There are a few subreddits on the internet that tend to devolve in nature. These three can be great, but are often worse than usual.

The Most Toxic Gaming-Based Subreddits

There are a few subreddits on the internet that tend to devolve in nature. These three can be great, but are often worse than usual.
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Reddit is often my go-to website in terms of discovering new information about my favorite or upcoming, games. It is also the community I turn to while looking for people to play with, or to enter into a meaningful discussion regarding a certain feature added in a recent game update. Whatever the reason, I can generally count on Reddit to provide useful information.

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Sadly, not all subreddits within the community are very helpful. In fact, there are more than a few within the gaming subsection of the community that tend to be downright toxic. The people posting or commenting tend to shame new players, start arguments for no reason whatsoever, or offer very little helpful information.

Here are some of the worst:


Rainbow Six: Siege is currently one of my favorite games of all time, but the community posting on Reddit sometimes has a few notable issues.

While overall, the people posting are great, there are some standout behaviors that aren’t so great. There’s the mocking of new players, the dumb memes picking fun at those who choose a certain operator, the hate mail being sent to Ubisoft for not working quicker, and the overall feel can be a bit upsetting or downtrodden.

While everyone has a time where they can do nothing but complain about team killers, that appears to be the only thing the player community wants to do. Honestly, it gets old quickly. Meaningful discussions are tossed out the door as more than one new post regarding a team killer is posted.


GameGrumps claims to be the grumpiest subreddit on the entire web, and that could very well be true. 

People posting often choose to be a bit abrasive. They pick a fight when none is needed, and they tend to be more of an annoyance than anything else. I once subscribed here, but the toxicity made me rethink that decision.

Due to all of said toxicity, the moderators have had to implement a rule to not be a jerk, as too many people were taking any opportunity given to be just that — a jerk. It’s not hard to treat people respectfully while still being a little grumpy.


While the concept of TrueGaming is quite wonderful — everyone wants to simply talk about games in a safe environment — it doesn’t always work out. Instead of a meaningful discussion, the folks subscribed here tend to just come across as pretentious jerks.

More often than not, these players look down on anyone who is simply playing a game for the fun of it. Not everything needs a deeper meaning, guys!

This subreddit can be interesting when you’re in search of a quick conversation, but make sure you do some research beforehand to not appear like an incompetent noob. You will receive some hate-mail.

Final Note

Just because a subreddit is considered toxic to some, doesn’t mean everyone will have a horrible experience. These three are simply examples of what can happen when a community is highly outspoken and argumentative. 

What subreddits do you feel are toxic in their own regards? Let me know in the comments!

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