Epic Gifts for the RPG Adventurer in Your Life

Know anyone who's a huge RPG fan? Don't know what to get them? This guide gives some great suggestions for a truly unique gift!
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The holiday season rapidly approaching. And with Black Friday and Cyber Monday soon upon us (or perhaps a lucky someone's birthday), everyone's sure to be very busy shopping for friends and loved ones alike in the coming days and weeks.

Whether it's a swanky necklace or killer T-shirt, a badass computer mouse or super-rad messenger bag, we've done the research on some of this holiday's coolest gifts for RPG fanatics so you don't have to.

So if you have a friend that's a super HUGE RPG nut, a coworker that's bonkers for role-playing games or a family member that just can't get enough of Fallout 4, this guide will definitely help you find the most unique gift they'll get this holiday season!

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The Witcher 3 Hunt Necklace Wolf Necklace for Men

Rating: 4 out of 5

Price: $19.98

Buy it: Amazon

If you know anyone who is a Witcher fan, this could be a great gift for them. For those who don't know the lore of this item, the medallion is worn by the main character, Geralt, and it acts as a badge of honor. 

The necklace itself is made of alloy metal, and the entire necklace is 20'' long. It can obviously be worn anywhere and can be a perfect prop for future cosplays. 

There are also three other versions of the necklace: 3D black, plain black and plain red. 


Rating: Not Available

Price: $39.99 (was $70.00)

Buy it: Bethesda Store

This particular gift is for all the Fallout 4 fans out there. This mouse has a rubber coating for a better grip, game-reactive intelligent lighting and is compatible with both Macs and PCs.

LED Potion Desk Lamp 

Rating: Not Available

Price: $44.99

Buy it: ThinkGeek

Potions. Every RPG fan knows what potions are, and more importantly, what they do. If you know someone who ever wished to own a replica of a potion flask, then this is an excellent choice!

The flask is 7'' tall and is 4'' in diameter, and weighs 1 1/2 pounds. These LED potion desk lamps can change to any color either manually or through the lamp's slow fade feature, which slowly cycles through the lamp's various color spectrum (imagine having several of these in a row...).

It's a good idea to note: Please don't drink the contents...

"I Used To Be An Adventurer" T-shirt

Rating: 5 out of 5

Price: $20.00

Buy it: Etsy

I think we can all appreciate a good joke from time to time. Also, any Skyrim fan is sure to understand the joke. 

As far as the shirt goes, it's made out of cotton, comes in different sizes (duh!) and color selections. So if black isn't your preferred color, there are many to choose from.

Skyrim Inspired Alchemy Ingredient Pendant

Rating: 5 out of 5

Price: $17.00

Buy it: Etsy

These pendants are extremely exquisite and made down to the finest detail. Designed after various alchemy ingredients found in Skyrim, your favorite dragon born is sure to love them.

Each pendant is handmade, including the glass bottle and the bronze or gunmetal chain (you can choose which chain you like better). And as far as what's inside the bottle, you can even choose the ingredient, of which there are many. 

Bloodborne Hunter Messenger Bag

Rating: N/A

Price: $60.00

Buy it: PlayStation Gear

Bloodborne is a fan favorite among PS4 players. If you know anyone who is a die-hard Bloodborne fan, then this item will be a great gift.  

The bag itself consists of a large main compartment, with two small pouches and an inner zippered pocket. Made out of heavy weight washed canvas and leather, this 10'' x 17'' x 4'' messenger bag comes complete with a screen printed Bloodborne logo on the front. 

Fallout 4 Mini Nuke 7'' Hollow for Storage

Rating: 5 out of 5

Price: $58.33

Buy it: Etsy

This unique gift is for any fan of the Fallout series, but especially those fans who are rabid for Fallout 4. Basically, it's a storage container modeled after a miniature nuke from the game. 

Besides looking cool, and resembling something from the actual game, it can be used to store whatever comes to mind (and whatever can fit inside it's 7'' tall frame).

And if you don't need it for storage, it can be used as a very unique cereal or party bowl.



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