Fans of Horizon: Zero Dawn cannot get enough of its beautiful scenery, and they've created some incredible shots with the game's photo mode. Here are our favorites!

The Most Beautiful Shots from Horizon Zero Dawn’s Photo Mode

Fans of Horizon: Zero Dawn cannot get enough of its beautiful scenery, and they've created some incredible shots with the game's photo mode. Here are our favorites!
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Aside from its excellent gameplay and storyline, Horizon Zero Dawn is known for its detailed graphics and beautiful open-world setting -- and for an awesome Photo Mode that lets players flex their creative muscles and capture this strange world in all its glory. 

Players can take some exquisite shots in-game -- whether it's the landscape, the roaming tech-dinos, or Aloy herself. And because the game is so photogenic, fans have been taking photo after photo and sharing it on social media. As it became a trend, Guerilla Games made a contest out of it for fans to participate in on Twitter.

But before entering that contest, you might need some inspiration. Here are fifteen of the most stunning and breathtaking shots we've seen created through Horizon Zero Dawn's photo mode!

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Around the Campfire

The best part about Horizon: Zero Dawn is not just its graphic details, but its large open world atmosphere with multiple regions to explore. Twitter user Viviane Torres took the opportunity to capture its stunning landscape while Aloy sits by the campfire.

Smelling the Flowers

To show off Aloy's Shadow Stalwart Light Armor, Twitter user Scotty used photo mode to capture this huntress at a beautiful and innocent moment. With the angle, sunlight rays, and large meadow setting, this photo feels as though it was taken from a professional shoot.

The Twilight Lands

Tumblr user Rainbowbloop shared this photo (along with other landscapes) on her personal page, showing the desert regions near Lone Light. Aloy may not be in this shot, but this photo proves how amazing this game's world really is.

The Hunter's Gaze

Tumblr user phoenixfg captured this close up shot of Aloy in her Banuk Sickness Eater armor, looking across the horizon. The photo not only shows off the detailed graphics of the game's gear, but it also exhibits this amazing protagonist's beauty.

Sunset Daydreams

On Twitter, user Ume shared this dream-like photo of a stunning silhouette, where Aloy is laying down and staring at the sky. Although this fan captured many pictures from the game, this photo is by far his best. 


What Was Left

Along with fellow Horizon: Zero Dawn fans, shmoglish shared this photo on a NeoGAF thread, which captures the remains of the Old World. With the night stars and broken structures, this landscape photo entices players to enter into Aloy's world. 

The Fearless Child

To add on to the NeoGAF thread, dr guildo captured young Aloy as she takes down a Watcher. Not only does this photo give a sense of action, but it also shows off what kind of character Aloy will become as an adult.

Let's Ride

On Tumblr, critter-of-habit shows Aloy in action -- mounted on a Strider while fighting past other machine creatures.  With the upward angle of the shot and the forward expression, this photo turns the redheaded outcast into a heroic goddess.

No Turning Back

On Imgur, Memeronibigboni shares this photo of Aloy walking into a cauldron. The perspective suggests a sense of danger for this character by placing her farther into the tunnel, while the claustrophobic surroundings take over the shot.

The Climb of Her Life

Tumblr user Stuntmanorigins showcased Aloy's fearless personality through this photo of her hanging off a cliff. The shot brings out the adventurous side of the game while highlighting the large open world, which encourages players to experience Aloy's journey.  


The Direct Kill

Twitter user Matias Liz took a direct approach as in capturing Aloy as she takes a shot from in mid-air. This photo not only brings out the action from Horizon: Zero Dawn, but it also gives players a feel of the gameplay from Liz's perspective.

Going to the Big Screen

Twitter user Duncan Birnie used photo mode to take a picture of Aloy shooting an arrow -- but he didn't stop there. He transformed his photo into a movie poster by giving it a date, credits, and a dynamic red highlight.

The Face of a Warrior

Instead of taking a full body shot, Twitter User Lamont McNair shared this close-up shot of Aloy, wearing a helmet from the Shadow Stalwart armor set. This photo expresses a different side this huntress' character by showing a soft, beautiful expression.


Falling Rain Drops

While roaming through a rainy meadow, Flickr user midhras took the opportunity to start a photo shoot of Aloy, resulting this photo. It imparts a sense of peace with the rain and Aloy's eyes closed. 

On Top of the World

While traveling to higher ground, Twitter user levi grabbed this shot of Aloy looking into the distance. The photo simultaneously captures vast scenery with iridescent clouds and Aloy's silhouette in the midst of them, making this photo astonishing.


There you have it! From landscape to action shots, these photos express how Horizon: Zero Dawn is more than just gameplay. This action role-playing game offers beautiful graphics and detailed elements that make it one of the most memorable games in 2017 so far -- and a perfect one for creating beautiful photos.

So photographers, jump into Horizon: Zero Dawn and capture some amazing shots of your own! Just don't forget to share them with us in the comments below.

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