It's almost Halloween! If you're wondering how you can start celebrating in Minecraft, look no further. We've got a list of the 10 best seeds to help you start building.

The Top 10 Minecraft Seeds for Halloween 2017

It's almost Halloween! If you're wondering how you can start celebrating in Minecraft, look no further. We've got a list of the 10 best seeds to help you start building.

With Halloween just around the corner, you might be wondering how best to celebrate in that quintessential sandbox game, Minecraft. Sure, there are the various Minecraft events (which we've got here), but what if you want to create your very own Halloween paradise? Well, we've put together this list of Minecraft seeds for version 1.12 to help you get started doing just that.

Whether you want a haunted forest outside your mansion, or think the NPC village nearby would look much better surrounded by graveyards, there's a seed for that. However, the seeds we've chosen also work well for different types of Halloween gaming by themselves, from tense survival mode to atmospheric exploration, and, of course, zombie villages.

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Seed Number: -1956807938
Biomes: Savannah, Desert

This seed has you spawn right in the middle of a savannah village on the edge of a desert. But as you probably guessed from the picture, this village isn't your ordinary little NPC hamlet: it's full of zombies, a Minecraft version of Resident Evil 4's opening sequences.

When you spawn, you might find that the zombies are inside, but they tend to wander, just like in a regular zombie village. As soon as they are outside, though, they burst into flame. It's the perfect place for some combat training, plus there's just something about an abandoned town full of flaming zombies that really puts one in the Halloween spirit.

Seed: 21831732023659870
Biomes: Jungle Hills

If you've ever wanted to be Indiana Jones—or something similar—this is the seed for you. The three jungle temples are its main feature, nestled in the thick, deep undergrowth, just waiting to be explored. Like all temples, you'll need to be aware of your surroundings in order to survive the traps.

There is quite a bit of loot to be found, including horse armor, gold, and an enchanted book. However, the real attraction here is the sense of danger and tension inherent in this kind of isolation, plus the sheer thrill of exploration.

Temple Coordinates

  • x 81; y 100; z 252

Seed: lost
Seed Number: 3327780
Biomes: Ocean, Hills, Mushroom Island

It's a mushroom island! Except that it isn't. This particular mushroom island is connected to several other biomes, making it more of a mushroom peninsula. This one lends itself well to survival mode also, but the environments are simply fun to explore by themselves.

You'll find plenty of things to keep you busy, and the mushrooms themselves lend a quirky, Alice in Wonderland type feel to the entire world. There are plenty of mooshrooms for your enjoyment too. For some, it's a bunch of cute cows in costume; for others, it's a menacing herd of monsters staring at you…always watching…

Seed: battlecrash
Seed Number: -745683473
Biomes: Dark Oak Forest, Ocean

This seed generates a vast and varied world to explore, and it's perfect for a survival game. There's a large NPC village that can serve as your home base, with its own bit of creepiness: the Nitwit. Nitwits are one of the latest mobs and have no occupation—other than following you around.

However, it's the world itself that will provide a definite atmosphere for your Halloween gaming. There is an ocean biome near to the village and many inland areas to explore, too. If you find being all alone and far away from home in a huge world frightening or intimidating, this is the seed for you. 

Seed: lowbo
Seed Number: 103164577
Biomes: Savannah, Desert

This seed combines the best of fright, exploration, and combat. It has you spawning in a savannah biome, perched on the edge of a desert, and you'll see a desert temple and a village in the distance. The temple has the usual traps and such, but it also contains some nice treats: 4 Golden Apples.

If you're in the mood for more of a trick, though, head on over to the NPC village. It's been overtaken by zombies, so you'll need your wits about you. It's an excellent, tense blend of isolated exploration and frantic danger.

Seed: 1364287100241175484
Biomes: Roofed Forest, Ocean

There's a lot to this seed. In the midst of a roofed forest, you'll find a huge mansion, then there's a village—regular, not zombie—an ocean monument, and even a cave system. Here are the coordinates for the major features.

  • Mansion: x 536; z 600
  • Village: x 600; z 232
  • Ocean Monument: x 792; z -872

The mansion has its fair share of loot, and the monument gives you sponges. The village is a pretty sizeable one as well, with plenty of farmers, clerics, and a blacksmith. Some players use this for the mercenary challenge as well, since it has everything you need to complete it as you embark on your own, unique survival quest.

Seed Number: -971895743385895933
Biomes: Roofed Forest, Extreme Hills +

Spooky mansions in the middle of nowhere are made for Halloween, and this one has some added bonuses around it, too. The mansion itself is quite large—just right for decking it out with Halloween-themed items like candles—and is situated in the middle of the roofed forest area.

In the distance, you can see the snow covered extreme hills that offer their own survival adventure, but it's the river you'll want to explore further. There's a cave down there, complete with spiders and loot to be won.


  • Mansion: 565, 510
  • Dungeon: 671, 454

Seed Number: -1766999811
Biomes: Ice Spike

If survival is your game, you can't go wrong with this frigid environment. It features ice spikes as far as the eye can see, along with the sea itself in a vast, empty, and hostile world. It's just waiting for you to either shape it to your will--or die trying.

The snowy monotony of the landscape and the lack of other biomes go far in giving this world a slightly menacing atmosphere that goes along very well with survival mode and, of course, Halloween. If that doesn't help you get into the spooky spirit, the fact that you have to find some kind of protection against the cold if you want to stay alive should.

Seed: soxo
Seed Number: 3536467

Witches are always associated with Halloween, so this next seed is a logical fit. Enter the seed code or number, and you'll spawn near a witch hut in a swampy biome, on the edge of a plain, and with a taiga biome in the distance.

This isn't an empty hut either. The witch is in, and she's waiting for you, so you'll want to be combat-ready. The landscape itself is rather eerie, but the hut also serves as a nice way to get some witch farming started, if you want to reap the resource benefits of it, with drops including things like gunpower and redstone dust.

Biomes: Plains, Nether

The Nether is the creepiest place in Minecraft--essentially it's the game's version of hell. This seed initially takes you to a peaceful plain setting with a very short walk to a village. The village itself is standard fare, but in it, you'll find a portal to the Nether.

There are the usual things to be found there, but the user also created a Nether Fortress to tackle, with the accompanying chance of finding Zombie Pigmen and Skeletons, among others, that you'd expect from a Nether Fortress. If you're in the mood for a helluva good time this Halloween (sorry), this is a great way to do it.


Like you'd expect from Minecraft, thee possibilities for creating your ideal Halloween scenario are almost endless, whether you like survival or zombies, dungeons or temples.

Let us know in the comments which seed you'll be trying out or if you've got a Halloween seed to share yourself!

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