Reddit’s best Minecraft seeds: The Awesome Collection

We've taken the legwork out of trawling the subreddits and put together a collection of twenty of the best Minecraft seeds we could find. it's the Awesome Collection!

We've taken the legwork out of trawling the subreddits and put together a collection of twenty of the best Minecraft seeds we could find. it's the Awesome Collection!
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As the self-proclaimed front page of the internet, Reddit is an excellent source for finding organized, curated conversation on just about anything. We've taken the legwork out of trawling the subreddits and put together a collection of twenty of the best Minecraft seeds we could find there, making this the Awesome Collection!

Image source: TSMC

Spawn in a forest clearing

Source: CaptMorgan13


Get used to seeing that name in this album. CaptMorgan13 contributed a beautiful collection of sprawling seeds to Reddit. This one starts off in a forest clearing, not so far from a river. Head uphill and you'll soon come across this gorgeous chain of mountains.

Spawn slightly underwater

Source: CaptMorgan13

Seed: -2623674918094721429

Everything you need for a great survival map is here, and it's set in the stunning surrounds of a hilly mesa. Just off the coast is an underwater monument, ready for exploration once you have consolidated your hold on the hillside.

Spawn looking out to sea, surrounded by pigs

Source: CaptMorgan13

Seed: 6886733459061125338

Upon spawning, you'll be greeted by a series of soft oinks and snuffly snouts. Piggies! You can stay and live among them until they accept you as one of their own, or you can head to higher ground and start a new life on a new biome -- several of which are just a stroll away.

Spawn near a river

Source: redtag13
Seed: 412856718

Highs and lows, hills and plains.. there's plenty of contrast in this gorgeous Minecraft seed. Nestle your next citybuilding project on the plains between the extreme hills to give your city an imposing presence before the first block is even placed.

Spawn on plains, near pumpkins

Source: CaptMorgan13
Seed: 998278095577895258

A quick stroll across the narrow savanna biome will bring you to the desert, where a desert temple and ocean monument sit in close proximity to each other. They're perfect for delves that are easily reachable from your spawn! 

Spawn by a river

Source: CaptMorgan13
Seed: 885432096698381793

Head upriver to come across two villages -- one green and lush with grass, the other standing as an oasis among its desert biome. As you can see in the screenshot, there's also a desert temple overlooking the village, just to make things even more bountiful.

Spawn at the edge of a thick forest

Source: CaptMorgan13
Seed: 1282794853115694732

If you're in the mood for some mushroom hunting, this seed is ideal! Thickly shaded, the forest near spawn shelters mushroom trees. A stunning natural arch in the distance, complete with waterfall, frames the scene quite nicely.

Spawn at the base of a snowy hill

Source: CaptMorgan13

Seed: -279379332401538825

Bunnies! Just look at that pink little nose. You'll spawn near several rabbits amidst this stunning snowy vista. Rivers, desert, plains, and swamp -- none are too far off from this winder wonderland.

Spawn near a village

Source: Vince0789
Seed: -740566427

Why dig deeply and greedily underground when the best bits have already been brought to the surface? That's right: a chest in this village contains three diamonds as well as a set of iron horse armor! You'll spawn inland, surrounded by light and dark forests, giving this seed a bit of an oldschool fantasy flavor.

Spawn near a floating rock formation

Source: AxolotlEmu
Seed: 15876729967628

Eat your heart out, pride rock. This stunning floating island is practically at the doorstep of your spawn point, giving players a fantastic introduction to this awesome Minecraft seed. The presence of a river flowing out to sea nearby suggests that a diving board is all this surreal rock formation needs to be perfect.

Spawn near a large mesa

Source: Unspoken_Myth
Seed: -340101018654067243

With the mesa at your doorstep, you'll be able to get to work on all sorts of fantastic building and adventure preparation right away. The right mob spawners and a little imagination could see you staging your own version of the the wildebeest's stampede from The Lion King!

Spawn atop a tree in a forest

Source: CaptMorgan13
Seed: -4519878321226914598

You'll spawn atop a tall tree overlooking a forest -- three different types of forest, in fact, with three tree-laden biomes harmoniously forming one massive forest. Mushrooms flourish under the shade of the trees, while parts of the swamp biome provide flat land for building.

Spawn near a river

Source: CaptMorgan13

Seed: -1700604798204558252

Small beaches and picturesque bays await you on this Minecraft seed. Ample trees will keep you in good supply for any wood-related building projects you might have, and there's a little bit of cleared prime real estate looking out to sea -- perfect for everything from a huble shack to am ambitious mansion project.

Spawn looking out to sea

Source: CaptMorgan13
Seed: 6028694010178312378

Is that.. are those pumpkins, growing underwater? You'll be able to judge that yourself from where you spawn, looking out to sea. With an ocean monument in the distance and a generously-sized island to start, there'll be plenty of room to grow and thrive in this seed.

Spawn underwater

Source: CaptMorgan13

Seed: 7604959049907516596

Drag yourself ashore and gaze it into the distance -- is that mountain gesturing at you? How rude! Make your way across rolling sand dunes and a sun-scorched savanna to get to the truth of the matter.

Spawn on a sandy slope

Source: CaptMorgan13
Seed: 7893459623805272946 

You'll spawn in a large desert. Thankfully, thirst isn't yet a Minecraft mechanic, so you can take your time exploring your surrounds. Not far from spawn is a desert temple, as well as an open pool of lava! With the temple plundered and your items sacrificed to the lava, you'll find yourself moving beyond the desert and to the dense forests beyond.

Spawn in a forest

Source: CaptMorgan13

Seed: -8836639255883810415

This seed features multiple lava waterfalls and dense forest. You could race forward and try to contain the inevitable spread of fire... or you could build yourself the best seat in the house and watch forest and jungle alike burn for kicks.

Spawn on a rocky hillside

Source: CaptMorgan13
Seed: 3396764401254439635

The mountains and the seaside are both popukar holiday locations. Why not bring them together? That seems to be the rationale behind this seed. Climb the foothills you spawned on to get a better view of the range, which tapers off inland somewhat in favor of dense forestry. Perfect for supervillains in search of locations for thier evil lair.

Spawn inside a forest

Source: CaptMorgan13
Seed: -4519878321226914598

Lots of interesting little details dot the surface of this seed -- caves, marsh, pools of lava on the surface. There's a slightly strange, slightly eerie feel to it, making this seed great for horror-themed adventures or building projects.

Spawn in shallow water

Source: legoche
Seed: -325079803

Clamber ashore, and take a quick moment to orient yourself. This fun seed features a well developed mushroom biome, positiviely teeming with mooshrooms on the moo-ve (I'm not sorry for that). Perfect for the player looking for something a little more out there.

A handful of talented, enthusiastic Redditors have dug out some truly impressive Minecraft seeds. Each of these has a well-earned place in our Awesome Collection. If you play on any of these seeds, we'd love to see what you've done with them! Post screenshots and progress reports in the comments.

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