Pokemon-themed clothing, consoles, art, decoration, accessories, and more; for the gamer who just has to catch em all.

Gift Guide: For the Rabid Pokémon Fan

Pokemon-themed clothing, consoles, art, decoration, accessories, and more; for the gamer who just has to catch em all.
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Pokémon is one of the most beloved franchises in gaming history. For most of us, it was our introduction to the role-playing genre and a landmark in our childhood.

Thanks to its dedicated fan base, there's all sorts of pokémon-themed merchandising we can purchase, both official and not. In this gift guide, you will find our recommendations on the best pokémon products you can get nowadays. This includes consoles, badges, clothing, notebooks and more.

You won't find plushes here, as we already have our another gift guide dedicated to these adorable accessories.

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New 3DS XL Solgaleo Lunala Black Edition

Price: $232

Rating: 4.4 Stars (1,423 customer reviews)

Buy it on: Amazon

This New 3DS XL is the perfect handheld for any fan out there, especially now that we are so close to the release of Pokémon Sun & Moon. There is also a white version of the handheld for those who prefer a change of color. Now that Black Friday is getting close, it may get cheaper, so keep an eye on it.

Pokémon Cover Decals for New 3DS and New 3DS XL

Price: $10.73

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Buy it on: Etsy (332 customer reviews)

For those who already have a new 3DS or a new 3DS XL, you can now decorate yours with these cover decals. Choose your favorite starter and let everybody know that it's the best one. Remember that these don't fit with the original 3DS.

Pokémon Go Plus

Price: $90 

Rating: 3.1 Stars (331 customer reviews)

Buy it on: Amazon

Pokémon Go Plus is comfortable, easy to use and improves the experience of the popular Pokémon Go app. Now's a good time to get this great accessory for your favorite Pokémon trainer -- so they can catch em' all without even having to pull out their phone to do it!

Pokémon Trainer Red and First Generation Starters Final Evolutions Posable Figures

Price: $99.99

Rating: Not Available

Buy it on: Pokémon Center

These cute figures are the best way of decorating your desk. Charizard, Venasaur, Blastoise and Red, all of them tinier than ever. They all come together in this pack from the Pokémon Center, where you can find lots of official merchandising from the franchise.

Kanto Premium Gym Badge Set

Price: $179.95

Rating: Not Available

Buy it on: Pokémon Center

This set contains all eight badges of the first generation! Now you can get them for real and show off your trainer skills. It's an original way to show off your insatiable love for Pokémon.

Wobbufett Blue T-shirt

Price: $22.95

Rating: 4 Stars (294 customer reviews)

Buy it on: Redbubble

There are many pokémon-themed t-shirts, but this one takes the cake. Wobbufett is an adorable pokémon and now you can have it all over your chest. There is a big variety of colors to choose from, but we think the original one fits it best.

Pikachu Silhouette Mid-Calf Socks

Price: $12.50

Rating: Not Available

Buy it on: Pokémon Center

These Pikachu socks rock! The yellow and black fit nicely together and the design is the coolest one we could find. It is also a subtle but original way of stating your love for Pokémon.

First Generation Starters Underwear Pack

Price: $30,69

Rating: 5 Stars (166 customer reviews)

Buy it on: Etsy

Have you ever dreamed of having a pokémon under your pants? I really hope not, but now you can do just that with these adorable underpants. They currently have a 5-star rating, so they have to be comfy.

Eeveelutions Earrings

Price: $9.76

Rating: 4.5 Stars (211 customer reviews) 

Buy it on: Etsy

These earrings are the most original Pokémon product we've found. Eevee is one of the most popular pokémon, and all of us have a favorite eeveelution we root for. You can know support it with these earrings, which you can purchase together or in separate pairs .

Growlithe Spiral Notebook (200 Pages)

Price: $19.95

Rating: Not Available

Buy it on: Pokémon Center

Finally, there's this notebook with the cutest growlithe you will ever see. He's stuck in it and can't get out. You can even see its tiny butt on the back side. It's an excellent place to write down your notes and strategies before taking down your rivals in Pokémon Go or the upcoming Pokémon Sun & Moon.

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