Need the perfect gift for your World of Warcraft player? Look no further.

Great gifts for the Warcraft fan in your life

Need the perfect gift for your World of Warcraft player? Look no further.
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World of Warcraft is still a living, thriving community, and chances are that if you're reading this someone in your life is a part of it. Of course, as we approach the holiday season, you'll need to find that perfect Warcraft-related gift, right? Well, look no further. From official merchandise to expansion packs to cool, fan-created items, here are some gift ideas that'd thrill any Warcraft player.

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World of Warcraft: Legion pre-order

Rating: Not available.

Price: $50

Buy it: Amazon

World of Warcraft's newest expansion pack isn't due until sometime next year, but that doesn't mean pre-ordering isn't without its perks. Not only will it give your Warcraft player peace of mind to know that the expansion is paid for, but anyone who pre-orders automatically receives a free character boost to 100. Take it from someone who has leveled more than a couple characters up to that point, that boost is a massive time-saver.

World of Warcraft Pre-Paid Game Card

Rating: 4.4/5 (357 reviews)

Price: $30

Buy it: Amazon, or your local GameStop.

In World of Warcraft, time costs money. Every month is another $15 out of the account owner's wallet. Soften the blow a little with one of these pre-paid game cards, which buys a full two months in Azeroth. 



In-game Cosmetics

Rating: Not available.

Price: $10-30

Buy it: Shop

Blizzard has, in recent years, opened up a digital shop where you can purchase mounts, pets, and cosmetic helmets for your characters. These are items that cannot be acquired anywhere else in the game, so they're perfect gifts that any Warcraft player could use to trick out their characters.

Hearthstone LED Light

Rating: 5/5 (91 reviews)

Price: $40.00

Buy it: Etsy

Obviously, you could go on Etsy and search "World of Warcraftand uncover tons of cool stuff. Several hundred items in each category are at your disposal. However, one of the coolest and most iconic pieces of fan merchandise is this light-up hearthstone, the magical item that every Warcraft hero is never without. It's a really creative and unconventional piece of fan-made merchandise, and it looks great around the room.

Blizzard Hearthstone Pint Glass 4-set

Rating: Not available.

Price: $24.99

Buy it:

This might be Hearthstone themed, but since Hearthstone is really just a collection of Warcraft characters with some artistic flair added to them, this is a great set to consider. Even if your Warcraft fan isn't too much into alcohol, everyone drinks something, right? It's a great general gift that doubles as a convenience and an excellent display item.

Vol'Jin: Shadows of the Horde

Rating: 4.3/5 (165 reviews)

Price: $8.99

Buy it: Amazon

Sometimes it's good to get away from Azeroth once and a while, and books set in the Warcraft universe can be an excellent lure for the Warcraft fan. One of the most recent works is Vol'Jin: Shadows of the Horde, but Blizzard has been churning out Warcraft novels since the early 2000s. Among other Warcraft works, Blizzard has recently released War Crimes, Arthas: Rise of the Lich Kingand Rise of the Horde

You can check out a list of novels and graphic novels over on Amazon.

Warcraft Class Robes

Rating: Varied.

Price: $130-150

Buy it: Blizzard Gear Store - Paladin, Priest, Warlock, Rogue

Obviously, Warcraft is the sort of thing people tend to enjoy indoors, and that means laying back and getting comfortable. What better way to spend those long winter nights in Azeroth than with some robes for your character class? The Blizzard Gear store has four character class robes available: Paladin, Priest, Warlock, and Rogue, all styled after iconic armor from the game. 

DC Unlimited Warcraft Figures

Rating: Varies.

Price: $17-$250

Buy it: Amazon

Expertly crafted and lovingly detailed, these are some of the most price-efficient Warcraft figures on the market. You can get iconic characters like The Lich King or Illidan Stormrage, or you can get basic heroes that capture the Warcraft essence while just looking awesome. 

Great to look at on display, these are a definite go-to gift for your Warcraft fan.

World of Warcraft FigurePrints

Rating: Not available.

Price: $129.95 plus shipping

Buy it:

Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Without a doubt. FigurePrints works with Blizzard to ensure that they can create an extremely accurate model of any player's World of Warcraft character through their 3D printing techniques. Sure, there are other World of Warcraft models out there of iconic characters like The Lich King or Grom Hellscream, but, as cool as they are, anyone could have those. This is an opportunity to give your Warcraft player something unique and absolutely memorable.

The price tag is intimidating, but to have a model of your character sitting across from you while you play is awesome. No sane Warcraft player wouldn't be thrilled to have this.

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