Out of Robux? Here are the best Roblox games that you can play for free!

Top 10 free Roblox Games!

Out of Robux? Here are the best Roblox games that you can play for free!

For us '90s kids, we knew Miniclip and Newgrounds as our go-to for a quick fix for our gaming needs. It seems like Roblox is stepping up to the plate for the younger generation of today.

There are games that are only available to play if you pay Robux (the game's currency) for access, but for now we'll be looking at the games that are absolutely free of charge with the added bonus of being able to earn Robux as well!

So without further ado, here are the top 10 Roblox games that you can play without having to spend a single Robux. 

If you don't have an account already, sign up for Roblox here! Once you're done, all you have to do is select which game you'd like to play and download the Launcher and you're good to go. 

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Work At Pizza Place

The title's pretty self explanatory. You get to experience what it's like to work at a pizzeria. The game covers everything from pie making all the way to making deliveries (which gets pretty intense, especially when you have multiple people bumping into your car).

Who knows? Perhaps when you're looking for that first part time job, this can be used as work experience.

I'm kidding, don't ever put that down on your resume.

Murder Mystery 2

Fans of the original Murder Mystery by Nikilis along with Twisted Murderer and The Mad Murderer will recognize this. Murder Mystery 2 is essentially the same game but with a few quality of life (QoL) changes.

The simplest explanation that can be given to this game is: It essentially pits one murderer against a team of innocents. The catch? No one knows who the murderer is when the game begins.

This is especially fun if you're playing with a party. Just set some ground rules beforehand, though. For example, if anyone gets killed without any witnesses, don't go spoil the fun by shouting out who the murderer is. If you're the murderer that just doesn't seem fair does it?

And trust me, the longer the game goes without you knowing who the murderer is, the better it gets.  

The Plaza (Beta) 

You know how your parents would sometimes bug you about how you're not socializing enough by going outside? Here's something that makes their arguments invalid (apart from the going out part). 

To put it simply, The Plaza is a place where you can just chill with people, play mini-games, drive vehicles, pretty much do a lot of what you could be doing outside. Only, you get to do it from the comfort of your home. 

I mean it does have its perks right? You can't get in trouble for anything you do here. 

Phantom Forces

You know what's more fun than playing a first person shooter?

Playing an FPS based in this weird, quirky world where you shoot blockheads. 

If you're familiar with the Battlefield series, then you've got an idea for how it functions. You've got four combatant classes to choose from along with a variety of weapons and attachments.

The game is also updated on a regular basis with new guns and other QoL changes. Not that it needs it since this is already in a polished state and is one of the best first person shooters available on Roblox right now.

Did I mention it's free as well? 

ROBLOX High School

Okay, hear me out. School's a drag, but there's just something about role playing being in a school online. You can even choose to be the principal or teacher if you feel like you've already been playing the student for far too long. 

Just like The Plaza, this is more of a social space. But like I said before, you can't really get in trouble here. 

That thing you've always wanted to do in school but never did since you're afraid of being sent to the principal's office? Well--here's your chance.

Or just be the principal. 

Project: Pokemon

Ever wanted to play Pokemon in a 3D world? Well, you can do just that with Poject: PokemonThe game comes complete with the world populated by Pokemon from generations 1-5 including legendaries! 

Keep in mind though the battle phases are all no different from what you'd expect from your basic Pokemon game, but just the opportunity to check out some of the familiar landmarks of Pokemon in 3D makes this game worth checking out! 

Dead Winter

The goal of the game is simple: Survive! 

Collect weapons, supplies, anything you can get your hands on that will help you and your team (or just you if you're more of a lone wolf) survive and make sure that the others don't get their hands on any of it. After all, there's not going to be enough for everyone to make it through the winter. 

Lumber Tycoon 2

Ever wondered what it's like being a lumberjack?

That sums up this game perfectly. The goal of the game is first and foremost to make money. The way to do that is by getting wood. 

Cut trees with axes, accumulate enough logs, drop it off at the local Wood R Us and you're good to go! There are a lot more things at play, but that's the most basic goal of the game. 

Prison Life v0.6

Admit it, you've wondered what it'd be like to go to prison. It's not about committing the crime right? No, you're just curious about what life is like behind bars. 

Here's the safest way to find out! 

You can take on the role of a guard or a prisoner. As a guard, it's your job to control the prisoners, follow the schedule and most importantly, not let any of them escape. 

As a prisoner, well--if you're not trying to escape you're doing something wrong. You start out with minimal possessions but you'll have the opportunity to devise some crafty ways of making it outside. 

Natural Disaster Survival

We don't want to be in the middle of a natural disaster if it actually happens right? But if you're curious, give this game a shot. 

The goal? Make it out alive of course! Whether you do it by running to the first shelter you see or if you want to brave it outside (not advised), the choice is yours. 

Did I mention that it's not just one disaster you have to survive? If it's not one thing that'll get you, it's another. How many disasters can you make it through?

We've reached the end!

Are there any Roblox games available for us broke users that you enjoy that I've missed? Do us all a favor and let us know down below! 

On a smaller note, if you're broke, look to these games to earn Robux. Steer clear of any links leading you to Robux generators or anything similar (basically, anything that offers Robux for free). It's one of the best ways of compromising your accounts. 

Stay safe Robloxians! 

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