Core Sets are back! And here are the 15 best cards from Core Set 2019 that will dominate all of the upcoming Sealed events in MtG.

The 15 Best Core Set 2019 Cards for Sealed Format in MtG

Core Sets are back! And here are the 15 best cards from Core Set 2019 that will dominate all of the upcoming Sealed events in MtG.
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Core Set 2019 marks the return of the core sets in Magic: The Gathering. After abandoning the two-block paradigm, Wizards of the Cost decided to focus on releasing four big expansions a year, including one core set designed to help new players enter such complex and yet fun game as Magic: The Gathering.

This new expansion consists of 314 cards with a healthy dose of actual and functional reprints from the previous sets. As expected, the white color is especially strong in Core Set 2019, and the most powerful tribe is Dragons.

If you want to know which cards will play the most significant role in the upcoming Sealed events, then check out this guide for:

  • 5 common cards
  • 7 uncommon cards
  • 3 rare cards
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Aven Wind Mage

This birdy's ability isn't as strong as Prowess, which reacts to all non-creature spells, but even with the possibility to pump it in the air with only instants and sorceries makes it a very good choice for any blue-red deck.

The basic stats are very similar to Wind Drake, an old Limited favorite of many players, which was reprinted in many other core sets. But this time the basic body isn't enough, and so we all get an upgraded version, which will definitely see a lot of play.

Pegasus Courser

Here's a familiar one from the previous Dominaria set. This reprint is actually quite important, since it turned out to be one of the best Sealed cards from Dominaria. And for a reason -- it's an extremely powerful creature.

On its own it doesn't do much, but if you control another huge creature, you could give it flying and finish the game rather quickly. The power of Pegasus Courser has been proven many times during the Dominaria Sealed events, and this time it'll perform just as well.

Gallant Cavalry

This Human Knight creature is very similar in design to another great spell from Dominaria -- Call the Cavalry. It provided the same features except it was a sorcery. So this is basically a functional reprint that dodges non-creature counterspells.

Another advantage of making it a creature is an ability to bounce it back and play it again creating another token, which would be impossible with the sorcery spell. So all in all, this is a great upgrade to an already good card.

Star-Crowned Stag

We've seen this type of card many times before. For example, one of the latest cards with similar effect could be seen in the Ixalan block -- Territorial Hammerskull. Everybody played that card, and everyone will play Star-Crowned Stag, too.

It's a solid, well-statted beater that can dodge the biggest and most dangerous creatures on the opponent's side of the battlefield (unless they have Hexproof). Oh, and that art looks absolutely gorgeous!

Angel of the Dawn

This Angel creature is another functional reprint of the card from Aether Revolt -- Dawnfeather Eagle. The abilities are the same, but the difference is in the creature type. However, that shouldn't effect the outcome of the games -- it still does the job.

Angel of the Dawn is clearly one of the best common cards in Core Set 2019, and it's another example of a truly masterful artwork.

Exclusion Mage

Wizards of the Coast like reprinting old bombs. This Human is very similar to Man-o'-War, a card from the Visions set. It's a perfect choice for a mono-blue Wizards deck that could splash for white or red in case there is a rare or mythic bomb in your pool.

If you played Wizard decks in Dominaria, then you should remember the card named Academy Journeymage. Well, it's basically the same but cheaper and easier to trigger.


Here is a returning removal spell from Core Set 2013 that had a massive play rate. This time it'll be the same story all over again. Expect every black deck to have at least one copy of Murder.

Unfortunately, it would be hard to splash for it due to the two black mana in the cost, but other than that it's simply a must-have card. Also, Murder is a bit better than the previous Limited removal bomb -- Cast Down -- since it can also destroy Legendary creatures.

Poison-Tip Archer

Given the cost and the number of relevant abilities this card has, it looks like it's going to dominate the two colors it represents. Both Reach and Deathtouch mean that you can block any creature there is and kill it. But the last effect is especially cool, as it will slowly drain the life total of your opponent.

This will leave your opponent with no choice but attack with its biggest threat in order to finally get rid of this pesky Elf.

Skyrider Patrol

Here is another powerful Elf but this time with flying. It can also buff other creatures you control and give them flying as well for just two extra mana. Not a bad deal for a permanent buff.

If Core Set 2019 wouldn't be heavy on Dragons, Skyrider Patrol would be almost unbeatable in Sealed and Draft formats. So there is still some competition to deal with before it gets on to become the best Limited card of this meta.

Herald of Faith

There is a moment when you look at this card and think to yourself: "Why doesn't this card simply have Lifelink?" And then you notice that this is an uncommon card and not a rare one. Honestly, if it had Lifelink, it would have been too OP at an uncommon rarity.

In any case, it's still incredibly powerful and can solely turn the whole game around in your favor. Gaining 2 life per turn is already enough to get back into game in most cases.

Psychic Symbiont

There is so much going on in this card. First of all, it has Flying, which is super valuable in Sealed, and a decent body of 3/3. Secondly, it makes an opponent discard a card and makes you draw a card. That's four positive features for only six mana.

And lastly, it has the most unusual art in the entire set, which is another plus to an already excellent Limited card.

Volcanic Dragon

There are quite a few Dragon creature cards in Core Set 2019. This one is not an original, but a reprint of the rare card from Mirage. Now it is an uncommon, and it will be one of the best possible picks for your aggressive red decks.

It isn't quite Glorybringer that dealt additional four damage when exerted, but it still can attack and block well in the air. If you manage to get it with other Dragon creatures in your pool, then you will significantly increase your chances of winning.


Here is your win condition, if you can get it among all the rares in your Sealed pool. You will often see this card finish games, just like it did before, since this is another reprinted sorcery.

The ramp decks built around Banefire will have no trouble winning Limited events. But it will also shine in blue-red Wizards or Dragons decks that will want to stack up on that elemental damage.

Leonin Warleader

This Cat Soldier is very similar in design to Regal Caracal from Amonkhet. That card was really powerful, and this one will see a lot of play as well. But the difference is that Leonin Warleader creates two tokens every time it attacks and not just once when it enters the battlefield.

This means that every turn you can potentially create two extra tokens and have quite a board at the end of the game. This just proves once again how strong the white color is in this set.

Lathliss, Dragon Queen

Welcome the new queen of the Sealed format -- Lathliss. This card will make your opponents cry and swear, as it is practically the end of the game for them. Especially, if you're holding another dragon in your hand to follow it up.

The best part is that Core Set 2019 has a lot of dragons to offer, so you will have no trouble assembling mono-red dragon tribal deck and win one game after another.


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