The Coolest Temple Seeds in Minecraft

Temples are the best places to seek easy loot in Minecraft, so here are a few easy spawns to get you started.

Temples are the best places to seek easy loot in Minecraft, so here are a few easy spawns to get you started.

People absolutely love exploring in Minecraft. That is one of the most significant portions of the game, after all. So, it makes sense that players would be in search of new temples and areas to explore and gather loot from when they are playing. Of course, temples are mostly hidden, so it does take some time and energy before one can be located.

As of right now, there are a few different types of temples in the game – with the most popular being Desert and Jungle, both of which are located within their own respective biomes.

Saddle Up!

Seed: 8678942899319966093

Anyone who loves horses within the world of Minecraft should feel right at home in this particular seed for the PC version. 

Along with the myriad of horses located outside, the interior of the nearby temple features chests loaded with 4 Diamonds, 15 Gold Ingots, a Saddle, Diamond Horse Armor, Gold Horse Armor, and even a nearby village with even more horse armor.

Deserted Temples

Seed: -9065479248748140566

What makes this game seed so cool isn’t just the five nearby NPC villages in the game, but also the two desert temples located quite close by to the spawn.

You start on the borders of both a hill biome and a desert biome, which are all situated near five villages loaded with loot. The two temples nearby offer exploration and looting.

The Nine Diamond

Seed: 998538147

We’re calling this one ‘The Nine Diamond’ for one simple reason: there are nine diamonds located within the desert temple.

This specific temple is situated right in the middle of numerous biomes, all of which converge together at one central location by the desert temple. Thankfully, you can get all nine diamonds almost as soon as you spawn into the game.

Deserted Diamonds

Seed: 978025106057376848

Of course, one of the main points of exploring a desert temple is for the loot hidden within the chests inside. In those dark, dank halls lie numerous diamonds, saddles, and more. This particular seed is home to a temple with:

  • Five Diamonds
  • Seven Gold Ingots
  • Four Iron Ingots

That should be more than enough to get you on your way.

Jungles Abound

Seed: 625265629

I know, we’ve featured quite a few jungle temples so far, but this temple more than makes up for it. 

Inside, players brave enough to best the hidden booby traps will find a chest near the end of the hall complete with two diamonds and eleven gold ingots.

Sadly, this one only works in versions 1.4 and 1.5.

These are just five seeds for Minecraft featuring some wonderful temples to enjoy, plus loot to be had.

Do you have a favorite temple seed? Share in the comment box below. 

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