There's a lot you can already do in Farming Simulator 17, but mods take the game to a whole new level. Here are 17 that will really get your motor running.

The 16 Best Farming Simulator 17 Mods

There's a lot you can already do in Farming Simulator 17, but mods take the game to a whole new level. Here are 17 that will really get your motor running.

Despite being a niche game, Farming Simulator 17 has spawned a massive modding community that has produced over a thousand various modifications for the game in just a few months. This is amazing, of course, but how do you know which mods are the best?

No worries, here you will find 16 of the best fan-made mods for Farming Simulator 17 that include maps, vehicles, special attachments, objects, machinery, and many others. Take your time and choose a few that fit your interests the best.

Note: All the mods listed here have been tested on the PC version only.

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American Farm Map v 3.0

Download mod

With improved fields and many other locations, this is the latest version of the great American Farm mod. It has its own milk factory, extra fertilizer, and big grain storage. The entire area is surrounded by a fence that keeps all the animals inside.

If you like working on a huge map with all the necessary equipment by your side, then this is a perfect mod for your farming adventure.

Claas Axion 800 (810, 830, 850) v1.0

Download mod

Of all the heavy machinery in the game, tractors are the most widely used vehicles. You can’t plow a field without one, and the stronger a tractor is, the better. Although there are plenty of tractors in vanilla Farming Simulator 17, this mod offers something extra.

The three models available in the mod are exact replicas of the real-life Claas Axion tractors from Renault. They are also some of the strongest in the game, with 230-horse power inside the 850 model. It’s a great mod for those who want something more capable than the game’s initial offerings.

Kuhn FC313F / FC883 v1.1

Download mod

Having a good tractor is one thing, but you also need special attachments that will help you gather hay. This mod offers two mowers -- a front one and a back one. These two mowers are a part of a larger premium "Kuhn" DLC for Farming Simulator 17, but you can get them for free in the link above.

The entire "Kuhn" DLC has a much larger selection of different tractor gear, so if you’re ready to spend some real money on your virtual farm, then get it here.

US Trailer With Autoload Feature v 3.0

Download mod

You definitely want this flatbed trailer if you need to quickly transport pallet items or huge chunks of seed, fertilizer, pig food, or anything else. The trailer can automatically load both square and round bales, which makes things incredibly easy.

You can use this mod in both single and multiplayer modes. However, if you want to play it with your friends online, then they must have this mod installed, as well.

John Deere 7×30 v2.1

Download mod

Here are three more tractors fully adapted for Farming Simulator 17. The controls are fully interactive and animated, all doors and windows can be opened, and the wheels can be washed, too.

The mod includes three John Deere models -- 7730, 7830, and 7930. Each model is increasingly more powerful, with the following characteristics: 195 HP, 205 HP, 220 HP (respectively).

Fliegl Timber Runner with Auto Load Wood Script V

Download mod

There are many different things that you can do in Farming Simulator 17, but one of the best businesses in the game is forestry. It offers huge profits, but it is excessively labor heavy, since you cannot hire workers to help you out.

That’s why you need Fliegl trailer mod, which allows you to load and unload timber automatically. Forestry has never been easier!

FDR Logging Forestry Equipment V5

Download mod

If you’ve decided to take your forestry business to the next level, then you simply cannot survive without this great machinery mod. It includes every single kind of vehicle that you need for working with timber, such as trucks, trailers, bunchers, grapple saw loaders, chippers, cranes, and many, many others.

All the textures and sounds have been updated in this latest build, and machines look and sound great. Many bugs from the previous versions have been fixed, too.

T-130 bulldozer v1.0

Download mod

Bulldozers aren’t as popular as tractors, but if you need one for silage, moving, and compacting, then grab this T-130 bulldozer. It is well-animated, with a fully functional caterpillar and a complete set of devices inside the cockpit.

It could use a few front and back attachments, such as crane for picking up logs, but this additional equipment should be available in future updates.

Silage cutter v2.1

Download mod

The silage cutter is one of the most useful front attachments for your tractor in the entire game. This thing can mill anything you need -- silage, chaff, dung, hay, grass, straw, woodchips, etc.

More than that, it is customizable and washable! You can change the color and the design that would fit your tractor the best.

Claas Xerion 4000/4500/5000 v1.0

Download mod

Xerions are 4x4 high-horsepower tractors. Don't believe me? The 5000 model has over 500 horsepower! So, if you need powerful machines on your farm, then look no further.

They are also pretty heavy, from 4000 to 7500 lbs, which allows them to stay balanced even when they’re facing some truly heavy loads of work.

Unofficial Holzhausen FS17 v1.2

Download mod

Holzhausen is a well-known map for Farming Simulator 17. But why do you need this unofficial version when you can download the one directly from the developers? Well, this fan-made update fixes lots of annoying bugs that are present in the official build.

With this mod, you don’t have to worry about FPS drops, bugged silos, and other small glitches that made it into the original version.

Sudthuringen v1.0

Download mod

The first official version of Sudthuringen map has finally arrived after a long period of alpha testing. There are still a few bugs, but they’re nothing to worry about.

This map offers nine villages, where each farm has its own dairy field and crop field. The developers of the mod also advise people who want to play Sudthuringen to also install this chopped straw for harvesters to smooth things out. 

Mixing Station GTXM (MS-2001) v1.4

Download mod

This mix station produces fodder for your cows and sheep. You need to load silage, grass or straw to a full capacity of 1500 liters per hour. But you can always add more during the cycle if need be.

This mod is great because it offers a compact object that can be placed almost anywhere instead of trying to build an entire plant -- unless you have a huge farm.

Euro Farms v1.0

Download mod

If you don’t like big farming, then check out this cool little map. It’s mostly for people who like to chill instead of working hard for many hours. There are some fields and animals as usual, but the focus of the map is just enjoying the view.

The area is hilly and swampy, with a few pedestrians roaming here and there. If this is your kind of map, then go get it!

John Deere S690i v1.0

Download mod

This mod pack includes three of the best harvesters in John Deere line -- the S690i, the 640FD, and the 612C. The mod also includes a free cutter trailer that would be of great use to you.

The developers of the mod proudly stated that it has absolutely no bugs, which is a rare gem these days.

FS17 Halls Pack with doors v1

Download mod

Now, when you have all the necessary machinery and equipment, you need a place where you could store all this treasure. The Halls Pack mod offers two dutch-styled sheds for storage purposes.

However, these objects can be placed only with the help of Giants Editor, which can be downloaded here.


This year will bring many great mods for Farming Simulator 17, so stay tuned for another great selection at GameSkinny!

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