How Video Games Teach Us Life Lessons

In the same manner in which baseball requires constant hitting and missing, video gaming demand long man-hours of practice.

In the same manner in which baseball requires constant hitting and missing, video gaming demand long man-hours of practice.

The title of this article has you utterly bemused right? “Video games, teaching you life lessons how?” That must be one of the questions running through your mind now. Like most folks, you probably view video games as just another pass time when bored.

You will be shocked to learn the number of life lessons to be gained from them. Whether your game is a purchase or a download here is some of the life lessons to be garnered from it:

Not giving up

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In a nutshell, this is the most important lesson you’ll learn. How many times have you tried passing a mission on a video game but failed? The answer to that is maybe in the thousands. Despite the setbacks, you faced from time to time, you did not relent and still went on like a mad person. Similarly to video games, life is full of numerous of setbacks. How you handle them is critical to how your life will turn out. Instead of giving up you should strive to soldier on through all the hardships life presents. Practice a bit of Edisonian thinking, and your bulb may just work the hundredth time around.

Using different tactics

 How many times have you failed a mission in a game and had to look for a different way of tackling it? A conservative guess is in the hundreds. The same way a game provides a challenge for you to solve is the same way life is. You will have to figure out a way of solving the problem if your solutions keep on failing. Different tactics to ones used before will have to be employed to solve the problem. From this information, you learn video games make us devise new tactics. The use of new tactics when previous ones fail is how we should handle challenges in life.

Look for shortcuts

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When playing a game, some missions will have shortcuts to achieving the set objective. As a smart gamer, you will be required to identify the shortcuts and use them to your advantages. Life is similar to video games in that some challenges will have an easier way of solving them. However, the trick lies in identifying this easier path. The shortcut will save time and money thereby making your gamble on it a worthwhile investment.

Help eye-hand coordination

Games require you to stare at the screen while your hands are on the controller. This greatly improves your eye-hand coordination. Your eyes are able to track the movement of the hand by sending signals to the brain of your hand movement. The importance of eye-hand coordination cannot be stressed enough.

People with poor eye-hand coordination find it hard to do easy tasks such as writing. You may also find tasks such as exercising hard since there is a breakdown in communication between your brain and your hand. In extreme cases, reading may also be affected.


From the point listed above it is clear as day that games are not only a great way to pass time, they also improve our quality of life. It’s time you started viewing video games in a different light.

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