These ten Minecraft Youtubers are some of the most popular and entertaining around.

The 10 best Minecraft YouTubers for newbs and pros alike

These ten Minecraft Youtubers are some of the most popular and entertaining around.
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YouTube has become the most popular website on the entire planet, all thanks to the massive amount of varied content being produced by the likes of people like you and I. Your favorite comedy troupes, the best gaming moments, and even short films are being produced on a regular basis for our entertainment.

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Minecraft, being one of the largest video games to have ever been developed, makes complete sense to have numerous shows and millions of videos on the website for your enjoyment. That being said, you can’t have these series without someone working in the background to produce high-quality content.

These are the ten best Minecraft YouTubers around.

1. SkyDoesMinecraft

While you probably won’t find a lot of helpful content on SkyDoesMinecraft, you will certainly find plenty of entertainment. Sky has managed to ensure millions of subscribers are laughing on a regular basis. He fails at the games he plays, such as survival games and parkour, and yet still manages to make it fun to watch.

If you want a kind, awesome personality, then SkyDoesMinecraft is the exact channel you want to subscribe to tonight.

2.  Captain Sparklez

Captain Sparklez is considered to be one of the first YouTube stars to produce high-quality Minecraft content for the community. His subscriber base, all of which are dedicated and loyal fans, tend to believe the man behind the game is a master.

His videos tend to be some of the most interesting, leaving everyone satisfied after they watch one or two, or maybe even five in one night. He also prioritizes clean language, making him rather family-friendly.

3. Stampylongnose

Stampylongnose may have an incredibly odd name, but people have voted him one of the very best Minecraft players on the video service. He is creative, hilarious, and just a pure joy to witness in-game.

His entire crew plays with him, and they tend to produce some truly epic quality builds within the game world. If you’re looking for some sort of inspiration, then this is a good spot to begin your journey.

4. TheDiamondMinecart

TheDiamondMinecart has quickly made a name for himself after doing Mod Showcases, which give everyone in the community an in-depth look at some of the game modifications available to Minecraft players.

Along with the mod series, he has become known for some truly impressive house and statue builds, plus his modded survival game mode that is quite well known on the series.

5. Ssundee

Everyone knows how Ssundee puts a lot of time and energy into the content he produces. The high quality of videos is evident, but his gameplay is what really shines. He loves the world of Minecraft, and you can see that in the builds he produced and the Hunger Games series he partakes in.

Ssundee is known for interacting with his subscriber base on a regular basis, too, which a lot of big-name YouTube players actually won’t do. That sets him a step above the rest in our book.

6. TheSyndicateProject

Personally, TheSyndicateProject was one my first introductions into the world of Minecraft on YouTube. Tom Cassell, the owner of the channel, has been gaming for many, many years now. Minecraft is definitely not his first project. Upon delving into “The Minecraft Project,” however, everything else went to the back-burner.

This is probably one of the highest recommended channels to begin your adventures.

7. Minecraft Universe

If you’ve ever wanted a general channel covering the majority of the world of Minecraft, then Minecraft Universe is the exact place to subscribe. Here you can find Let’s Plays, popular mod reviews, modded game series, and even a couple of tutorials to help improve your own game.

Jason Probst, the owner of the channel, has produced just about every type of content you can consider.

8. iJustine

While iJustine is probably most known for her Call of Duty matches on her dedicated gaming channel, the young woman has also made quite the name for herself in the building world of Minecraft. Her survival series has been considered one of the best, and it is easy to see why.

Many people could find her annoying, but take some time and get into the regular content being released, and you will find entertaining quests.

9. ShepSquared

ShepSquared is relatively new when it comes to the world of YouTube Minecraft players, but that has not stopped him from becoming one of the very best. He branched off into gaming after taking some time on a podcast.

Now, thankfully, Shep has his own server where the community may join him for mini-games and collaborations alongside the Cube group.

10. BlueXephos 

BlueXephos is part of the Yogscast crew, who are known for producing great content. They have an intense energy that has become popular and addictive to the community. 

Simon and Lewis, the two members of BlueXephos, are well-known friends, and it truly shows in their content.

These ten stars are only a small fraction of the YouTube world, but they tend to be some of the most interesting when it comes to our favorite building game.

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