Tired of the default look? Try one of these fantastic Minecraft skins on for size.

Minecraft Girl Skins that are Awesome

Tired of the default look? Try one of these fantastic Minecraft skins on for size.

Staring at Steve or Alex all day can get really boring, really fast, both for you and for other players. That’s exactly why Minecraft has such a vibrant skinning and modding community. If you’re interested in updating your in-game look, we’ve collected a bunch of awesome-looking Minecraft skins for girls from across games, movies, and shows.

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(And hey, because they are in .PNG format, these girl skins will work a treat with Minecraft PE, too!)  

League of Legends

It’s statistically likely you already know what this game is, because League of Legends has well over 65 million players. So here’s some appropriately kick-butt skins!


Ashe is kind of a niche pick in ranked play, but she’s well known due to her prominence during the League of Legends tutorials and the early levels of a player’s account. Her design is simple — and that’s why it has been brought to life so effectively with this Minecraft skin.



The hat for this Caitlyn skin is stylish as hell, and the level of detail crammed into such a small small space, relatively speaking, is fantastic. Unlike Ashe, Caitlyn has no real in-world version of her signature weaponry, so it’s up to you to get creative when using this skin. Traps, anybody?



It’s not just the ADC ladies receiving some awesome Minecraft skins: Sona here is in fine fettle. You might not be able to craft a portable Etwahl, but with enough wool and ingenuity you could give her a stationary one to stand behind while you toss out potions for your friends.


Nintendo’s leading ladies have become more and more prominent over the past decade, due in large part to the meteoric rise of the Smash Bros. series. Here’s a handful of the best Nintendo-themed Minecraft skins out there.

Princess Zelda

The jury’s still out on precisely which incarnation of Princess Zelda this is supposed to be (comments section, feel free to chime in here!), but the care put into the creation of this skin is wonderfully evident. A princess of this caliber will take no excuses — so what’s yours for not using her?

Samus Aran

Metroid himself leaps into the fray (because he can’t crawl, you know)!

In seriousness, a character like heroic bounty hunter Samus is a great fit for anybody whose Minecraft playstyle is focused on exploration and prudent backtracking.

Princess Peach

Do you frequently attract (and deserve) almost universal ire for choosing Peach in any game about Mario’s hobbies (parties, go-karting, tennis, golf, etc.)? Is this something you thrive on? Bring that into Minecraft with this elegant and appropriately regal Princess Peach skin. If you’ve got a team chatting program set up while playing with friends, high-pitched taunts are advised. If not: rev up your macros.


At long last, Nintendo have heard and answered our most ardent and earnest of questions: but what if Link were a girl? Their response showcased both their willingness to listen to the demands of fans, and their complete commitment to making everything they touch sound like a metaphor for urination.

Linkle is truly groundbreaking stuff, now immortalized as a lovely Minecraft skin that evokes the cel-shaded style of Wind Waker.


It turns out that a whole lot of the female skins out there are actually girls dressed in yellow hoodies with brown stripes. Pika Girls, if you will. Prepare them for trouble by donning this Jessie skin. Ideally, bring a friend: make it double.

Star Wars

Frankly, we’re still riding the wave of hype and joy that the Star Wars: Rogue One trailer brought to us. In the spirit of that, here’s a handful of awesome Star Wars Minecraft skins for girls.


Depicted in her (hashtag) iconic scavenger garb, this Rey is a great fit for the hectic early days of a new game of Minecraft. You’d better come fully prepared to hear that sequence of lines regarding portions every time you want to exchange something with your friends, though.

Princess Leia Organa

With her legendary hairstyle replicated more or less perfectly here, this Princess Leia is more than prepared for blast her way into or out of trouble… and then back in again, for old time’s sake. BYO chain bikini.

Captain Phasma

Captain Phasma was hugely frustrating in The Force Awakens. But now you’ve got the chance to play out her true potential as a terrifying commander of Stormtroopers by bossing your friends around mercilessly with this skin. Just watch out for anything related to either trash or compacting or some mix of the two.

Sailor Moon

Like Digimon and Pokemon, this series celebrated a pretty big milestone, turning twenty in 2013. We’ve gone ahead and found some of your favorites from this iconic magical girl series for you!

Sailor Moon

Actually, you’re looking at the villain Zoicite disguised as Sailor Moon during episode 33 in a clever (“clever”) plot to obtain the rainbow fragments of the Legendary Silver Crystal. Gosh, keep up.

Okay, no problem, we all have off days. How about playing as Sailor Moon’s dashing dork of a boyfriend?

Tuxedo Mask

Actually, this is the cunning (“cunning”) villain and likely ephebophile Nephrite, who disguised himself as Tuxedo Mask in order to divine Sailor Moon’s true identity during episode 19. Man, it’s like you weren’t even there for the nineties.

Comic Book Guy levels of pedantry aside, there’s a surprisingly large selection of Sailor Moon Minecraft skins online, running the range from major characters, OCs (who are not to be stolen), and goofballs that you were only half-sure existed, like the two above.

Avatar: The Last Airbender + Avatar: Legend of Korra

There’s a surprising dearth of good Avatar skins out there… unless you count the Dances With Wolves stealth remake that shares the same name (and those skins are almost terrifyingly good). Regardless, here’s a couple of awesome ATLA skins to keep you tided over until the seemingly inevitable news of another series in the works.



And speaking of people whose general philosophy (at least, in earlier episodes of the series), boils down to “deal with it”, here’s a Korra skin! Keep buckets on hand generously stocked with lava and water at all times, to prove your mastery of the elements for all to see.

Fire Emblem

I make no secret of my love for Fire Emblem. And neither should you — so apply these cute Minecraft girl skins proudly. Playing Minecraft with one of them while shouting an acapella version of the best recruitment theme, Together We Ride, is optional but highly recommended.


From the standpoint of Awakening’s addictive eugenics system (hi, various government watchlists I just pinged with that turn of phrase), choosing to play as the female incarnation of the game’s deuteragonist, Robin, was the superior choice. Not only did it allow you to produce optimal children by marrying Chrom, it also allowed you to basically nose your way into every plot point’s business and assert your relevance in a gloriously Mary Sue fashion.

Try the same while using this skin in a Minecraft server at your own peril, but otherwise have fun tipping the scales and determining what is and isn’t strategy.


Tiki’s presence in Awakening broke the long-held tradition of dragons in the series mostly being little girls who were secretly thousands of years old and excelled at making everybody uncomfortable. Celebrate this by using this Minecraft skin to bring the voice of Naga to your server.



Have you ever tripped, stumbled, slipped, or simply walked off something into thin air, before plunging to your in-game death? Then Sumia and her memetic levels of clumsiness will suit you down to the ground. You’ll have to just pretend you’ve got a pegasus with you when you go flying in Creative mode, though.


Nephenee’s the odd one out of the bunch, originating from one of the older titles in the series. She’s also an anomaly in general: a female soldier in a series that structures many classes fairly rigidly along gender lines. Despite soldiers generally being weaker units, Nephenee tended to excel whenever she was used. Give her a go in Minecraft and you’ll likely have the same experience.


It can be difficult to find Minecraft skins to suit your taste, but hopefully, something among this selection of awesome female Minecraft skins will have piqued your interest. If you’ve found something better, share it in the comments!

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