The 7 Best Rocket League PC Mods You Have to Install

Boost your Rocket League gameplay experience with these seven of the best fan-made modifications for PC.

If you've played Rocket League for some time now, you should know that it doesn’t allow the usage of certain mods in the Online Mode. But fortunately, you can always set up a personal LAN server, and in this way you will be able to play a modified version of your favorite game with friends at any time.

We have chosen a healthy variety of Rocket League mods for you to try out that include training maps, challenges, custom mode selectors, and decals. Most of these mods are being regularly updated, so bookmark them and keep checking for those updates from time to time.

Rocket Launcher

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Previously known as Rocket League Customizer, this mod is a must for any Rocket League fan. It has been updated with many new features and there are a few plans for the future, as well.

This mod can be described as a toolbox of other smaller mods and tweaks for Rocket League. For example, you can change the double jump timeout, the scale of the ball or your car, initiate zombie mode, and many other cool things.

Obstacle Course

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Here is a perfect mod for beginners who want to master their car’s abilities. This obstacle course will help you learn how to properly control your boost and aerials.

It removes the standard Rocket League training maps and gives you an infinite boost, so you can focus entirely on the car controls. If you hit either blue or white boxes, you will immediately return to the last checkpoint. And, if you successfully reach the end of the map, you will see the golden box that indicates the entrance to the next section.

Race Night

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When you’re done practicing in the Obstacle Course, you can start a new challenge in the Race Night. It’s a really cool-looking map that allows you to challenge your buddies on a set of some really complicated platforms.

Race Night includes a built-in timer, leaderboards that are being frequently updated, a compulsory reset button, and tons of fun.

Note: This mod should be only played in Exhibition Mode.


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The creator of this mod - Dreal - challenged himself to create a number of maps that would introduce new mechanics to the game.

This set of parkour challenges is really unique, and actually, quite hard to accomplish. It will appeal to experienced players who got a bit tired of the same movements and want to try something else.

Currently, Parkour map is being updated with new levels in the development of which you can take part, too.

Freeplay Map Selector

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The Freeplay Training mode is readily available in Rocket League, but with the help of this simple yet useful mode, you will be able to choose which Freeplay map you want to try out.

It is very simple in navigation and all the maps appear in the form of portals. Just choose the portal and you will be immediately transported to one of the Freeplay maps. In this way you can practice anything you want at any time.

IBUYPOWER Cosmic Decal

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Here is the skin mod for your car that imitates the skins of the IBUYPOWER Cosmic Team for Rocket League. It includes several custom decals of different colors, including black, white, green, etc.

IBUYPOWER Cosmic Team won the very first Rocket League Championship Series earlier this year. So, if you are a fan of the team, then install this mod to show your respect.


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You may have noticed that there are a lot of similarities between the mechanics used in Rocket League and the game of Quidditch from Harry Potter.

Well, here it is -- a mod that puts Quidditch into your Rocket League game. This should have been a default mode in RL a long time ago, but fortunately, we can always modify the game to our own liking with the help of mods at any moment.

What is your favorite fan-made Rocket League modification? Share your suggestions in the comments below.