The Scholomance Academy meta is quickly approaching! These are the 10 best competitive Hearthstone decks for standard format.

Hearthstone: Best Standard Decks for Scholomance Academy Meta

The Scholomance Academy meta is quickly approaching! These are the 10 best competitive Hearthstone decks for standard format.

Theorycrafting is one of the most exciting parts of each new Hearthstone expansion. This time around, the new Scholomance Academy set gives players access to the first-ever dual-class cards, making deckbuilding so much more fun.

In this list, you will find 10 of the best competitive decks for standard format, broken down into each class of heroes and their corresponding deck codes. You can simply copy and paste them into your Hearthstone client and get started! 

You will find a few surprising twists to some well-established archetypes and also some completely new ideas that will probably be improved upon in the future, so keep reading!

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Aggro Demon Hunter (5,400 dust)

The central piece of this new aggro deck is the Glide spell from Scholomance Academy. For 4 mana, it allows you to shuffle your hand into your deck and draw 4 new cards.

This is a good deal, especially if you have no cards in your hand. Though the included Outcast mechanic, which forces your opponent to do the same, could be an issue depending on the circumstance, you can disrupt combo decks using it, breaking any kind of hope for your opponent.

On top of that, you have two new support minions, Spirit Jailer and Voracious Reader, which will give you extra health and card draws.

Deck code:


Big Druid (6,160 dust)

Ramping has been an integral piece of the Druid class for many years, and it's still a highly viable archetype even today.

With the help of Guardian Animals dual spell, you can cast two 5-drops for 7 mana. In certain cases, you can cast it on turn 4 or 5, increasing its utility.

You can then use Twilight Runner, another staple card from Scholomance Academy, to draw two more cards. If you manage to play Shan'do Wildclaw early in the game, then you can buff all your beasts in the deck for the rest of the game.

With that in mind, there's a good chance that the new Big Druid will rule the meta again this season.

Deck code:


Beast Deathrattle Hunter (14,440)

Just like Druid, this Hunter list relies on beast synergies and includes many of the same dual class cards.

However, Hunter has a few exclusive cards in Scholomance Academy, such as Professor Slate, which gives all your spells the Posionous effect, Krolusk Barkstripper, a removal spell on a stick, and Bloated Python, a new Deathrattle support card.

There are enough tools to withstand matches against both aggro and control opponents. You can win quickly or late in the game, as this is a truly universal approach to Hunter deckbuilding.

If it's too expensive for you, then you can cut out several legendaries, but be sure to keep the rest, as those cards make up your win condition.

Deck code:


Tempo Mage (9,060 dust)

Spell damage plays a huge role in decks that run Ras Frostwhisper. In the new set, Mage gets a new Lab Partner 1-drop that, conveniently, has exactly that.

This little minion is the lynchpin of so many synergies, which should give Tempo Mage archetype a new chance this season.

Several new other cards also bring more energy to the deck, such as Cram Session, Wyrm Weaver, and Firebrand.

But the most interesting new piece is Mozaki, Master Duelist, a new Mage legendary that stacks spell damage each time you cast a spell.

It allows you to control the board later in the game, making victory all the easier.

Deck code:


Midrange Paladin (17,820 dust)

A new Paladin legendary card, Turalyon, the Tenured, is the perfect companion to the Duel! spell here.

Turalyon can be summoned by Duel! to set an enemy minion's life total to 3, killing it every time regardless of its original size.

Overall, this deck isn't as strong as highly aggressive decks, but if you can survive the first wave of attackers, then your opponents will have no chance against you.

Since control and midrange decks give you more time to cast big spells, this is the perfect counter.

Deck code:


Tempo Priest (7,980 dust)

Resurrect Priest dominated the meta last season, but with Tempo Priest, there is an even better chance of getting quick wins.

Tempo Priest has a few really nice additions from the Scholomance Academy set that could change the game.

The new Power Word: Feast spell is one of the best buff spells Priest has ever had. With the help of High Abbess Alura, you can cast it for free out of your deck. If you have High Priest Amet on the board already, then you have a double effect, also for free.

With this deck, your board will have so many pumped minions that you won't even need to use resurrect spells. Your minions will be invincible.

Deck code:


Aggro Stealth Rogue (8,080 dust)

If you're tired of playing the same old Galakrond Rogue deck, then it's a good time to change to something more aggressive.

This stealthy list allows for a lot of synergies with new cards, such as Infiltrator Lilian, Doctor Krastinov, and Self-Sharpening Sword.

But the best new addition to the Rogue class is undoubtedly the Secret Passage spell. This 1-mana card changes out your entire hand with five new cards from your deck, which you can play instantly.

Deck code:


Highlander Shaman (15,800 dust)

If you're looking to climb the competitive ladder this season, this deck has everything you need and more.

The best new addition to the Highlander archetype is the Instructor Fireheart legendary, which lets you to discover several spells in a row, and the dual spell Lightning Bloom provides Shaman with a temporary ramp, a mechanic previously available only to the Druid class.

Since Totem Shaman wasn't been terribly successful last season, the time is right for the new Highlander Shaman to shine.

Deck code:


Quest Warlock (15,940 dust)

This control variant of the Warlock deck has had some success in the past. Now it's more refined with the inclusion of two new cards from Scholomance Academy.

Brittlebone Destroyer is perfect for Warlock, which can tap to activate this its minion destruction ability. The legendary  Polekelt Keeper is a very unusual card that re-orders your deck to put the highest-cost cards on top.

All your best cards are just one tap away, increasing your chances of victory tremendously. 

Deck code:


Quest Warrior (13,320)

This aggressive deck could be called Weapon Warrior because it is all about weapon synergies. It demands players go face with their weapons, using the minions and spells at their disposal for controlling the board.

The new Lord Barov legendary can be used for clearing all Taunt minions on, letting you attack your opponent's face again and again.

It's a simple strategy, but quite often, the simplest decks win the majority of games.

Deck code:



These are the best decks for standard from Hearthstone's Scholomance Academy set. For more Hearthstone tips and card lists, be sure to head over to our guides and lists page!

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