The War of the Spark has been instigated in Magic: The Gathering! Who will win? Here are 15 of the best cards for Limited.

MtG: 15 Best War of the Spark Cards for Limited

The War of the Spark has been instigated in Magic: The Gathering! Who will win? Here are 15 of the best cards for Limited.

War of the Spark, the newest Magic: The Gathering card expansion, is a unique set due to the inclusion of uncommon planeswalkers. This means a lot for Limited formats, such as Draft and Sealed, as players will have the chance to play some of the strongest cards in the game in larger quantities. This will make Limited formats so much more fun to play, as the power level is being increased dramatically.

Besides that a new keyword Amass is now used on many new cards that produce or buff zombie tokens. This marks a huge focus on token-based decks, which in combination with new planeswalkers could lead to some really exciting match-ups.

If you want to know which of the 264 new cards you should be looking out for in your Draft and Sealed pools, then keep on reading our guide for the best War of the Spark cards for Limited.

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Law-Rune Enforcer

Tappers are some of the best types of cards in Limited formats in MtG. The cheaper they are the better, and it looks like Law-Rune Enforcer is one of the cheapest one we've had so far.

There is a slight drawback to it though, as it can't tap tokens and 1-cost creatures, but other than that it's a powerful tool you don't want to miss in your Sealed pools and during your Drafts.

Aven Eternal

Here's the first card with Amass ability in this list. Basically it puts a 1/1 zombie token onto the battlefield alongside the 2/2 creature with flying. If you already have a Zombie Army token, then it will simply add a +1/+1 counter to it.

This means that Aven Eternal is good in all types of decks regardless of whether they are built around Amass ability or not. So this definitely makes it one of the best blue commons in War of the Spark.

Ob Nixilis's Cruelty

Ob Nixilis's Cruelty is without a doubt the strongest removal spell in the set. It costs only three mana and removes creatures at instant speed. On top of that, it requires only one black mana, which makes it splashable in Limited.

All this makes Ob Nixilis's Cruelty a definite pick in any kind of draft, since you can always salvage one spot for a black mana, which will be used for such a strong removal. And since this is at common rarity, you'll pick them in multiples.

Trusted Pegasus

Pegasus creatures always make a comeback in one form or another. Last time it was Pegasus Courser, a 1/3 creature with the same effect, and now it's slightly upgraded for more aggressive decks.

Of course, it also loses one toughness and is now easier to kill, but that shouldn't prevent you from picking it up, if you're drafting in white.

Besides, Pegasus Courser wasn't too efficient without another attacking creature, while Trusted Pegasus can be quite dangerous on its own.

Bloom Hulk

Bloom Hulk is one of the best cards you could get for an Amass-based deck. It puts a 4/4 body on the battlefield, buffs your zombie token, and all that costs only four mana at common rarity. What's not to love?

Also, Proliferate ability doesn't limit itself to creatures or players, but it can also add loyalty counters to your planeswalkers, which are the main selling point of War of the Spark. So give it a go even if you don't run Amass tokens in your deck.

Gleaming Overseer

Overseer is a very unusual zombie wizard that does three things that may seem a bit too over the top at first. If you're planning to build a blue-black Amass deck, then you will definitely be looking out for this card in your pool.

Hexproof and Menace abilities protect your tokens both from spells and creatures, so if you have a serious threat in the form of Zombie Army on the battlefield, then consider it to be almost indestructible when this comes into play.

Prison Realm

This a pretty straightforward card that many Magic: The Gathering players are already accustomed to. It's not a universal removal that includes artifacts and enchantments, but it has Scry 1, which isn't irrelevant and could be quite valuable in the long run.

Since it is at uncommon rarity you won't be able to get more than one of these in your pool. But even then it should be automatically included even in your non-white decks, since it's very much splashable.

Angrath, Captain of Chaos

Uncommon planeswalkers don't have the plus abilities, but when you get five loyalty counters for four mana and a relevant cheap minus ability, then it's totally worth it.

On top of that Angrath serves as an enchantment that gives all your creatures menace, which is a big plus in any Limited player's book.

The only thing left is to keep an eye on opponent's creatures that will try to attack it, and leave enough blockers to protect Angrath.

Elite Guardmage

There are no fancy keywords on this card, just a straight-up old-fashioned value town. For only four mana you get a creature with flying, a life gain, and a card draw. That's exactly what a blue-white deck wants from its creatures. Simple and effective!

It also has an implied protection from all the bouncer spells, as you would be happy to replay it, which means that your opponents will think twice before casting any of those spells on Elite Guardmage.

Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor

Taxing effects can be usually seen in white color, but here it is in blue. Probably Wizards of the Coast decided to diversify a bit, which is a welcome move, when it comes to such valuable planeswalkers like Kasmina.

Her minus ability can make two or more tokens, if you run proliferate cards in your deck. At the same time she is protected by her passive ability, which also includes your creatures.

Overall, a great addition to your blue deck.

Eternal Skylord

Eternal Skylord is basically Aven Eternal on steroids. It has bigger Amass and it gives flying to your zombie tokens. It also costs five mana, but that is a decent price for such a strong card.

If you already have a zombie token on board, then it just grows by two +1/+1 counters and attacks in the sky, which is a winning scenario in most cases.

Too bad the Skylord doesn't have flying himself, but that would probably be too much for an uncommon card.

Kaya, Bane of the Dead

Here is arguably one of the most dreaded uncommon planeswalkers in the set, and not because of her passive. That minus three ability is the reason why Kaya will quickly become the most valued planeswalker on the battlefield.

It will be hard to use that minus ability more than two times, but with a well-coordinated proliferate deck it would definitely be possible.

But even then, exiling two of the best creatures an opponent controls for six mana is already super strong.

Enter the God-Eternals

The first rare card on our list is also the most flavorful one. It represents the effects of the four zombie gods: Bontu, Kefnet, Oketra, and Rhonas.

But flavor isn't the only cool part about this spell, as it's actually very strong. Imagine that on one turn you get to kill one of opponent's creatures, gain life, mill your opponent, and put a 4/4 body on the battlefield.

The cost of the card is quite odd, but if you straight-up run a blue-black deck, then you will have no trouble casting it whatsoever.

Sarkhan the Masterless

The newest Sarkhan planeswalker is a true gem for Limited players. The best part is the plus one ability, which protects Sarkhan from losing loyalty counters if attacked, since he becomes a dragon creature. If you control other planeswalkers, they become dragons, too.

The minus three ability puts dragon tokens on the battlefield, and it's easy to repeat it in just two turns.

The passive ability is also very good, but is most likely designed for Standard rather than Limited. But in any case, Sarkhan the Masterless is a blast if you can find it in your pool.

Ugin, the Ineffable

It's interesting to note that the new Ugin planeswalker was revealed by Ben Stark, arguably the best Limited player in the world. Could this mean that Wizards of the Cost simply wanted people to know that this is by far the best Limited planeswalker in the set? Probably.

The plus one ability is incredible, as it draws you a card and protects Ugin. But the minus three ability is where the real power is at.

Also, it's a colorless planeswalker that can be used in any type of deck, which makes him a highly valuable card in Limited. Don't think too much when you see it in your draft, just use him.

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