OMG! What are you wearing?!

No eye for fashion: The worst dressed characters in gaming

OMG! What are you wearing?!
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Sometimes you can't help but wonder what designers were thinking when they created these amazingly awful outfits. From the overly tacky to the completely nonsensical, our first impressions of these characters were met with confusion and laughter. 

The following is a list of some of gaming's most fashion challenged heroes.

Image source: Gadgette

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Ivy (Soul Calibur series)

What's wrong here isn't necessarily what she's wearing, but what she's not wearing. Look, I'm no prude and I've never really had a problem with the more well-endowed women in gaming, but come on, Ivy's get-up is downright ridiculous. It seems like everything is just going to come spilling out at any moment. You can't be fighting against a tough opponent while wondering if you're going to have a nip slip! I suppose the Soul Calibur series felt like it had to up the ante in order to dethrone the scantily clad king, Dead or Alive.

But hey, that whip sword is pretty kinky! 

Image source: Wallpaperhi

Tidus (Final Fantasy X

I don't even know where to start with this one. I can only imagine what the designers were thinking when they were putting together this mess of an 'outfit'. A yellow jacket crop top thing with leather overalls and uneven shorts? Oh, and a blue shoulderpad just to add a bit of flavor! The character designer must have had his kid's birthday party the day before and when he saw the clown, he thought, 'Perfect! That's exactly the look I was going for.' 

Image source: Gamefaqs

Quiet (Metal Gear Solid 5

Alright, this one just doesn't make any practical sense what so ever other than the fact Kojima wanted to create a character that would be popular with the cosplay world. Sure, throw a rock and you're bound to hit an inappropriately dressed female character, but come on, fish net stockings and a bikini top? If they were going for the whole less is more approach, just having her flat out naked with camo body paint would have made more sense. 

Image source: Kotaku

Lynch (Kane and Lynch)

Remember Kane and Lynch? No? Yeah, well neither do I and that's probably for the best when one of its main protagonists sports a sweaty wife beater and greasy sweat pants. His choice in clothing is more akin to a lazy couch potato than a crazed bad ass. Well, I guess it does fit with the crazed part, I suppose, but that's no excuse, he could have at least put forth a little effort.

Also, I don't get how female gamers can complain about the lack of sexy men in gaming when the above photo exists. What's sexier than a middle-aged, gruff man eating cereal while wearing his tighty whities?!

Image source: 

Jack (Mass Effect 2)

On first glance, it could be thought that she's brandishing a muddy, skin tight shirt, but no, that would be a step up from what she's NOT wearing. The theme-less design is, in fact, tattoos and what she IS wearing is just a few tiny belts strategically covering her lady parts. People always say the fashion sense of the 80's was a bit ridiculous, well things haven't gotten much better in the future either. 

Image source: Comic Vine

Pigsy (Enslaved)

His name's Pigsy for a reason, and no, not just because he resembles a pig, but also because his clothes look like something a pig would roll around in. Calling him repulsive would be a compliment. The fact that he is an ally makes you question the kind of company that Monkey and Trip keep. Let's just say he looks as if he should be restrained from getting too close to any elementary schools. 

I will admit that the belt buckle is pretty sweet though.

Image source: Enslaved Wikia

Rachel (Ninja Gaiden

Like Ivy, Rachel's choice in attire is all about one thing and one thing only: T n' A! While I don't find any of this inherently offensive, her costume just comes across as silly. Whether it's the gawdy head band or the dominatrix get up, it's impossible to take this character seriously when she walks into frame. And you know all this is amplified tenfold by the physics Team Ninja is known all too well for. Rachel, you're trying way too hard, honey! 

Image source: Team Ninja

Tingle (The Legend of Zelda

What is Tingle you ask? Well, nobody knows, but one thing's for sure, it has an eye for outfits made for 6 month olds. I suppose when you're the size of an Ewok, you can fit into little green onesies. Oh, and that red pair of underpants he wears on the outside? It's not doing him, err it, any favors, unless he was going for jolly Christmas elf, then he's pulled that off flawlessly. 

Image source: Zelda Wikia


Jill Valentine (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Okay, so Jill Valentine's outfits aren't always bad, she looked quite lovely with her beret in the original game, but by the time she made her return in RE3, she wasn't as fashion savvy. She looks as if she's on her way to a night on the town rather than fighting off an army of the undead. While the city was falling in to absolute chaos, she was probably just in her apartment picking out the perfect shade of blue tank top for the occasion. I really doubt Nemesis gave a $#!! what you looked like, Jill! 

Image source: Resident Evil Wikia 

Any horribly dressed characters that I missed? Sound off with your own fashion expertise in the comments below! 

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