Naughty Minecraft Seeds for the Dirty Minded

If a dirty term exists, you better believe someone has already turned it into a Minecraft seed!

If a dirty term exists, you better believe someone has already turned it into a Minecraft seed!

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A whole new world of silliness was opened up to me upon discovering the existence of Minecraft nude texture packs a few months ago along with a host of videos where people get… creative… with building various objects in the game. From nipple mountains to giant floating butts in the sky, there’s no low Minecraft players won’t reach!

In that same spirit, I unleashed my inner 12 year old and went searching for every Minecraft seed you ever had too much dignity (or shame) to ever type in! Below we cover some of the more interesting and playable seeds using exclusively dirty terms.

Remember to type these seed names in exactly: variations in capitalization and punctuation will give you a different map altogether! All of these seeds were also generated and played in Minecraft Windows 10 edition – using other versions may result in different biomes and layouts, or nothing loading at all.

Spawn Near A Plateau And Village

Seed: xnxx

Savanna, plateau, and desert biomes all collide side by side in this seed that has a little bit of everything, just like its namesake website. Most prominent on the horizon is a huge mountain with a village on the side where you can easily pick up some iron equipment. For anyone wondering, yes — xnxx does have a page for “Minecraft” tagged porno vids. If people-shaped blocks getting it on is your thing, go have some fun!

Spawn Near Forests And Caves

Seed: hentai

There may not be any tentacles or Japanese school girls, but there are zombies and flaming enemies that spawn in a lake next to you immediately! There’s actually quite a bit to explore here after high tailing it way from the mobs, with mountains, forests, lakes, caves, and horses all right next to where you spawn.

Spawn Near Mountains And Rivers

Seed: Penis Land

We all know the old joke about Pen Island, and it was only a matter of time before that became a Minecraft seed. While there are plenty of mountains, there aren’t any giant phallic monuments anywhere — I guess they’re leaving it up to you to build your own! In fact you are practically being outright challenged to do so, because if you look up at night, you’ll see a blocky moon waiting to be reached somehow…

Spawn Near Savanna And Extreme Hills

Seed: Loincloth

Although the spawn location is pretty sparse, there’s actually a lot going on in this seed if you spend a little time travelling, from extreme hills and plateaus to caves filled with mobs. You should probably install some texture packs to make everyone looks like beefcake gladiators with loincloths, you know, for consistency’s sake.

Spawn On The Border Of Two Biomes

Seed: dp

I’m amused to no end that this seed spawns you on the edge of a double biome (somebody knew what they were doing), with a massive ocean on one side and a thick jungle on the other. Never heard the term “dp” before? Hit up an adult site and search the term!

Spawn Near Extreme Hills And Islands

Seed: Boobs

When in doubt, simply typing “Boobs” and hoping for the best is rarely a bad way to go. This seed has some seriously huge… assets! Get ready to scale gigantic mountains, find breathtaking waterfalls, and if you feel like it, hitting the ocean to explore several fjords and islands nearby. Find a place to hide early though, because the mobs that spawn at night are nasty.

Spawn Near A Whole Lotta Forest Canopy

Seed: Shoot The Mime

OK, this seed’s not exactly “dirty,” but I can’t stop laughing at the name of this one I found just typing in random nonsense phrases that popped into my head. If you aren’t a fan of mimes either (or you have a truly weird fetish…) typing in this seed name offers up super dense jungle areas with some minor rivers and hills. Here you can easily traverse the canopy top entirely instead of doing anything on the ground or in caves.

Lets Get Naughty!

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