The 3 Best .io Games You Can Only Play on PC

There are lots of .io games floating around on PC. But what are the best of them? Snake .io games! Let's take a look at 3 of the best of the best.

Do You Remember Playing Snake on a Nokia? It was during days long past when Snake ruled supreme on Nokia phones. It was the game that everyone loved because it provided hours of mindless play without getting bored. It’s the game that never stops giving.

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Unfortunately, the days of sturdy Nokia phones are over and Snake seems to be a thing of the past. Or is it?

The 3 .io games below seem to have a lot in common with Snake, although each of them are slightly different. They’re PC games, in this case that means “browser games,” so they can be played on all operating systems. Which means you can get your Snake fix while going about your day.

Who wouldn’t want that?

So, here you are: The 3 Best .io Games You Can Only Play on PC (rated from most challenging to least)!


First on our list is, and you won’t be sorry. is the game on this list that seems to pose the biggest challenge. The goal of the game seems to be to get to the green box. But watch out, some of the levels are cooperative, so you’ll want to make sure you have a buddy. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting on some levels FOR-EV-ER!

Each level poses a new challenge, and while it’s not exactly like Snake, it does have Snake like qualities. In the end, it’s all fun with cursors.

2. is a different story from It’s more challenging than our number one contender, but less than our number three. With the goal of the game is to eat the bigger blobs by spewing out some type of goo. The longer you can make your “slug,” the better off you’ll be.


But, is Snake-like because of the form that the blob takes, and because you’re trying to make it longer. The game becomes challenging because while making your “slug” longer you are also supposed to be destroying your opponents by consuming them.

1. is probably the most similar to Snake and the least challenging. You have the same goals that you do in Snake, the only difference between the two games being that is in 3D and does not require the player to follow a block-like path.

Instead, you get to roam around all over the screen. Unlike, does not have any type of extra stuff, unless you count the ability to move fast.

That being said, is the easiest of these three .io game. But keep in mind that being the easiest does not mean that the game itself is a piece of cake. It still takes some ingenuity to avoid running into the other snakes.

What Do You Think?

Snake was a classic game during its time, and it’s beloved by many. But do you think that it’s time to move classic Snake to the trash bin and focus on these new versions?

I know what my opinion is, but I’ll let you form your own.

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