Top 10 Halloween and Autumn Minecraft Seeds

Celebrate Halloween with these top 10 chilling Minecraft Seeds dedicated to the colorful months of autumn.

Celebrate Halloween with these top 10 chilling Minecraft Seeds dedicated to the colorful months of autumn.

It’s starting to get a little chilly out and the moon is popping up just that much earlier—autumn has certainly arrived. And of course, with autumn comes Halloween, and with Halloween comes a bunch of warm drinks and some good hours of gaming.

What better way to enjoy the thrills and spooks of the sugary holiday than with a fun list of my top 10 Minecraft seeds? Each seed leads to an area in Minecraft that is scary, dark, or somehow related to Halloween and the autumn season. Enjoy!

1. Spawn near a congregation of witch huts

Source: Minecraft XL                                                                                      

Seed: 318041875063143073

What’s Halloween without some pointy headed witches? This seed will lead you to an area full of witch huts, so you can get your fill of the hostile forms as you continue your travels. Just make sure you carry a Milk Bucket to protect you when you go trick-or-treating—you never know what kind of spells they’ll cast on you.

2. Spawn near a village and a cornucopia of pumpkins

Source: Minecraft Seeds                                                                                

Seed: Kingly 

Hey pumpkin face, take it easy with the pumpkin spice lattes. This seed clearly knows Halloween is ready to up the ante—rounded pumpkins aren’t talked about much on Reddit. No, cube-shaped fruit is much tastier, harder to smash on the streets, and easily stackable. Head here if you want to join in on the progressive festivities!

3. Spawn near a Woodland Mansion

Source: JerenVids           

Seed: -4589128118707775879

It seems that the bigger the mansion, the more vacant, and the more vacant, the more foreboding. Halloween films typically feature these creepy structures, so I thought it was imperative that I add such a location to my list. I didn’t post a picture of the interior because I want you to have fun exploring the large space for yourself. 

Half of the excitement from seeking thrills comes from an adventure led by you. Even if there doesn’t end up being anything creepy on the inside, use your imagination; the location of the mansion walled in by all the trees is certainly disturbing enough for me.

4. Spawn near an abandoned mine shaft

Source: Minecraft Seeds                                                                                

Seed: -810391368445847414

From empty houses to abandoned mines, it seems that the most mysterious of places are the ones that make us question their past. This seed will lead you to an unassuming area between plains and a forest, but it you do a little searching, you’ll find a cave entrance that leads to a mine.

A mine scary? I know, it’s not exactly what one would think of when it comes to your typical Halloween setting, but the “abandoned” distinction makes all the difference. Imagine a mine that has been out of service for years, but the stubborn carts persist to carry on with their business. If you ask me, that’s pretty creepy.

I wonder if the carts are carrying any candy? My favorites are chewable caramel cubes, skittles, Rockets, and Coffee Crisp. Hard to imagine the expiry date on that candy.

5. Spawn near a small, secluded island

Source: Epic Minecraft Seeds   

Seed: -8290517664781417306

The thought of a living on a private island can be quite alluring. There are no people to deal with, no Facebook messages to answer, no assignments to finish, and not a single mother nagging you to mow the lawn.

It all sounds rather peaceful until you realize that you are all alone, forever. Like the mansion and the decrepit mine shaft, the isolated island ranks high in the scare factor because you never know what odd find is lurking around the corner.

I’ve been told there are ocean monuments on the island–the thought of dungeonous halls alone sound rather freaky to me. Who knows what kind of dance moves are going on down there when you’re sleeping at night . . . in your single bed . . . in your quiet house . . . on your segregated island.

6. Spawn near a snow-decorated forest

Source: Goplay   

Seed: 1408803813

After all the turkey, gifts, get-togethers, and candy from Halloween, comes the bitter cold of winter. With the cold aftermath comes the snow, and that is certainly scary. Say what you want about it being gentle and decorative, but when I see snow, I think of all the shoveling, slipping, and wet feet that come with it.

Just the fact that the snowy weather follows Halloween, is enough to scare the giblets out of me. But if you’re one of those who likes the electromagnetic brilliance of the white stuff, or you enjoy the rush of fear that comes with the wait for impending slush, this is the seed for you. You’ll find forests full of snow, and more than enough sky sprinkles to litter the pixels on your screen.

7. Spawn situated near a village

Source: Minecraft Seeds Wiki        

Seed: 2354472788974084399

The interesting thing about this seed is that it spawns you in a location between three different landscapes: a desert, grasslands, and a savanna. The village nearby is said to make you a bit uneasy, probably because of how it is situated between so much contrasting geology.

The intersection of three landscapes makes for a Frankenstein-like playground, a dissociation of identities. And that lack of coherence delivers a heavy amount of queasiness to my stomach.

What’s worse, or better depending on your sadistic orientation, is that you will find a deep forest nearby. And if there’s anything that we’ve learned about sheltered locations, it’s that they are awfully eerie.

8. Spawn located just above a dungeon

Source: Epic Minecraft PE Seeds                                

Seed: meh

The makings of a well-brewed Halloween: Spiders, cobwebs, and dungeons. It doesn’t get more Halloween than this.

When you use this seed, you will find yourself near a desert village. Though it’s unassuming, and certainly bears no indication of what lurks below, if you dig straight down, you’ll be treated with a hellish find. But first you have to travel through another dreaded mineshaft before you can sneak around the dark dungeon pictured above. 

9. Spawn near an oceanside hill

Source: Epic Minecraft PE Seeds          

Seed: 86mph

When it comes to Halloween movies and other thrills, zombies are overdone. That’s why this Minecraft seed is perfect—you’ll find yourself near a zombie mob spawner. Now you can enjoy an infinite supply of zombies! 

Like the previous seed, you’ll first have to do some digging from the spawn point to find the vacuous brainivores. When you do, let us know if they hug as tightly as the Gibdos from the Zelda series.

10. Spawn inside a skeleton dungeon

Source: Minecraft Seeds                                                                                 

Seed: 1736813803934715730

We’re getting good at hunting this macabre stuff, aren’t we? This final seed will take you to a dungeon that is full of people just like you and me, minus the flesh.

I’m not quite sure how they manage to move without a brain—maybe the zombies could help them find one. The other curious thing about this particular skeleton is that it appears to be on fire inside a cage—I suppose that’s one way to burn off all the fat gained from Halloween.

We’ve seen witches, pumpkins, forests, mansions, isolated locales, zombies, and even some terrifying white stuff. If that’s not enough to get your hairs to stand on end, then you’re a tough sell. That or you just don’t get the fun of Halloween and the autumn months. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this list and take the time to do some exploration of your own in Minecraft. The colored blocks are waiting for you.

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