If you want to improve your Mafia 3 gameplay experience, then check out these best five custom mods.

The 5 Best Mods for Mafia 3

If you want to improve your Mafia 3 gameplay experience, then check out these best five custom mods.
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Although Mafia 3 has been severely criticized for all kinds of gaming sins, a community of devoted fans has emerged and decided to make the game better through their own custom modifications.

Apart from purely cosmetic mods, such as Vintage Reshades and various car parts, there are some really important ones that can actually improve your gameplay experience on a technical level.

So, if you’re willing to give Mafia 3 another chance, here are five mods that can make this game really worthy of your time.

Note: all these mods will not run unless you pre-install the Mafia 3 ScriptHook (download here), which serves as the running component of all mods for Mafia 3. When you install it, you will then be able to use all mods mentioned.

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Teleport Between Districts

Download mod

Unfortunately, except using your vehicles, there is no other way of quickly moving around the districts in Mafia 3. So, when you get tired of looking at the same backgrounds, then you should install the TBD mod for fast teleportation between districts.

It is really easy to use -- after you install the script just press the corresponding keys on your keyboard to teleport Lincoln Clay to any of the 10 districts in the game. Here are the key bindings:

  • 3 - Frisco Fields
  • 4 - Pointe Verdun
  • 5 - Tickfaw Harbour
  • 6 - French Ward
  • 7 – Downtown
  • 8 - Barclay Mills
  • 9 - Delray Hollow
  • 0 - River Row
  • n – Southdowns
  • m - Bayou Fantom

Note: These won’t work on your numpad, as the creator of the mod didn’t want his mod to interfere with the rest of the mods in this selection that mostly use the numpad keys.

Bullet Time

Download mod

This mod is not just your fancy slow bullet visual effect, although it does look cool. It gives you a direct advantage during the shoot outs, when you really need to slow down time for just a moment to have a more precise aim.

It is very similar to the slow bullet effect from the famous Max Payne series of games. So, if you enjoy using this trick in your gameplay, then give it a shot (pun intended).

No Rear View Mirror / Speedometer

Download mod

This mod fixes one little annoyance that many players have been complaining about since the release of the game. It really takes you out of the chase, when suddenly a rear view mirror appears in the top part of the screen, which for some reason cannot be disabled in the game settings.

Thus the gamers took the problem in their own hands and crafted this amazing little script to turn both the mirror and the speedometer off. And yes, there are two separate scripts for each of these modules.

Manual Transmission

Download mod

Another thing that devs should have included in the game is the manual transmission… but there is none. So, the mod creator Budzilla decided to write a script of his own to add that realistic element to car driving in Mafia 3.

With the help of this mod you can switch between four gears using the 1, 2, 3, 4 numpad keys and a 0 for reverse. The enabling and disabling of the manual transmission is activated by the '+' and '–' keys respectively.

Car Boost

Download mod

Finally, if you need that extra push for your car, here is a boost mod that simply allows you to make your vehicles run faster. It can be extremely useful during any chase, when you really need to get rid of your tail as quickly as possible.

If you have any other suggestions concerning Mafia 3 mods, share them in the comments section.

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