Rockstar Games should take into consideration the wishes of their playerbase and release these DLCs in 2017.

GTA DLCs That Need to Come Out in 2017

Rockstar Games should take into consideration the wishes of their playerbase and release these DLCs in 2017.

The GTA franchise represents a massive world that is visited by millions of people every day. And Rockstar knows that it needs to keep the game fresh and exciting — and thus, releasing new content is of utmost importance.

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Every year, the developer brings a number of new thematic DLCs that make players return to the game over and over again. The number of DLCs released each year grows exponentially, and 2016 saw as many as eight new updates for GTA Online — such as Lowriders, Cunning Stunts, Bikers, Halloween, etc.

Every new piece of content is expected to be better than the previous one, so here comes the question: What GTA DLCs can we expect coming out in 2017? There haven’t been any official announcements yet, but here is what the GTA community would like to see the most.

Liberty City

GTA DLCs 2017

GTA V still doesn’t have a single DLC under its belt. However, the latest rumors point out that this situation may change in the nearest future.

Shawn Fonteno, the actor that voiced Franklin Clinton in GTA V, has recently posted an interesting picture on his Instagram. He sits in a Rockstar office in full mo-cap gear. So what could this mean?

Obviously, most fans are pointing at the upcoming Liberty City expansion for GTA V. If you remember, a couple of years ago Rockstar promised us the story update for the single player mode. But since then nothing has really happened, and the studio focused entirely on its multiplayer title — GTA Online.

So let’s hope whatever this is…let it come out by the end of the year.

Tuners and Outlaws

GTA DLCs 2017

Rockstar gave us the Cunning Stunts update last year, and while most players were grateful for it, a huge chunk of the fanbase was expecting much more from it.

There is a big difference between track racing of the Cunning Stunts and underground street racing, which is currently petitioned to Rockstar for the next GTA Online update — Tuners and Outlaws. The community has very specific wishlist in this petition: evading police, collecting bounty, drifting, manual transmission, drag racing, etc.

Petitioning worked well in the past, as in an example of the Lowriders update. So, since the Tuners and Outlaws gathered now over 30.000 signatures, Rockstar should definitely look into this concept more closely.

Vice City

GTA DLCs 2017

GTA Online looks like a soup that is made of many different parts from the past games of the GTA series. However, some of the most important ingredients are still lacking. One of them is undoubtedly the Vice City pack.

People really want to see the famous Hawaiian shirts all over again, and the vintage vehicles and weapons, especially the chainsaw. But the most important aspect is the real estate business that worked great in the original, and it would be an awesome way of making money in GTA Online, too.

All the rare cars in GTA Online are being constantly upgraded, and the prices are getting higher and higher with each new update. So having an additional source of income is a must for this DLC.

Heists 2

GTA DLCs 2017

The first Heists update was released in 2015, and it was the biggest and most ambitious project in the history of GTA Online. The concept of the heist missions was in the game from the very start, but Rockstar had a lot of trouble launching this idea at the get-go.

Finally, the DLC was released and it proved to be great, but not without its own problems. For example, too many people wanted to start the missions at once, but since they required a lot of preparation and time to execute everything properly, the jams were inevitable.

In 2017, Rockstar most definitely should give us the long-awaited update of the heist missions with no problems this time. It could be a massive undertaking, of course, but a necessary one.

Wild Animals

GTA DLCs 2017

GTA V has the biggest variety of animals in all of the series, but for some reason there are no animals in GTA Online. There is a speculation that this is somehow connected with the server load, although that rumor has never been confirmed by Rockstar.

So, if there is no technical problem with putting animals into the world of GTA Online, then the developer should definitely do it this year. Why? Because Rockstar has another game in its release schedule that involves a lot of wild animals — Red Dead Redemption 2.

Wouldn’t it be great if Rockstar could put at least some horses and bears in GTA Online? The update should coincide with the release of RDR2, which would be a fantastic way to show their appreciation to all the fans of the series that have been supporting them throughout the years.

Let us know what else you would like to see in GTA Online this year. Share your ideas in the comments section.

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