Not only will these games' mechanics blow you away -- their art styles will, too!

Love Art? These 7 Hand-Drawn Games Will Blow Your Mind

Not only will these games' mechanics blow you away -- their art styles will, too!

Hand-drawn games are amazing -- and the game art can be fantastic, too. The art various so much between the games and the movements are so fluid that you can tell that a ton of work was put into these different games. While these games do focus a ton on the art put into their games, they do not slack in other areas. The actual mechanics and stories of some of these games are great, but do not take away form the art of the games. These games in this list are some of the best hand-drawn games that you can purchase on steam. They are all various types and genres, from fighting to point and click adventure games. This list has something for everyone.

All of these games are playable on Macs and PCs, though make sure to check the system requirements for you computer before purchasing any of these games. 

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Price: TBA
Rating: TBA

Although Gorogoa hasn't been released yet, the art in this upcoming puzzle game from Annapurna Interactive for Android, iOS, and Windows looks absolutely gorgeous based on the trailers and screenshots we've seen so far. 

The basic conceit is that you are given four panels with which you have to interact in order to solve puzzles. You can drag the various panels onto each other or touch them in order to get to the solution of each puzzle. You can also take certain panels off of other panels in order to change the scenes in them. The details in each panel are fantastic, not only in art but also in how they can change so much yet still somewhat stay the same.

The details in each panel are fantastic, not only in art but also in how they can change so much yet still stay the same. Definitely check this game out when it is released.  

You can check Gorogoa out on Steam.


Price: $39.99
Rating: Very Positive

Deponia is a point-and-click adventure game where you follow Rufus. He lives in the city of Deponia and desperately wants to leave. He wants to leave the city so badly that he has tried time and time again to do so, with no luck, until he accidentally causes a woman to fall from her star cruiser -- and things change forever.

The art of the game is a simple, cartoony style -- but with incredibly detailed backgrounds. If you like point-and-click games, or want to try a new game, definitly check out Deponia. 

Get Deponia The Complete Journey on Steam. 

The Banner Saga

Price: $19.99
Rating: Very Positive

The Banner Saga is a turn-based tactical strategy game on steam which takes place during the time of the Vikings. You control a Scandinavian warrior as they travel through a desolate world. As you progress, you gain and lose members of your caravan, and while you're fighting the cold, you're also fighting other clans. Banner Saga also makes use of the choices you make in dialog and combat to affect how the game progresses. 

Banner Saga's art was inspired by the Disney film Sleeping Beauty, as well as Donald Bluth and his work on game's like Dragon's Lair. 

Get The Banner Saga on Steam.


Price: $19.99
Rating: Very Positive

Pyre is an RPG created by the same team that made the games Bastion and Transistor. The story follows a character that was exiled from society, where they meet up with a group of other exiles and embark on an adventure. Your goal is to help the group survive by defeating other exiles that attack your groups, finding supplies the party can use, and helping them improve their various abilities.

Pyre makes use of detailed character and background artwork in order to tell its story. It's reminiscent of its forebears, while its charming aesthetic meshes well with its tone and mechanics. 

Get Pyre on Steam.

Hollow Knight

Price: $14.99
Rating: Very Positive

Hollow Knight is a side-scrolling Metroidvania RPG that mainly focuses on exploration. As you play, your character will gain skills and abilities that will help you discover new areas and new items -- which, in turn, will help you open new areas and unlock new items. It's classic Metroidvania in a perfectly hand-drawn aesthetic.

And while the art of the characters in Hollow Knight appears to be quite simple, the background contrasts with it in such a way that makes the game to look incredible. That perfect juxtaposition of simple and complex set it apart from other games in the genre. 

Get Hollow Knight on Steam.


We Need to Go Deeper

Price: $9.99
Rating: Very Positive

We Need to Go Deeper is a co-op game about exploring the depths of the ocean. The game requires 2-4 people to pilot a submarine through a trench into the dark depths of the sea. As you travel through the unknown, you and your companions must maintain your submarine -- least you sink. The ocean you explore is randomized whenever you and your friends start a new game, so you are always discovering new biomes and new creatures. 

We Need to Go Deeper has a unique art style that's quirky and fits perfectly with the bizarre nature of the game. Like a children's book, We Need to Go Deeper is imbued with a sense of wonder because of its art. 

Get We Need to go Deeper Early Access on Steam.

Skull Girls

Price: $9.99
Rating: Overwhelmingly Positive

Skullgirls is a 2D fighting game where players can choose from a multitude of fighters. This game is a great starter fighting game for people new to the genre. While there are many combos to learn for each character, they can be learned relatively quickly -- especially when compared to many other fighting games currently on the market. While there is a story mode for the game, many people prefer to go head-to-head against each other through local or wireless play.

The hand-drawn, anime art style lends itself perfectly the character of Skullgirls. In essence, it's like playing your favorite anime -- except its the one you never knew you wanted. 

Get Skull Girls on Steam.


Have you played any hand-drawn games that you think should have made the list? Have you played any of the games on this list and want to share your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below. 


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