The 4 Best Game Cases and Protection Kits for Nintendo Switch

Since the Nintendo Switch is easily portable, it's paramount you have a great case to protect it. Here are some great options.

So you just got your Nintendo Switch. But as we know there's more to buying hardware than just getting the system itself, especially with a portable console like the Switch. You're going to want to keep it safe on your travels. Here are some good cases and protectors that you might want to pick up.

Deluxe Travel Case

Price: $19.99
Buy it on: Amazon

If you plan on taking your Switch console out of the house, owning a case of some kind is a must, and the deluxe travel cases are really good ones. Along with a carrying handle, they have space to hold the switch tablet with the Joycons on (which can be strapped down for extra protection), a divider with 12 sleeves for game cards, and a pocket that can hold smaller accessories like an extra charger cable or Joycon grips.

You can get these cases in basic black or with a theme from your favorite Nintendo Switch game, such as ARMS, Mario Kart, Splatoon 2, or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They also come in starter sets, which come with additional items like a screen protector, Joycon covers (though I recommend not using them as they scratch the Joycons), and earbuds.

Hybrid Cover

Price: $24.99
Buy it on: Amazon

This is a subtler way to carry around your Switch Tablet. It protects your screen so you could easily put it in any bag without worrying about the screen getting damaged. The cover also doubles as a stand, which can be adjusted to different angles. It can even be set up so you can have the charger in it while still propped up. It even comes with a screen protector.

Screen Protectors

Price: Varies
Buy them on: Amazon (Best Seller)

With any portable device with a screen, especially a touch screen, comes the danger of riddling it with fingerprints, scratches, and bruises. So if you're concerned about these things, you should get a screen protector. There's no particular best one, but I've linked to the best seller on Amazon above.

Deluxe System Case

Price: $39.99
Buy it on: Amazon

If you plan on bringing your whole console with you anywhere, the box it came in is a pretty viable option. However, if you want a little more protection, the deluxe system case is what you're looking for. It can hold the Switch, Switch dock, all the cables, and a controller. It also comes with some game card cases that can fit as well.

There's also a Switch backpack for an additional $10, but honestly, it's a little extreme to get a whole backpack exclusively for carrying around your Switch.

The Switch is still a little young to have a large variety of accessories, but right now, there's enough of the basics you'll need to keep your Switch safe. Some of them can even let you express yourself with the Switch logo or several different themes based on your favorite games. There are even more accessories if you go looking.

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