The 10 best Minecraft seeds for lazy players

Minecraft is an immense game full of wonder, but sometimes we're all too lazy to explore the sheer size of the world.

Minecraft is an immense game full of wonder, but sometimes we're all too lazy to explore the sheer size of the world.

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Minecraft is the one game that epitomizes adventuring and open-world exploration. With such a massive game world to explore, it is hard to get bored of things to do or find. However, sometimes even the best of us feel lazy and just want to get to the late-game. Thankfully, there are players just like you and I who thought the exact same thing, so they discovered the perfect world seeds for lazy people.

The following 10 world seeds have incredibly easy starts, with diamonds, loot, and weapons close by right from the beginning. To make things even better, some seeds even have temples and fortresses within walking distance.

1. 7352190906321318631

This seed will start the player near a large stronghold that will intersect with a massive ravine. The stronghold and ravine combine in more than one point, making it a highly interesting spot to find loot and explore. 

Anyone interested in simply exploring in the game will love this seed, as the most important features are in one central location.

2. 3083175

Upon entering into this particular world, the player should note the massive jungle temple directly beside you. It may be a bit hard to see, as you are in a jungle after all, but a little bit of searching should have wondrous results.

Directly to the south of the spawn is where the temple is location, so don’t be afraid of taking a couple steps in that direction.

3. 516687594611420526

While the desert may not be the most interesting of biomes for most players, this particular seed offers a large village with plenty of impressive loot hidden throughout the buildings to get the budding adventurer started right.

In total, there are a blacksmith’s chest and four chests in the nearby temple. Within those chests are: 3 emeralds, 26 gold ingots, 2 diamonds, 6 iron ingots, iron leggings, a saddle, 3 bread, 15 bones, and 11 rotten flesh.

4. 53526209

Upon starting in this seed, the player should head to the northeast where a desert temple and NPC village are located. The village contains a chest with an iron sword, iron leggings, and iron boots inside. The temple contains many more treasures:

Desert Temple Chests:

  • Enhanced Books – Smite IV and Looting III
  • 15 Bones
  • 5 Gold Ingots
  • 6 Iron Ingots
  • 39 Rotten Flesh
  • 1 Saddle

Not bad for five minutes of gameplay.

5. 96909624

If you’re using Creative Mode, simply fly directly to 206, 66, 614. At this location, the player will discover an impressive Witch Hut atop what appears to be stilts over a massive cave entrance. One of the legs of the hut goes deep into the cave, impressively enough.

Head southwest from the spawn location and you will find yourself happening upon a small village, which plays host to the normal blacksmith’s chest and food items.

6. -1042433889

While it may not appear to be much, this small survival island is actually the home of a massive ravine full of diamond and other exotic ores for the player to discover. There is a ton of coal, iron, diamond, gold, redstone, and plenty more to find just by digging downward a couple feet.

The small island is also the perfect location for a little house, especially if you don’t feel like expanding too much.

7. -838329079

Anyone interested in enchanting is going to love this seed, as it kicks things off just right for those players. Almost directly near the game’s start point, you can find a temple consisting of an enchanted book with 4 enchantments: Silk Touch I, Respiration II, Protection III, and Knockback II. 

Along with the aforementioned enchantments, players can also loot 7 gold, 19 bones, an emerald, a saddle, and iron horse armor. There is some more rotten flesh hidden away, but you don’t really need that.

8. 9925

Mooshrooms are probably some of the most interesting creatures in the entire Minecraft world. This location is a completely land-locked mushroom island, complete the with cow abominations. A short walk from the spawn point will bring you to a savanna biome with plenty of hills for construction.

Basically, everything you could want to sustain a growing population can be achieved or gathered right near the world’s spawn.

9. 1362826851

The entire point of being completely lazy while playing Minecraft is to discover the big loot within a short period of time or build without having to explore. This seed will give you almost everything you need, including a temple, small NPC village, and a mineshaft right near the spawn.

Of course, every single piece of construction just mentioned comes with its own variety of loot for the player to grab.

10. 998538147

There is no place better in the game to find loot than in a temple, whether it is within the jungle, under the ocean, or in a desert biome, like in this seed. You should spawn directly near a river bank, which also has the desert temple adjacent to it.

Inside of the temple, nine diamonds and plenty of rotten flesh are yours for the taking.

Minecraft, believe it or not, is actually the one game designed to allow the player complete freedom and control. If you want to be completely lazy, then this is the place to accomplish that goal.

Of course, being lazy can be made a lot easier if you just use these ten world seeds to improve your gameplay experience and loot chests.

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