Looking to add a ton of new content to Minecraft 1.9? Here are 10 mods that may be just what you are looking for.

Top 10 Minecraft 1.9 game expanding mods

Looking to add a ton of new content to Minecraft 1.9? Here are 10 mods that may be just what you are looking for.

Minecraft is a phenomenal game that grants the player the freedom to create anything that their imagination can conjure up. Vanilla Minecraft can at times feel lacking, however, often leaving the player craving for more content. It is this desire for content where the modding community is here to serve.

Over the years, modders have created thousands of mods of all kinds of different forms. Whether you are looking for new items and crafting recipes, new lands to explore or texture packs, there is always a mod just for you. With the update to Minecraft 1.9, a lot of older mods have become obsolete, at least until they receive an update from the creators.

Are you feeling the need for more content in your Minecraft experience? If so, here are my top 10 game expanding mods that are compatible with Minecraft 1.9, in no particular order.

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1. Abyssalcraft!

Vanilla Minecraft has a total of three dimensions to explore: the normal world that everyone sees from the very beginning, the Nether, and the End. Have you already explored everything that those three dimensions have to offer? If so, Abyssalcraft! has got you covered.

This mod introduces a total of three new dimensions within the Abyss. The Abyss is essentially the underworld of Minecraft, and the place where the dead reside. Upon starting in the mod, the player begins their journey in Abyssal Wasteland and makes their way downwards into the Dreadlands and then to the final location Omothol.

Not only does the mod add in three new dimensions to explore, but adds new mobs, items, and materials to find. There are also additional biomes added to the normal world too. Abyssalcraft is a must download mod for any Minecraft bored explorer and is sure to keep them busy for some time.

Abysallcraft is available to download from Mincraftsix.com

2. Furniture Mod

Constructing structures externally is never an issue in Minecraft. With enough determination, practise and time, anyone can make a spectacular building. What has always lacked in vanilla Minecraft however, is designing the interior of a building.

The interior of buildings have always felt very empty with few items available to spruce them up. With the furniture mod, that will no longer be an issue. With a ton of various forms of furniture available, you will be able to turn those empty rooms into something very appealing.

Ever want your house to have a kitchen? Now you can. Ever want your house to have a modern day living room? Now you can. This furniture mod contains tons of new content to make the interiors of your buildings come alive.

The furniture mod is available to download from Minecraftfive.com

3. Galacticraft 3

Have you ever wanted to go to space in Minecraft? With Galacticraft 3 you can. With this mod, players can build and customise their very own personal spacecraft and explore the solar system. It allows them to explore new planets, dungeons and build space stations.

The mod also adds in new mobs, items, and blocks along with an electrical and oxygen system. So if you ever wanted to enter the final frontier, you now can with Galacticraft 3. While you are at it, why not bring some friends and have a space race?

Galacticraft 3 is available to download on Minecraftfive.com




4. Blood Magic

Have you ever wanted to be an evil character within the Minecraft universe? An all powerful evil mage perhaps? With the Blood Magic mod, all your evil fantasies are about to become a reality. Blood Magic adds in a whole new mechanic that allows the player to wield the all powerful magic art of blood magic.

Blood magic is a most dangerous form of magic, where the source of its power is blood. To use it, the player has to find blood from somewhere--that somewhere being either their own or that of mobs. The magic can be utilized for an assortment of different things including summoning food or precious metals, creating a rolling river of water, and changing the weather as you see fit.

That, of course, are just some of the abilities that blood magic has in this mod. Let the evil from within you be released as you cause chaos and havoc in the world as an all powerful mage of destruction.

Blood Magic is available to download from Minecraftsix.com

5. Chisels & Bits

Minecraft is an excellent game for creating pretty much anything you can imagine. It has always had the trouble of creating smaller, more detailed creations such as a chair, a table, and the likes. Chisels & Bits, allows you to create detailed creations from any Minecraft block.

Using an array of various tools, you will be able to sculpt all forms of different and detailed creations. If you ever wanted to be a carpenter or sculptor in Minecraft, Chisel & Bits is a must have mod.

Chisel & Bits is available to download from Minecraftsix.com


6. Biomes O'Plenty

Are you bored of the biomes from vanilla Minecraft? Do you crave some new biomes to explore and harvest new items from? Then look no further than Biomes O'Plenty.

As the name suggests, this mod adds in a ton of new biomes, each containing new blocks, mobs, wildlife and plant life to find. New biomes include bayous, bogs, brushlands, cherry forests, crag biomes are much more.

Biomes O'Plenty is available to download from minecraftsix.com



7. Building Bricks

Have you had an awesome idea for your next Minecraft wonder of the world, yet you find that you are missing some essential blocks and have to improvise? With Building Bricks, you may no longer have to worry about this being the case.

This mod adds in a selection of core blocks to help you with your construction; blocks which in reality should have always been present within the game. It also includes vertical slabs, steps, and three block high portable ladders.

Building Blocks is available to download from minecraftsix.com.

8. Paleocraft

Do you like dinosaurs? Would you like to see realistic dinosaurs in Minecraft? With Paleocraft, your Minecraft world can be filled with a variety of different dinosaurs, aimed to be as scientifically accurate as possible.

The mod adds a whole new dimension with new blocks, fossil candy canes and an array of dinosaurs of different shapes and sizes. Here is your chance to have your own Jurassic Park in Minecraft.

Paleocraft is available to download from minecraftfive.com

9. Fossils and Archeology Revival

If simply just having realistic dinosaurs is not enough for you, or maybe you would prefer pixelated dinosaurs, then Fossils and Archaeology Revival would best suit you.

This mod adds in a whole bunch of new content including all kinds of different extinct creatures, fossils, eggs, ancient blocks, tools and DNA and lab equipment. Fossils and Archeology Revival is perfect for anyone who ever wanted to be an archeologist in the Minecraft world.

Fossils and Archeology Revival is available to download from minecraftfive.com

10. Minecraft Star Wars

Ever dream of wielding a lightsabre or driving around on Star Wars vehicles? Perhaps, you are just a die-hard Star Wars fan. For all your Star Wars needs in Minecraft, the Star Wars mod has you covered.

The mod adds in a wealth of different Star Wars themed content including vehicles, weapons, new ores, light sabres, starships planets, Star Wars characters and more. If you love Star Wars, this is a must have mod for certain.

Minecraft Star Wars is available to download from minecraftfive.com



Those are my top 10 game expanding mods for Minecraft 1.9. Whether you are looking for a mod that allows you to go to space, add in dinosaurs, gives you new blocks to build with or that lets you be an archaeologist, there is something for everyone to find.

What is your favorite game expanding mods? Are there any mods that you think should be on this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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