The very best Minecraft texture packs to explore

Minecraft texture packs are as varied as the players who enjoy them. Here are some of the very best.

Minecraft texture packs are as varied as the players who enjoy them. Here are some of the very best.

One of the best things about the hit game known as Minecraft is that it is heavily customizable. This means you can insert your own character skins and your own texture pack in order to make the game your very own. There are so many different options that you can truly explore numerous styles and looks.


A lot of texture packs are bright and vibrant for their own sake, but Joli decided to create his own pack to express his personal style. Jolicraft is a bit of a fantasy world with a very happy expressive style. The swirling sun, for example, which shines overhead, is incredibly happy and bright.

On top of the style, the texture pack comes with a lot of different customization options; even allowing the player to create their own texture pack on his website.

Glimmar’s Steampunk

If you prefer something a little more dark and somber, then check out Glimmar’s Steampunk. The fades walls, the fascinating star field overhead, and the moon alone are worth the download.

To keep things more interesting, the steampunk setting is rather impressive and gives you the sense of truly being in a fantasy world.


Dokucraft is another texture pack that has customization at its core. It is also probably one of the most famous packs to have ever been released in Minecraft. The textures are of a generic fantasy world, which actually fits rather perfectly in the game world.

The overall style is great, but the intricate levels of detail are what really capture our attention in this pack.

Painterly Pack

The Painterly Pack is as much a customization tool as it is a new texture pack for your game. Players can totally revamp the way the entire world appears. If you are not as happy with the overly colorful style of the pack, then simply head to their website and start submitting your own ideas. Someone will surely download it.

If you do like the pack, though, prepare yourself for a very colorful time. The greens and reds are especially vibrant.


Isabella is one of the more unique texture packs to have been released. The style is far more subtle and dampened than other releases. The color tones are much softer, the wood appears far more realistic, and the stone is even a bit faded and elegant in its own way.

Isabella is probably the most natural and realistic you can achieve within the world of Minecraft.

Chroma Hills

Chroma Hills is a personal favorite. It is an incredibly beautiful HD texture pack set in a Medieval Fantasy world. There are a lot of subtle, brilliant touches added into the new world, such as the nice glow from a chest. Even the wool blocks appear to be woven.

Minecraft can surely benefit from this particular style, as it gives you something the original game cannot: culture.


Summerfields has been likened to The Lord of the Rings by more than a few players who tested it out. The browns in the world glow slightly, the sun shines brightly, and the skeletons even come across as slightly more cheerful and entertaining.

Overall, the colorful world combines the bright of high fantasy with the darkness of more traditional fantasy tales.

Cartoon Default

Cartoon Default reminds us of the Borderlands franchise. Every single texture appears to be hand drawn, with bold black lines surrounding every object and mob. Everything remains recognizable, but it has a comic book tone to it.

It may not be for everyone, but there is certainly a crowd out there who will find themselves entertained by the style.

There are so many different texture packs to explore, but starting with these few could be beneficial. There are various styles and tones to try out. You’ll surely find something you enjoy.

If not, explore the Gameskinny website a bit more!

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