These 11 best cards from Cosmic Eclipse, the newest Pokemon TCG set, will help you create some of the most broken combo decks in the history of the game.

Pokemon TCG: 11 Best Cosmic Eclipse Cards

These 11 best cards from Cosmic Eclipse, the newest Pokemon TCG set, will help you create some of the most broken combo decks in the history of the game.

Cosmic Eclipse, a brand new Pokemon TCG expansion set in the Sun & Moon universe, is a monumental card set. It has over 270 new cards in print. This is the first English set of such massive size in the history of Pokemon TCG, which includes cards from such Japanese expansions like Remix Bout, Dream League, Alter Genesis, and TAG All Star.

This means that all English-speaking players now have a full access to all cards in the game. Besides the normal versions of cards, Cosmic Eclipse offers Hyper Rare, Secret Rare, and Full Art versions of cards that have slightly different artworks and general design of the cards.

But regardless of the art, this set looks to also be one of the most powerful sets in recent years. It includes a hefty number of Tag Team, GX, and EX cards with new versions of some old favorites that will definitely boggle your mind.

Here, you will find some of the most promising new additions to the game, which will create a lot of new archetypes in the upcoming season.

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Great Catcher

This card is similar in effect and impact to Custom Catcher from the Lost Thunder set. Great Catcher will surely be played in many decks this season, regardless of the archetype.

This card works only with benched GX and EX Pokemon, but it will buff many non-GX decks, which will force many GX players to adapt to a new style of play.

At this point, you may try and play both Custom Catcher and Great Catcher in the same deck. They synergize really well, and they give players so many options to control the board that it's worth spending six card slots on them.

Tag Call

Tag Team players will love this card for its sheer simplicity and power. Being able to quickly snatch two of your Tag Team cards is exactly the kind of consistency one looks for in a Pokemon card game.

You can search for Gardevoir & Sylveon and Mewtwo & Mew, put them into your hand, and shuffle your library. It's as easy as that!

There have been similar cards in the past, but they've always been either limited to one card or one type, which of course, makes Tag Call the best item card in the set.

Chaotic Swell

Chaotic Swell basically negates the first Stadium card your opponent tries to play, and disrupting other Stadium cards can be great. 

For example, a card like Power Plant from the Aquapolis expansion can be easily postponed for a turn, which gives you more time to set up your own gameplan.

The only drawback is that you can't disrupt your opponent's own Chaotic Swell, so it stays on board until you play another Stadium card.

Though, in that case, you can always use Marshadow from Unbroken Bonds to remove your opponent's Chaotic Swell from the board.

Reshiram & Zekrom

A new Tag Team card unites two dragons: Reshiram & Zekrom. It is definitely the top-tier choice for any competitive deck in the Cosmic Eclipse meta.

First of all, it can accelerate energy by discarding energies, using such cards as Naganadel and Tapu Koko Prism Star. Secondly, it deals 270 damage for only three points of energy, which is extremely cheap. Also, it can easily KO almost any other Pokemon in a single hit.

Lastly, Reshiram can help you search for Naganadel with the help of treasure, and another Reshiram with the help of Cherish Ball and Tag Whistle. So be sure to pay close attention to this card in your match-ups.

Silvally GX

Everything Silvally does looks like a better version of Zoroark or Octiller. Of course, it will be primarily played because of its draw potential; it can refill your hand with five new cards if you have a way to quickly discard the old batch.

But such a card advantage doesn't come so easily. You will have to meet the condition of getting Type: Null out in play. This can be achieved with the help of Red & Blue Tag Team and Cherish Ball.

If you can make it happen, all you need is two colorless energy. You can attack with it, and you're basically set to win from there on.

Cynthia & Caitlin

This is one of the best supporter Tag Team cards in the game. It can be easily fetched by Tag Call, and that just feels good. As you play it, you can discard a card and draw another three.

This card will most likely find its way into the Green Exploration decks that also run Welder. That's where the best synergies can be achieved.

Green's engine archetypes are incredibly strong, and Cynthia & Caitlin will only prove this fact in the new meta.

Mega Lopunny & Jigglypuff GX

This is a card that can hold off other GX and EX Pokemon. Jumping Balloon does 60 extra damage against them. Since it's a colorless card, it can accelerate a lot of energy and work well in a Malamar deck.

You will see this card in many decks to come. It will be a single unit that fights Pikaroms and other similar decks. However, it will most likely end up in Mewtew decks because they can make extra copies of it.

Bellelba & Brycen-Man

This is another supporter card that will wreak havoc in certain decks. In this case, it looks like Mill archetypes will find some free slots for Bellelba.

If you're not playing Mill, it will find its place in decks that focus on disrupting opponent's benches, such as Malamar or Naganadel. Even though the cost may be a bit high, this can be a very strong card in good hands.

But, of course, if you discard some of your own best cards, you may want to use something like Magcargo to control the top of your deck.


Dark Box players can now try a new Guzzlord. It's one that has a fun attack, Red Banquet, that deals 120 points of damage. If that attack knocks out another Pokemon, you take a Pirze card, which is easy to achieve by accelerating energy on Guzzlord with the help of Beast Ring.

The new Guzzlord will feel great gainst such decks as Keldeo and Blacephalon, especially when it starts running out those Island Challenge Amulets.


Volcarona GX

This Pokemon is arguably one of the most important characters in the entire lore of the franchise. However, it took The Pokemon Company eight years to release this card in a high rarity slot, which is really surprising.

Anyway, here it is. It can really wreak some havoc in the upcoming meta. It will be really good in Reshizard decks, helping to bring Tag Teams within range of Flare Strike. But it may not work that well in the Greens version.

It can also work in the Chandelure deck as a way to take the load off of Spirit Burner, which is a huge improvement over Delphox. So there are definitely some amazing combo strategies happening in this meta, and all because of Volcarona GX.

Oricorio GX

Lastly, a very effective draw engine from Cosmic Eclipse. Oricorio GX has the Dance of Tribute ability. Although this new Oricorio has a pretty low health pool only 170 for a GX card, which can be easily KO'd by Naganadel  it's still something you may want to include in your GX-based deck.

It also has a weakness to Darkness, but that card draw ability is so good that you may want to just overlook all the little drawbacks.

There has never been a basic Pokemon with such an over-the-top draw ability before  unless you consider Persian GX. But even it could only draw two cards with a similar condition. Considering that, Oricorio is simply head and shoulders above the competition. 


These are the best Cosmic Eclipse cards for Pokemon TCG, but be sure to check back soon for more related guides.

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