These are the 10 Pokemon Scarlet and Violet evolutions that we want in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 10 Essential Evolutions for The Hidden Treasure DLC

These are the 10 Pokemon Scarlet and Violet evolutions that we want in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans want to see more evolution when The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero two-part DLC drops later in 2023. Some time has passed since The Pokemon Company confirmed that the expansion packs are coming to the games, and we now know that at least 12 previously introduced monsters will be returning in these DLC packs, entitled The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk.

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In addition to these Pokemon, we’ll also encounter two new Legendaries, Ogerpon and Terapagos. While this is exciting news, long-time Pokemon fans have been speculating whether the Scarlet & Violet DLC packs will introduce more monsters to the franchise, particularly evolutions and additional Paradox Pokemon. Here are the evolutions we want to see in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero.

10 Evolutions We Want in The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk DLCs

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Legendary Trio Evolution

Scarlet & Violet recently introduced Walking Wake, the Paradox form of the Generation 2 Legendary monster, Suicune. As with most newly introduced Pokemon, there has been much debate regarding its design.

However, the most compelling argument is rooted in an in-game drawing of a Paradox form that seems to resemble an amalgamation of all three Johto Legendaries: Suicune, Raikou, and Entei. Hopefully, we will see the drawing of this monster trifecta come to life in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC. 

Cyclizar Evolution

Similarly, there has been much debate surrounding Cyclizar since the release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. This is because of the Normal/Dragon-type monster’s striking resemblance to the Legendary Pokemon of Paldea, Koraidon and Miraidon. It would be interesting to see this family tree of sorts explored beyond the monster’s current lore with an evolution line. 

Hisuian Evolutions

While the evolutions introduced in the Hisui region of Pokemon Legends: Arceus would not be new to the franchise, their presence would be fitting in The Teal Mask DLC pack, as this installment appears to fall in line with the theme of the past in Pokemon Scarlet. Seeing the return of monsters like Wyrdeer and Sneasler would make an excellent callback to one of the best Pokemon spin-offs we’ve received. 

Two New Eeveelutions

We haven’t given up on Eeveelutions just yet. Befitting the themes we’ll see extended in The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk, two brand-new Eevee evolutions would easily fall into place. Perhaps a past evolution of Eevee may finally result in the highly anticipated Ghost-type. Alternatively, a future form of the Normal-type monster might appropriately take on a Steel-type evolution. 

Zebstrika Evolution

Zebstrika will make its long-awaited return with the drop of The Indigo Disk. This Generation 5 Electric-type hasn’t made an appearance in a mainline game since its debut, so it would only be appropriate to extend the monster’s line.

However, Zebstrika is also one monster snubbed by Mega Evolution, so it would be just as rewarding to finally receive a new Mega. Since most of the monsters capable of this type of evolution are already available in Scarlet & Violet, this would be an easy introduction. 

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Flygon Mega Evolution

Similarly, Flygon was also snubbed when it comes to Mega Evolution. If GameFreak were to move forward with the gimmick introduced in Generation 6, Flygon would be at the top of the list of monsters we want to see Mega Evolve. While Flygon’s evolution line has not been confirmed for the Scarlet & Violet DLC, we’re sure to see more than a few Pokemon that we could not encounter in the base games. 

Skarmory Evolution

Skarmory is another monster that has not been confirmed to appear in The Teal Mask or The Indigo Disk, but it’s certainly possible that we’ll see the Generation 2 monster make a comeback. In this case, the Steel/Flying-type would make a great candidate for a new evolution, like the Gen 2 Pokemon Girafarig. However, Skarmory would also be a great pick for a new Paradox form, as its design could allow for both past and future thematic influences. 

Veluza Evolution

Veluza is one of the more forgettable monsters introduced in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, equipped with unremarkable stats. This could easily be mended with an evolution. 

Torkol Evolution

Having made a comeback in Scarlet & Violet, Torkol is one of many single-stage monsters that would benefit from an evolution. While this Fire-type monster is well-loved, it could use a stat boost and perhaps a brand-new evolution or Paradox Form. 

While these evolutions are purely speculation, and none have been confirmed to appear in the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC packs, we would love to see these monsters made a reality somewhere down the line. For more on The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk DLC packs, check out our collection of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides.

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