In for a fright? Let's look at some of the best jump-scares this "Five Nights at Freddy's" tribute has to offer (and the YouTube gamers wetting themselves over it.)

The Best Jumpscares of “Those Nights at Rachel’s”

In for a fright? Let's look at some of the best jump-scares this "Five Nights at Freddy's" tribute has to offer (and the YouTube gamers wetting themselves over it.)
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It looks as though the massive fandom surrounding the style of Five Nights at Freddy's games won't be vanishing anytime soon. And why should they? For such a simple idea that came out of nowhere, taking Chuck E Cheese-eqsue characters and making them the stuff of your nightmares, it's had quite an impact on the gaming community. Four horror titles and an open world RPG later, it looks like fans have decided to make some unofficial games of their own following suit, which is the case with Those Nights at Rachel's

Created as a fan tribute to the popular Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, Those Nights at Rachel's has been receiving a bit of its own following thanks to its high quality and genuine frights. So what better way to showcase what this game has to offer than by listing some of the best frights this little gem should send down your spine?

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OK: THIS IS THE BEST FNAF FAN-GAME | Those Nights At Rachel's - Coryxkenshin

(Starts at 9:05)

Thanks to plenty of build up and a tense atmosphere, most gamers probably aren't going to see Those Nights at Rachel's frights coming. Even experienced Five Nights at Freddy's gamer Coryxkenshin got scared to the point of rage quitting. So really, nobody is safe from the terror that is this latest survival horror game. 


Those Nights At Rachel's - Yamamish

(Starts at 12:10)

Note to self: whenever you think you're okay in a horror game, you're almost always NOT okay. No matter how many times Yamimash may keep repeating that line to himself, he still couldn't prepare himself for the jump scare that lay ahead. And if you think you're different with your "nerves of steel," just trying playing the game yourself with the lights turned off. 


Foxy & The Puppet VICIOUS JUMPSCARE | Those Nights at Rachel's ( DEMO ) - POiiSED

(Starts at 12:05)

You know a game is good when it leaves you at the edge of your seat...and then you promptly fall of out said seat from being absolutely terrified. YouTube channel POiiSED probably got more than he bargained for with Those Nights at Rachel's, but his pain means more fun for you as the viewer! 


THIS IS WHAT HELL LOOKS LIKE || Those Nights At Rachel's (HARD Mode Night 5) - 8 Bit Ryan

(Starts at 8:31)

For someone that keeps saying "I know somewhere's there" a lot, 8 Bit Ryan sure wasn't prepared for the game's jump scares. I guess Ash Ketchum's "turned back hat" bravery doesn't translate well when playing horror games. 



TERRIFYING!!! | Those Nights at Rachel's #2 - Dawko

(Starts at 0:45)

Hide under that blanket all you want Mr. Dawko, but it won't serve much protection from all that goes bump in the night! You probably shouldn't have been so focused on the narration either, because the story won't mean much if you're eaten within the first minute of playing!


Those Nights at Rachel's ( DEMO ) | Oculus Rift DK2 REACTION - POiiSED

(Starts at 6:30)

You know what's creepy? Horror games designed to give us heart attacks. You know what's even more terrifying than that? Experiencing that sheer terror in a first person perspective. 


Those Nights At Rachels | SCARY AS HELL!! (fnaf spinoff) - Raedwulfgamer

(Starts at 7:00)

Don't let his majestic "Magnum" look fool you, Raedwulfgamer is just as prone to frights as the rest of us. And the best part is you get to see his reaction in slow mo. What more could you possibly want?



Those Nights At Rachel's - WTF MARIONETTE! (Demo) - EntoanThePack

(Starts at 13:30)

 Sure, it may almost be 6 AM in the game, but that just increases the likelihood you're about to die. All it takes is that little glimmer of hope to let the player's guard down, and surely lead to their doom. 

WELCOME TO THE PARTY | Those Nights at Rachel's - Markiplier 

(Starts at 13:00)

What better way to send off this list than one of YouTube's most recognized gaming channel's wetting themselves over a video game? Markiplier is certainly no stranger when it comes to scary video games, but his hilariously pure terror would indicate he'll never get used to them. Thanks to his confusion in trying to understand how to play the game, it only makes his reaction all the more unexpected and satisfying. 

Do you think you'll begin playing this fan made favorite? Do you have a favorite YouTube gamer that's been playing this title? Be sure to let us know what other great "Five Nights at Freddy's" clones are out there worth exploring! 


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