The 10 Games That Made the PlayStation 3’s 10 Years Special

In celebration of the PS3's 10 year anniversary, here's a list of our favorite top 10 titles.

So the PlayStation 3 turned 10 today! That’s quite the milestone for a gaming console. Through its lifespan the world was given many fun games. With so many titles that graced the console, I have to share my top 10 must play titles. The games mentioned will be solely exclusives or console exclusives on the PlayStation 3.

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10. Sound Shapes

To begin our list we start with Sound Shapes. The title was conceptualized by developer Queasy Games. It was created with the idea of allowing anyone to create their own song and platforming level. As you play, create, and compose you realize all those concepts are similar to one another. Yes, you could play through the preset stages. But it’s more fun to take your favorite songs and create a stage out of them.


9. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

The title began as an exclusive that launched a number of sequels. The reason why the first game is special is simple: it broke the stigma that games based on anime franchises can’t be done right, at the time games based on anime series were forgettable at best. Developed by Cyber Connect  2, the game was beautiful and well designed. It was created for fans and newcomers alike and it still holds up to this day.


8. Little Big Planet

Developed by Media Molecule, the game was created with a simple premise; you create it, you play it. Little Big Planet allowed players to create nearly anything they can imagine. It got to a point where countless hours were spent to make a stage reflecting even everyday life. Have you ever seen a stage inspired by chemistry class before?


7. Pixel Junk Eden

Developed by Q-Games, Pixel Eden is an unorthodox platformer. Players take control of a plant-like creature hoping to complete gardens. Stages take place once you’re in an area in need of growth. Players go forth to collect seeds through flora and fauna on a 2D plane. The game featured hardly any dialogue or instructions; instead players find themselves in the company of bright visuals and soothing music from artist Baiyon.


6. Infamous

Created by Sucker Punch games, it was released at a time where a “good superhero” game was rare. The story told of a bike courier-turned-human lightning hero Cole MacGrath. You could explore, fight, and defend a living city as their hero. The moves you could learn and stunts you could pull were awesome and empowering. The game also featured a morality system, and players could interact with NPCs while loved or feared for different outcomes.


5. Dragon’s Crown

From the studio behind Muramasa: the Demon Blade, came their biggest title to date. Dragon’s Crown  is the best PS3 co-op title of all in my opinion. With a medieval fantasy setting players could play as their favorite archetype. The game was heavily loot based and an RPG through and through. You could summon help and play cooperatively online. Beating a big dragon is exciting, sure; but nothing beats beating a dragon with friends!


4. Folklore

Game Republic created a very different action RPG with Folklore. It’s set in present day Ireland and takes place in a small town. It features two protagonists; Ellen and Keats. The game is steeped in Irish lore, myth, and ghost stories. The game is very dark and brooding. You gain abilities and power from using other-worldly spirits whose souls you must literally ensnare. No game to date has provided a similar experience.


3. Rain

Rain is a very different adventure title from the SCE Japan Studio. You play as a boy slipping into a fever dream — or so you think. You awaken in a strange version of the world where you are invisible and don’t exist… unless you are in the rain. The game proceeds as the boy explores the city and eventually meets a girl. The game then focuses on their plight to get home. Rain is pretty emotional in its minimalism and is a very powerful game as a result.


2. Puppeteer

Directed by Gavin Moore and developed by SCE Japan Studio, this is probably one of the best platformers you’ve never played. The game is presented as a stage play production of the highest caliber to the player. You have a witty narrator and a lovable hero. The game succeeds in taking the best part of family films and placing them in videogame form. The humor is light, the danger can be serious, but there’s that air of “it’s all a show”. The game is no pushover and stages are cleverly designed. Puppeteer is a labor of love to video games overall.


1. Demon’s Souls

Before FromSoftware became well known, they created the best title for the PlayStation 3. Demon’s Souls, even by today’s standards, is unique unto itself, even compared to its spiritual successors. The game perpetuates a strong sense of loneliness. You learn that the kingdom and all the lands have broken from the normal cycle of life. As a result demons roam the land and death is far from permanent.

The game barely mentions its systems to you. You eventually figure it all out as you die repeatedly. This is rather refreshing as nearly all games spoon feed you information. Players can create and build a character to their liking to become a slayer of demons.

Death isn’t a mark of failure; rather its the result of a missed action or poor attack method. The game excels in keeping you tense, and nothing is as simple as “oh I’ll just run here OK”. No, if you don’t pay attention consistently, you can die from traps, ambushes or even a dragon’s fire.

The game also doesn’t burden you with morals. Without a burdening story, NPCs express both the understanding and concern of you seeking the power of demons. From a fortified castle, a dreary mine, and an abandoned stronghold, to haunted towers and more, no game has recreated that feeling of hopelessness. 

Did I also forget to mention that the game also features an unorthodox online multiplayer feature? Players can invade each other’s worlds in hopes of killing their target. Players are also able to help or harm each other with leaving messages in stages.

Demon’s Souls can be played 20 years from now and people will still agree that nothing can match the world’s atmosphere.

Over my 10 years with the PlayStation 3 these games left a special mark. Looking back, I noticed these games were each very different in their own regard. These titles were released in a market where they were not seen very often or at all. Ultimately, these games became timeless. Happy birthday PS3!

What were your favorite PS3 games over the years? Let us know in the comments below!

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