Want to sink a ton of hours into a great video game? These are the longest platformers in video game history, and they're just waiting for you to beat them.

Top 10 Longest Platformers in Video Game History

Want to sink a ton of hours into a great video game? These are the longest platformers in video game history, and they're just waiting for you to beat them.

Any gamer will tell you that their ultimate goal is to beat their current video game obsession. 

Whether it's defeating the monster or villain, conquering a rival faction or claiming the huge treasure or reward, every player wants that sense of euphoria and satisfaction you get from making all the way to the end. It's what being a gamer is all about.

Some games are easier to finish than others. Completion can range from hours to weeks as players soldier on and try to beat the game at its own...well, game. Sometimes it can be exhausting, but it's equally rewarding as well. But it's the truly long-fought, battle-wry experiences that every gamer remembers.

There are lots of games that run 200 hours or more in terms of play time -- especially open-world games where you can easily spend hours upon hours exploring the loads of side quests and wandering from place to place. But today we're shining a spotlight on one corner of the video game world that's hyper-focused on getting to the end of the game, no matter how long it takes to do it. I'm talking about platformers.

Most platformers tend to take a considerable number of hours to complete. But some go above and beyond to create a truly lengthy (and truly memorable) gameplay experience. But these 10 take it to a whole new level. Why? Because they're the longest platformers in video game history.

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10. Super Mario 3D World

27.5 hours

This is the third best-selling game for the Wii U, and acts a sequel to the ever-popular Super Mario 3D Land. Super Mario 3D World follows Mario and friends as they attempt to rescue the Sprixie Kingdom from the wrath of Bowser and his brood.

With so many levels and multiplayer gameplay, this game can take awhile for any player to finish.

9. Super Mario Bros. Wii

31.8 hours

Returning to the side-scrolling of earlier Super Mario games, Super Mario Bros. Wii follows Mario as he once again must rescue Princess Peach from Bowser and his motley family. This is the first game in the series to allow multiplayer gameplay as Mario, Luigi, and Yellow and Blue Toad go through nine worlds with a total of 80 levels to complete their mission.

8. Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation

36 hours

The fourth installment in the Tomb Raider series follows heroine Lara Croft as she searches for artifacts associated with the Egyptian god Horus before facing former mentor Werner Von Croy. With its vast linear storyline and side puzzles and games, players can spend endless hours tackling this old-school favorite.

7. Lego Marvel Super Heroes

36.9 hours

As an entry in the Lego video game series, Lego Marvel Super Heroes allows players to access over 180 Marvel superheroes and villains in order to defeat the almighty Galactus. With a shift between action-packed sequences and puzzle-solving games, any player can get lost for hours playing this entertaining game. 

6. Shoot Many Robots

44 hours

This 2012 action shooter follows a linear storyline in which the player's character must prepare for robot fights. Killing robots help in collecting nuts and power-ups and boosting experience levels as players advance in the game. All this can lead to nearly two straight days' worth of play for any gamer.

5. Lego Jurassic World

51 hours

This entry into the Lego video game series lets players explore all five Jurassic Park films as they solve puzzles with hints and dinosaur trivia by Mr. DNA. Each film's section in Lego Jurassic World boasts five levels apiece as players progress through the game. This all leads to hours of fun for kids and their families.

4. Super Mario World

86.7 hours

Built on side-scrolling of earlier Super Mario games, Super Mario World follows Mario and Luigi as they try to save Dinosaur Land from their ever-present nemesis, Bowser. With the introduction of Yoshi, the brothers travel through seven worlds on their mission leading to hours of play for many Super Mario fans.

3. Super Mario Galaxy

98.9 hours

This 2007 entry into the Super Mario universe shows Mario trying to rescue Princess Peach while saving the universe from persistent enemy Bowser. In Super Mario Galaxy, our hero must explore levels consisting of galaxies filled with minor planets and worlds while dealing with variations in gravity. All this space hopping leads to hours (if not days) of gameplay for any Super Mario head.

2. Super Mario Galaxy 2

102 hours

As the follow-up to 2007's Super Mario Galaxy,  Super Mario Galaxy 2 witnesses Mario again trying to rescue Princess Peach and save the universe from Bowser by recovering Power and Grand Stars. Once more, our hero must explore various galaxies on his out-of-this-world mission. Expanding upon the space hopping original, this sequel can lead to days of endless fun for any gamer -- new and old.

1. Super Mario Bros.

200.9 hours

Of course, this list would not be complete without side-scrolling pioneer and best-seller, Super Mario Bros. In this OG iteration of the Super Mario series, ordinary plumber Mario goes on a quest to save Princess Toadstool (or Peach) and the Mushroom Kingdom from the clutches of Bowser (or King Koopa). The game's eight worlds allow for endless hours (200 to be exact) of gameplay, and lots frustration for many gamers.


While platformers may seem simple, this list proves that they are not playing around (pun intended). With the endless summer days, any player would be encouraged to test their skills with any one of these thrilling platformers. And when you're finally finished, you can brag about beating one of the longest platformers in video game history.

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