There are plenty of worlds to explore in Minecraft, so let's try and find some of the taller ones out there!

Minecraft Seeds: 5 of the Tallest Locales Out There!

There are plenty of worlds to explore in Minecraft, so let's try and find some of the taller ones out there!

Since its launch in 2011, Minecraft has swept across the globe and taken the world by storm. With a landscape growing bigger each day, mobile versions, a spin off Telltale adventure, and the original developer being bought up by Microsoft for $2.5 billion, the journey for this franchise has certainly been an interesting one. 

For yours truly, I was never really able to get into Minecraft. Sure, I tried playing it like everyone else, but the initial appeal of a "build your own landscape" sandbox adventure wore off fast. I do own a copy of Minecraft: Story Mode for my PS4, but even that's mostly because of my love for Telltale style "choose your own adventure" narratives.

However, one of my favorite things to do while I played Minecraft  was to try and reach the top of the game world by stacking blocks until I couldn't anymore. So, what better way to create a seeds article than to find some of the tallest locales people have discovered in the game's world! From extremely large mountains for exploring, to some of the tallest trees, here are five of the taller examples in Minecraft I could find!

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Seed: 7554908224900051322

Coordinates: 2 200 -66072

Described as one of the biggest and tallest mountains found in a Minecraft seed, this little gem offers a vast landscape for users to explore. Clearly stretching high into the game's sky, it could take quite some time to reach the tip of the peak, but those looking for a challenge are more than likely to find exactly that here!

However, it should be noted that one user pointed out this mountain is "66,000 blocks away from the nearest spawn point." So, it ultimately sounds like that not only is the journey up the mountain extensive, the journey to even get to the mountain is quite a ways itself. It's really up to you whether or not you're up for the battle.


Seed: 8770474090029577718

Coordinates: x = -14500, z = -500

This locale is worth exploring just for that giant waterfall alone. Another example of a tall mountainous area in the vast world of Minecraft, there even exists a giant waterfall of lava just around the corner. I don't know about you, but a "lavafall" is all I need to start my journey to this little gem.

Seed: -867249755

The highest point of this seed is the tall canopy and vast number of tall trees ascending into the sky. Containing some of the tallest plants the entire game has to offer, you'll find plenty of wood to help craft your items here. However, why not also just relax and enjoy the majestic beauty of digitized nature?

Amplified Mountains (Pocket Edition)

Seed: 1421187178

You know something is going to be epic when it has the word "amplified" in its description. With a plethora of caves to explore, this mountain range has more than enough areas to find the valuable materials you need. Just be sure not to get lost in the vast caverns, unless you wish to run into an ungodly amount of zombies and creepers.

Floating Island Mountain

Seed: 3828353848315548380

Remember those floating islands from the film Avatar? Well, you won't get to experience epic 3D in IMAX or an army of blue aliens, but you will be able to experience some mysterious floating islands unlike anything else the game has to offer!

With all the hours you've likely already poured into this adventure classic, we hope you find even more hours of enjoyment with these five massively tall seeds. Happy hunting travelers! 

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