Top 10 DOOM Easter Eggs

Take a look at the rich history of the creators of DOOM in this selection of top 10 easter eggs.

DOOM is a collaborative effort of two fantastic companies – id Software and Bethesda. Both have a great history of presenting the world with some of the finest video games ever made. This latest installment of the iconic first-person shooter hides a number of exciting easter eggs referencing all that rich history.

After clearing every stage with breakneck speed take a few spare minutes and check out some of the less obvious places on the map, and experience the might of the top 10 DOOM easter eggs.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

In the sixth mission, titled “Kadingir Sanctum,” you will find a neat reference to another famous Bethesda game -- The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

You will stumble upon a cave with an open fiery maw on top of the rock. Get inside there and you will see a skeleton wearing an iconic Skyrim helmet. Also, next to the skeleton you will see a lever that grants you access to a secret stage from an original Doom game.

Quake and Original Doom

You can find a pair of cool posters referencing such games like Quake and original Doom from 1993.

At the beginning of mission 8 - Advanced Research Complex – turn left in the first hallway and enter the women’s restroom. If you look up at the ceiling, you will notice an open hatch to where you can double-jump.

You will appear in the secret passage that leads to a room covered in blood splatters. Look at the front wall and there are two posters hanging with logos of the aforementioned classic video games.

Happy Birthday!

During mission 10 – Titan’s Realm – you will be able to find an unusual easter egg.

As soon as you enter the hall with teleporter, use it to jump over the opposite wall. Keep walking through the narrow pathway and you will end up in a secret room where somebody took a chance and decided to celebrate their birthday.

If you shoot at the sign above the skeleton saying “Happy Birthday!” it will activate a sound bit of people cheering. This is definitely a strange one, but worth checking out.

Turkey Puncher Mini Game

Arcade mini games are always fun, especially when you can find them within the world of DOOM.

This funny easter egg can be found in the Advanced Research Complex stage. First, you need to find the security field controller and activate it. Then, go inside the airlock chamber and in the next room there is a heap of boxes at the wall. Get behind them and you will see a tiny arcade machine with a Super Turbo Turkey Puncher game ready to be played.

Demon Destruction Mini Game

There is another mini game at the following level – Lazarus Labs. At the very end of the stage find a controller that will open a secure office room for you. Enter the room and look for a computer in the corner. If you activate it, a cool little arcade game will start.

Demon Destruction could be described as a hybrid of Candy Crush and original Doom games. It’s really simple, but super addictive.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

During mission 3 – The Foundry – you will come across a giant room with molten metal everywhere. If you make a mistake and accidentally jump to your death into the pool of molten metal, you will experience a cool cinematic, which directly references the iconic scene from Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Your character will drop his gun and show a thumbs-up before being completely consumed by the flames. You can watch the original scene from the movie in this clip.

Commander Keen

In the same mission where you find the helmet from Skyrim, you can locate another significant piece of headgear. This time it’s Commander Keen’s helmet in one of the secret caves on the Kadingir Sanctum stage.

Commander Keen is the platformer from the early 90s and the very first game developed by id Software, the original creators of Doom.

Fallout’s Vault-Tec

Inside the very first mission of DOOM – The UAC – make your way down to the corridor with all the bad guys until you reach a giant door with a sign “Area Lockdown.” If you look at the bottom of this door, you will be able to spot a Vault-Tec’s label.

Vault-Tec is a fictional company from the Fallout series of games that produces all the vaults in the post-apocalyptic world created by Bethesda.

Evil Dead

In one of the offices of the Advanced Research Complex you can find a stack of books lying on the table. One of the books is titled “Evil Cabin,” which is a clear reference to the “Evil Dead” movie directed by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell.

This easter egg is not incidental, as the “Evil Dead” series played a huge role in the character creation of Doom, which was based on Bruce Campbell’s hero with a shotgun fighting demons.

Soul Cube

If you check out another table in the same secure offices building, where you’ve found the Demon Destruction mini game previously, you will notice an interesting item – Soul Cube. This is the Martian artifact and the most powerful weapon in the previous installment of the game – Doom 3.

Apart from easter eggs, DOOM is full of collectibles, such as Runes and Rune Trials. Check them all out in this guide.

What is your favorite DOOM easter egg? What else would you like to see referenced in this new installment? Share your thoughts in the comments section.