Want to test your mental prowess? Try these 5 brain teasers on iOS devices to find out what your grey matter's made of.

The 5 Best Brain Teaser Games on iOS

Want to test your mental prowess? Try these 5 brain teasers on iOS devices to find out what your grey matter's made of.
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There are a ton of brain teaser games available on iOS, so much so that some could possibly consider that the App Store might be oversaturated with them. However, since there are so many, there’s bound to be a few good ones hidden in the rough. In fact, there are some that are very good — and fun to play.

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The good thing about there being so many brain teaser games is that there is such a variety that anyone can find anything that interests them. So instead of you going through the entire App Store yourself looking for them, these are some of the best brain teasers you can find on your iOS device. 

5. Paperama

Price: Free to Play
Current Rating: 4.5


In Paperama, you must fold a piece of paper in order to create the shape indicated by a dashed line on the screen. You have a limited number of folds per level, so you’ll have to employ patience and strategy to get the right amount of folds into the right amount of moves. On top of that, accuracy is a big part of the game. The more accurate your folds are, the higher your score will be in the end.

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4. Criminal Case

Price: Free to Play
Rating: 4.5

Criminal Case is a detective-themed hidden item game. In Criminal Case, you explore different crime scenes to find out “who done it”. As you unlock new crime scenes, you find new suspects and items that are tied to the overall case. At the end of the case, you use the items to tie the crime to one of the suspects. 

In short, Criminal Case tests your deductive reasoning prowess, as well as your judgment skills. You’ll need both in full supply if you’re going to crack this mystery. 

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3. 4 Pics 1 Word

Price: Free to Play
Rating: 4.5


4 Pics 1 Word was one of the first four-picture word games that was released on the App Store. Separated into multiple levels, 4 Pics 1 Word tests your deduction skills through ever-harder challenges as you progress. Each level consists of four pictures that have one thing in common. Your goal is to work out what that thing is. You are given a small selection of letters that you have to use to write out what the pictures have in common. 

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2. Interlocked

Price: Free to Play


In Interlocked, you are given a 3D puzzle made of several interlocked pieces. Your goal is to move the pieces until separate from each other. These pieces are intertwined in such a way that they can usually only be moved bit by bit, and piece by piece. Interlocked takes patience and strong problem-solving skills since pieces won’t immediately dislodge from one another — with the key being able to understand just how much to move one piece or the other to get the solution. 

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1. Flow
Price: Free to Play
Rating: 4 1/2 stars


In Flow, you are given a series of colored dots on a grid. There are two of each color, and you must drag a line to match the same colors across the grid. Each level is completed once every grid space has been covered with a line. Unless you are specifically playing a level in the game that uses a special bridge tile, no two colors can cross the same grid space, meaning that you’ll have to strategize your plan of attack before taking on each level. 

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Brain teaser games aren’t always the most flashy of affairs on the outside, but once you get into a few of these, you’ll find that you’re just as engrossed in them as you are with the latest AAA release. In fact, a lot of these games can sharpen your mind, helping you better weather those pesky puzzle challenges in your favorite platformers or adventure games. 

Which of these games do you think is the most fun? Are there any brain teasers you’d like to see on this list? Sound off in the comments below. 


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