Pokemon TCG is back with a new Sword and Shield set that includes 202 new cards. These are the 15 best.

Pokemon TCG: 15 Best Sword and Shield Cards

Pokemon TCG is back with a new Sword and Shield set that includes 202 new cards. These are the 15 best.

The new Pokemon TCG set, Sword and Shield, is out. It not only marks the release of 202 new cards, but it also introduces two new rules. Players that go first will not be able to play Supporter cards on their first turn, and only one Supporter card can be played a turn.

This obviously creates a lot of restrictions for many decks, but it also relieves a lot of pressure from the overpowered combos that have recently emerged. 

Regardless of the changes, here are 15 of the best new Pokemon cards from Sword and Shield that should help you update staple decks or create completely new ones.

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Quick Ball

Quick Ball is the best new Pokemon search card. It is simple and effective, and it only requires a single card be discarded from your hand. Quick Ball is especially great with cards like Dedennes and effects like ETB. 

This is the second version of a similar card from the Majestic Dawn set. However, that card had a different ruling that now seems a bit underwhelming when compared to this one.

Professor's Research

This is a powerful card, especially if your hand is empty. It lets you draw seven cards, though it doesn't allow you to play more than one Supporter card before you attack.

For most decks, such a handicap won't be a problem. However, there are some archetypes that will find this restriction annoying.

In any case, this is a fantastic new card that resembles the days of Sycamore and Juniper, which are long-gone from Standard.

Zacian V

With 220 HP and 230 attack power, this is the card that will most likely define the standard meta for the next few months. 

Special attention should be paid to this card's Intrepid Sword ability, which, to put it lightly, is broken. It not only allows you to search for cards, but it also allows you to attach any number of metal energy to Zacian you find in the process.


Marnie is a double-edged sword. Though Marnie can quickly turn a good hand into a bad one for your opponent, it can do the same for you. When played, you draw 5 cards and your opponent draws 4. The rub is that you both have to put your previous hand at the bottom of the deck. 

However, tricky or not, this is still a very playable card that will bring an element of surprise to many match-ups.

Aurora Energy

This card is the perfect companion piece to Zacian V. It brings about all of the energy cards it can find and attaches them without forcing you to discard.

Zacian decks aren't the only ones where Aurora Energy will shine, as it is an incredibly versatile card that provides any type of energy.


This card is all about its Primate Wisdom ability and the way it interacts with other new cards in the Sword and Shield set.

For example, it lets you preserve cards like Custom Catcher before using Professor’s Research. You can also use it with Zacian V to guarantee at least one metal energy card.


On its own, Frosmoth won't do much. But with a good partner card, it can be a real force to reckon with.

Play it with Quagsire or Lapras V, drop the water-energy onto Quagsire, and move it to any other Pokemon that is ready to attack for some extra water damage.

In general, almost any water deck would want Frosmoth in it. It's just an excellent way of distributing that extra energy.

Evolution Incense

Apart from Quick Ball, this is one of the best Pokemon search cards, and there is no discard requirement.

However, as the title of the card suggests, it can only search for Evolution Pokemon, while Quick Ball can search for any Basic Pokemon, which is far more useful.

Sableye V

The Lode Search ability on Sableye V is pretty good, but Crazy Claws is the real deal.

Combine it with Obstagoon, which is an Evolution Pokemon and can be easily searched for by the Evolution Incense. Obstagoon's ability allows you to put 3 damage counters on one of your opponent's Pokemon.

Since Crazy Claws gets 60 more damage for each damage counter, Sableye's attack will quickly grow to 190, which is super strong.

Victini V

This Basic Pokemon has a similar attack pattern to Gardevoir GX, which is a big power creep.

Since Welder is still in the standard format, making Victini V broken will not be hard in any fire energy deck.

With a proper setup, Victini V could one-shot Reshizard with the help of four energy and double Welder. That's not something you see every day.


This cute Evolution Pokemon has the same ability as Zoroark GX. You're basically trading one useless card for two new draws each turn.

It is also more balanced than Zoroark (which could also be a primary attacker). Cinccino will mostly play a supporting role. Still, it can be one of your best benched Pokemon of the bunch. 

Morpeko V

Morpeko is not a unique card by any means, as there have already been similar cards in the past, such as Sawsbuck and Hitmonchan. But this Pokemon simply has more damage — and that's why it's strictly better.

You can easily combine it with Lillie's Poke Doll and prevent any damage to Morpeko V from your opponent's attacks. This simple trick has been used well in the past, and now it has become even stronger.

Snorlax V-max

The best part about the new Snorlax is that it allows you to accelerate energy without the use of Welder.

You can use Porygon-Z to get back recycled energy before attaching it. This simple move allows you to retreat and heal Snorlax with Hyper Potion, return energy to your hand, and attach it once again.

The combo runs so smooth that your opponents won't even know what's happening.

Lapras V-max

This is another fantastic water Pokemon that can do a lot of damage with the help of Frosmoth. You can use Frosmoth's Ice Dance ability and pump up Lapras to at least 120 damage per turn.

Another huge advantage of Lapras is its massive 320-HP health pool, which is more than enough to survive any attack these days.

Hyper Potion

This is a very powerful healing potion that will definitely enjoy several spots in energy-based decks of any kind.

It's a universal tool for bringing your Pokemon back to normal and helping them withstand the big damage-dealers present in the meta right now.


These were the best cards in the latest Pokemon TCG expansion Sword and Shield. Are there others you would add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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