The 10 Best Minecraft Seeds for City Building Projects

Building a massive city is a dream-come-true, and these ten Minecraft seeds can ensure that dreams blooms into a reality quicker.

Seed: Glacier

A magical mountain seed

Most people probably won't think of Glacier as the type of Minecraft seed that could host a magnificent city. However, those people are wrong.

Glacier has the type of mountains that many within the community claim to be closest to those seen in Avatar. If you've ever wanted to build the type of city that makes someone stop and stare in awe and wonder, then this might just be the one to use.

To access this particular seed, simply insert 'Glacier' into the seed slot in your Minecraft client.

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Seed: Mazzi

A standard flat land seed.

For most players, Mazzi is the type of seed you immediately want to start with in Creative Mode. This particular seed offers a flat land for the player to build on. Of course, there are some bumps and divots throughout the land, but those can also be fixed with careful usage of materials.

Mazzi is perfect for sprawling cities. I, personally, use this seed when I want to undertake a massive project that I know will take time.

This seed can be used by inserting 'Mazzy' into the seed function in Minecraft.

Seed: -568564931

A general seed, but one with enough room for a city.

Thankfully, the Minecraft seed community is widespread and ever-growing. This means new seeds are being discovered on an almost daily basis. 

This seed, though confusing to enter into the seed generator, offers the perfect landscape for majestic, large-scale builds. The area does need a bit of landscaping, but what is Minecraft without using the tools in your inventory?

Simply enter '-568564931' into your Minecraft client to spawn into this particular world.

Seed: -6120648606982687686

A 'great seed' with plenty of snow, temples, and villages.

This one is considered a 'great seed', as it offers six different NPC villages, numerous biome temples, a lot of mob spawners, and plenty more. It isn't perfectly flat, but it will offer your city-building project a bit of character along the way.

Winding staircases, bridged gaps, and enclosed walkways could be a perfect fit for this particular world.

Simply enter '-6120648606982687686' into the seed and get building!

Seed: 4179

Snowy mountains, medieval fortress potential, and more.

This Minecraft seed leads to a mountainous area with a lot of snow, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is a bad spot to build. As seen in the image above, a mountain can be the perfect spot to build a massive city/castle hybrid construction piece.

Players can recreate the days of old and build a medieval fortress and surrounding city on this seed.

Insert '4179' into the Minecraft seed function to explore this spanning world.

Seed: i don't care

Mushroom forests as far as the eye can see. Perfect food supplies.

Most people's first thought for a city project isn't to start in a mushroom biome. However, it is Minecraft, which means taking some chances is almost a requirement to enjoy the indie game.

This seed offers a large world that can offer perfect irrigation for a massive, block-spanning city, plus a nice food source nearby from the various mushroom islands encompassing the world.

Insert seed 'i don't care' into the seed generator and build to your heart's content.


Seed: mantus23452345

An underground cavern could lead to a mystical city.

Building within an underground cavern sounds like an impressive feat that anyone, myself included, would love to accomplish and share with the world. The above photo is just one example of what can be done in such a world.

This particular seed offers a cavernous, shifting mountain with plenty of room to build great structures of varying styles in the base of the mountain or underground entirely.

Seed: 1776267154993242836

This Savannah biome has character.

The Savannah biome within Minecraft is particularly nice on the eyes, which means it could be improved by building all over it, too.

This seed offers a large biome with plenty of mountains surrounding the area. A multi-leveled city would work perfectly here. Along with the surrounding area, a group of long rivers run through everything, so travel can be easier. A river district would be a nice accompaniment, too.

Insert Minecraft seed '1776267154993242836' to build in this one.

Seed: 7wo

Underwater construction is difficult,but the end is worth it.

Thankfully, this is an easy seed to enter! This one brings you to a small island. Now, I know what you're thinking, 'why would anyone want a small island?' Well, an underwater city, that's why.

An underwater city is one of the most difficult builds a player can undertake, but the end result is well worth the trouble and time. Just take a look above for a quick example.

This ocean is two thousand blocks wide, so there is plenty of room. However, Creative Mode is almost a requirement to build here. Unless you're super hardcore, of course.

Insert seed '7wo'

Seed: Reptar

A dungeon city that could rival the Dwarf kingdom.

Ever since viewing The Lord of the Rings, many people, myself included, have wanted to rebuild the world of the Dwarves. Well, this fantasy race lived completely underground in dungeon-like cities.

This particular Minecraft seed offers huge dungeons and underground caverns to explore and build within. Watch out for the darkness and what lurks inside of it, though.

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