MtG markets are excited about the new and reprinted cards from Core Set 2021. Here are 15 most expensive ones.

MtG: 11 Most Expensive Core Set 2021 Cards

MtG markets are excited about the new and reprinted cards from Core Set 2021. Here are 15 most expensive ones.

Market speculations over new and reprinted Magic: The Gathering cards from Core Set 2021 have already begun, and there is a lot to talk about.

The set focuses on the Teferi, Master of Time planeswalker, which has increased in price like no other recent standard card. A few staple reprints from old Magic eras have also grown in popularity. But that doesn't mean much unless those cards show good results in the current metas.

If you're looking to purchase some of the new cards from Core Set 2021, then take a look at our list of the most expensive MtG cards from this new expansion. Note that the listed prices correspond to the date of this article's publishing: June 24, 2020.

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Massacre Wurm

  • Online price: $2.25
  • Paper price: $7.47

This reprint from Mirrodin Besieged has solid potential as a sideboard against aggro decks in standard, and it will see some play in commander format as well.

The price still holds up pretty well because of its popularity and an overall lack of supply. The current price is the perfect fit for this new reprint, while the original print remains at about $15.

Usually, old cards have the potential to remain valuable for a long time, so this is a pretty safe investment. There are no prices for the alternate art yet, but they should be around $10 each.

Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose

  • Online price: $9.00
  • Paper price: $8.49

In addition to the main Core Set 2021 expansion, Wizards of the Coast will release a supplemental Jumpstart set on July 17.

This set will include a reprint of Exquisite Blood, an enchantment from the Avacyn Restored set. It synergizes perfectly with Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose, a new card from Core Set 2021.

This lethal combo will be huge in commander and eternal formats, such as legacy and vintage, which drives up the prices on Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose. However, don't expect prices to go too high; Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose will have no impact on standard or pioneer.

Chromatic Orrery

  • Online price: $7.00
  • Paper price: $10.43

Although Chromatic Orrery looks very exciting — it is the only artifact in MtG that produces so much mana, due to its initial steep price of 7 mana  it will probably not see that much play in constructed formats.

Of course, there will be demand in commander, so this should keep the price at somewhat acceptable levels. The most probable threshold is somewhere around $5 per card.

This means that you should wait before the price drops, and then you can start buying it for future trading.

Liliana, Waker of the Dead

  • Online price: $10.00
  • Paper price: $10.56

None of the new Core Set 2021 planeswalkers — except Teferi, Master of Time — have been all that impressive. The same goes for this new version of Liliana of the Veil, though it is still a favorite for many Magic players.

Liliana, Waker of the Dead is a solid card, so it should maintain its price at around $10. But if it performs less than expected, then it should drop to around $5-$7 per card.

Since Liliana of the Veil is available in modern, players will never pick a more expensive Liliana, Waker of the Dead, so this one will only see play in standard, pioneer, and commander.

Azusa, Lost but Seeking

  • Online price: $2.00
  • Paper price: $11.69

In modern, only an Amulet Titan deck would want to play Azusa, Lost but Seeking, which is a reprint in Core Set 2021. 

There are plenty commander lists that include Azusa, but neither standard nor pioneer players will want to pay over $10 for a card that has so much competition in both of these formats.

This means that the reprint from Core Set 2021 will settle at exactly that range, and those who wish to purchase collectible prints should look at either an original Champions of Kamigawa print or alternate promo from Core Set 2021, which now stands at around $40 a piece.

Elder Gargaroth

  • Online price: $10.00
  • Paper price: $11.74

This card has been compared to Questing Beast from Throne of Eldraine, though unlike Questing Beast, Elder Gargaroth has haste.

This means that Elder Gargaroth may go in two directions. If it proves itself as a great card in standard, then the price will slowly rise up to around $15 mark. But if it shows no significant results, then it will sink to about $4-$5 — or even less.

Fiery Emancipation

  • Online price: $8.00
  • Paper price: $12.49

Red Obosh decks have proven to be disgustingly powerful in standard, and it looks like Fiery Emancipation is going to compete with the Obosh companion for its place in the red aggro decks.

Commander players will surely use it to some extent, and this may increase its price quite a bit. That's a bit of a gamble, though, and no one knows if red players will want to pay 6 mana for such a strong effect.

Terror of the Peaks

  • Online price: $13.00
  • Paper price: $13.94

This new dragon is incredibly powerful, and it is much better than Baneslayer Angel, another mythic 5-mana flyer from Core Set 2021.

Terror of the Peaks could be played across all formats, including commander. Its combo possibilities are huge, and generally, it's just a very strong card no matter how you look at it. 

The card's current price is stable and will most likely climb until it reaches one or two top-tier decks. This is a relatively safe purchase at this point, which may actually turn out to be an excellent investment in the long run. 

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

  • Online price: $3.00
  • Paper price: $29.94

This card is another staple reprint in Core Set 2021, this time from Fate Reforged. Ugin has been priced at around $40 for an original print, which means that the reprint's normal price should be somewhere around $20 — or even less.

The current price is high because of the hype surrounding the card. Everyone wants to play Ugin, the Spirit Dragon in their standard ramp deck, but a decline in price is inevitable.

So expect Ugin, the Spirit Dragon to eventually end up at around the $15-$20 range.

Grim Tutor

  • Online price: $6.50
  • Paper price: $29.97

The original print of Grim Tutor from the Portal set is valued at $200 a card, which is a perfectly fine price for legacy and vintage players.

The high price of the original is dictated by its extremely limited print run, which should not be the case for this Core Set 2021 reprint. 

Thought the alternate art versions will still be quite expensive, if you're going for the standard print, wait for it to drop to $20 or less.

Teferi, Master of Time

  • Online price: $31.00
  • Paper price: $44.40

Both previous versions of the Teferi planeswalker  Teferi, Hero of Dominaria and Teferi, Time Raveler  have been exceedingly popular in all constructed formats. But even then, Teferi, Time Raveler has stabilized at $15 a card and Teferi, Hero of Dominaria is hovering around $25 per card.

This means that Teferi, Master of Time will end up somewhere in between, perhaps around $20. However, if the passive ability turns out to be popular, the price is very likely to spike.

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