Minecraft Pocket Edition can expand thanks to these ten world seeds. There is so much variety here!

The most awesome Minecraft PE seeds to explore while on the go

Minecraft Pocket Edition can expand thanks to these ten world seeds. There is so much variety here!

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The release of Minecraft Pocket Edition was a wonderful gaming achievement for those who enjoy playing but are constantly on the go. With the addition of massive worlds and improved controls for mobile devices, Minecraft somehow managed to make things work on smartphones and tablets. Now, the game didn’t have the same scope or size as the original version on PC, but it still tries its very best.

Thankfully, players can still enjoy numerous game worlds by using seeds designed specifically for the Pocket Edition of the game. There are so many to sift through, so we gathered the ten most awesome seeds to explore while you’re traveling.

1. Seed: 29300

This mobile seed will start the player on a small island, which is adjacent to a nearby village complete with a blacksmith whose chest contains some epic loot, including an iron sword, chestplate, and some ingots.

There are two more villages nearby, both of which are within walking distance from the player’s spawn point. The nearby cliffs to the left of said cluster of villages provides the perfect vantage point for a sea-side shanty or entire town – depending on how much time you have while playing and traveling.

2. Seed: 1909

This time around, the player will spawn directly near a small desert village, which is also the home to another blacksmith and a chest full of loot. In order to reach the aforementioned village, the player will need to walk a short ways up a river. Being that the player is within a desert biome, a player-built temple or fortress will certainly suffice for inspired creation.

There are plenty of resources surrounding the nearby area, too, making it quite an easy start for any players, especially new ones.

3. Seeds: 118334

Any player looking to loot, mine, or steal their weight in diamonds, gold, lapis, and redstone should absolutely begin their Minecraft Pocket Edition adventure in this specific world seed. There is a lot of variety, but the number of tunnels and caves lying right underneath your feet is immense.

As soon the you spawn into this world, immediately begin digging downwards. Eventually, you will enter into a tunnel that should lead you to riches beyond your wildest imaginations.

4. Seed: mosquito

This has to be one of the cooler Pocket Edition seeds that the player can make use of. While the surface area of the map may not be immense, what is contained within this world is infinitely more interesting. The small village stationed in the corner, as you can tell from the above image, is partially a fishing village.

A savvy player can make use of this village by building around it and adding on to the Medieval feeling we get from the location.

5. Seed: didi

Mesa may be one of the newer biomes implemented into the world of Minecraft, but that doesn’t mean it is the least interesting by any means. This particular biome is full of gold, which may not be the most useful of blocks in the game, but it certainly looks good.

The mesa is loaded down with numerous caves to explore, which should kill a couple of hours while you’re on the train or city bus.

6. Seed: Camp

Abandoned mineshafts are some of the most interesting finds within the game. They offer a randomized location that the player can explore and fight their way through, looting chests, stomping on bad guys, and traveling deep underground.

The abandoned mineshaft, tunnels, and cave systems in this world seed are varied, and there are even a couple of swamps and waterfalls above-ground.

7. Seeds: RECESS

The player will spawn on the banks of a huge swamp — which isn’t overly interesting on its own, but what lies just under the starting point certainly is. A couple of feet, and maybe a shovel and pick or two, will land you in the midst of a diamond store.

Above-ground, the player can also take a little trip to the nearby mountain range and find a small village awaiting them, complete with a blacksmith, some iron ingots, and enough food to sustain you for quite some time.

8. Seed: 1421809520

Fishing villages are some of the most interesting structures spawned into the Minecraft world. This particular seed begins on a tiny island with nothing more than the aforementioned village with a little field and a few sand banks nearby. There really isn’t much on the top-side in terms of resources.

If the player truly wants to explore, begin digging downwards. The above area is perfect for a small hut or perhaps even your own fishing location, but the rest can be ignored.

9. Seed: btryl

This particular seed is the perfect world to get the player ready for combat or exploring quickly. Near the spawn point, there will be a semi-large village, complete with a blacksmith, an iron sword, iron boots, and an iron chestplate. Utilize all of this in your adventures.

The direction the player is facing upon spawning into the world should be the same direction you need to walk in order to reach said village. There are mountains, plains, a river biome, and more all nearby.

10. Seed: robot

This is one of the best Stronghold Seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Numerous fans of the mobile game are absolutely loving it, and continue to play on it regularly. Getting into the stronghold is quite easy, as you will start near it almost immediately.

To get into the stronghold, simply find the nearby village, then jump down the local well. Near the bottom of the well, begin digging downward and the stronghold will appear underneath you in no time. Loot, a library, and even an end portal will be within.

Minecraft Pocket Edition remains immensely interesting thanks to all of the new world seeds the community has been finding. Discovering brand new biomes, new worlds, and new loot to feed your adventure is the entire point of the game.

The above ten seeds are just the beginning, though. There are so many more out there, and GameSkinny is the place where you can find them.

Know of a good PE seed? Let us know in the comments below.

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