There are a lot of subscription services out there for gamers, but let's narrow them down to get the biggest bang for your gaming buck!

The 3 Best Gamer Friendly Subscription Services

There are a lot of subscription services out there for gamers, but let's narrow them down to get the biggest bang for your gaming buck!
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If you’ve watched or listened to any form of online entertainment recently, you’ve probably heard an advertisement for some form of subscription service. They’ve been quite a popular thing, with boxes marketed to all kinds of people.

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I’ve seen boxes that send food from all over the world, boxes that send you a selection of neckties every month and boxes that send you cute little figures based on about any fandom you could think of. If you have an interest of just about any kind, there is probably a subscription box for you.

Now, it may be just because I live in an echo chamber of video game related things, but I have seen many different subscription services marketed toward gamers. There are so many to choose from! Some are clearly bigger than others, but there’s always a problem: How do you choose which box is best for you? Well, fret not, reader! I am here to count down the three best subscription services for gamers!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by any of these companies in any way and none of these companies have sent me any of their products without me paying them for their service. Now, let’s get into the list!


3. GeekFuel ($17.90/month)


This is the first box on the list that I actually haven’t been able to try — but do not let that sway your opinion. I have seen some of the stuff that has come out of these boxes, and I’d say that they are pretty darn cool. GeekFuel is a subscription box that guarantees a T-shirt, a downloadable game, a $50 value and exclusive gear in every box.

On their website right now, I can see that they’ve sent out a Super Mario Warp Pipe planting pot, a cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-crossed-with-PokeBall stress ball, and even a Stormtrooper bobble head from the latest Star Wars movie.

All the items I’ve seen look cool, but I start to run into the issue of, “What do I do with all this stuff after I’ve been subscribed over multiple months?” The T-shirts I can continue to wear, and the games can easily see some replayability (possibly), but the little toys and stuff start to just clutter up things after a while.

Now, this may just be me nitpicking and you may be thinking that those toys are cool to have. If that is the case, don’t let me stop you. Go subscribe and start getting your box. If you are like me and are already looking for more desk space, this box may be worth looking past.


2. Loot Gaming ($24.99/month)

By now, I’m sure we have all heard of LootCrate. I’d say that they were the first gaming themed subscription box to hit it big. My roommate was subscribed to this box for a while and ended up getting some cool stuff from them: T-shirts, a couple cool posters and some cool little figures. The only difference I’ve found is that they don’t have the guarantee of a t-shirt or downloadable game in each box. But, they do offer a $60+ value per box rather than GeekFuel’s $50 value per box and that is why I’ve ranked it

The only difference I’ve found between Loot Gaming and GeekFuel is that LootCrate doesn’t have the guarantee of a T-shirt or downloadable game in each box. But, they do offer a $60+ value per box, rather than GeekFuel’s $50 value per box.

So if I was to choose between GeekFuel or Loot Gaming, I’d choose Loot Gaming.


1. Humble Monthly ($12/month)

The fine folks over at Humble have been doing some great things for gaming for a while now. I have always looked forward to their Humble Indie Bundles and every so often, they put out a publisher bundle that has a bunch of titles for a really good price. Not only do they offer you a good deal, they give back by taking part of what you pay and giving it to charity. I really respect the work that Humble does and wish them luck in whatever they do.

Recently, Humble started a new initiative called Humble Monthly. Every month, they create a new bundle and for a monthly fee. You get all the games in that bundle — and these aren’t petty little titles either. In the past, they have given out ARK: Survival Evolved, Mad Max, Wasteland 2 and even Rocket League.

This service sits on the top of my list for numerous reasons, the biggest is that I feel that it is the best-valued subscription service that I have had the joy of being able to try. I was only subscribed for one month, but in that month I got Rocket League, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Planetary Annihilation: Titans, a cool bullet-hell game called Steredenn and a couple other titles that I haven’t had the joy of playing yet.

The next reason I feel that this service is the best on the list is the value you get from it. You get a great mix of games each month. Not only that, you aren’t locked to just getting these small indie games. You have the chance to get big titles each month. I think I’ve only seen one month that had a complete list of titles that I hadn’t heard of before.

The last reason I feel that this service is great is the fact that your money goes back to charity. I’m all for helping others even if it isn’t actually going out and getting your hands dirty.

Humble Monthly is definitely a great service and if you can afford $12 per month, this service is definitely worth your time.

That’s it! I hope that you found some great advice here with these boxes. What boxes have you tried? Are they worth being on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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