Want something a little bit more creative from your Minecraft experience? Here's our ten favorite pieces of Minecraft pixel art!

Top 10 Minecraft Pixel Art Projects

Want something a little bit more creative from your Minecraft experience? Here's our ten favorite pieces of Minecraft pixel art!
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You really can do anything in Minecraft, up to and including some really cool art projects. Some supremely creative and talented people have managed to create a lot of really awesome pixel art in Minecraft, covering all sorts of subjects and art styles. Here are our ten favorites:

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This really awesome Link

It’s hard enough to make convincing and detailed pixel art as it is, but this piece gives the impression of movement and action, which is really cool. It’s also insanely detailed and one of the best we’ve ever seen.

This badass Goku

Check out the detail that went into this! This is one of the most intricately rendered bits of Minecraft pixel art we’ve ever seen, and it’s really impressive. It probably took as long as it does for Goku to finish charging his spirit bomb.

This lovely lady

What I like best about this bit of pixel art isn’t the cute anime girl in the center, it’s the attention to thematic detail. Notice how the landscape is snowy? That’s real artistic dedication right there folks.

This awesome anime tribute

This is a really intricate and detailed tribute to Makise Kurisu from the anime Steins;Gate which, irritating semicolon usage aside, is a great anime. The detail and craftsmanship here is really awesome, and the dusk effect on the map makes this look really cool as well.

This tribute to Up

This is a really awesome piece of pixel art because it’s in 3D — I wish I had some pics of the interior for you (and to satisfy my own curiosity), but it’s pretty darn cool from the outside. If only you could fly it around…

This pic of PewDiePie

I mean, who wouldn’t want PewDiePie looking down on them while they’re building? This is great!

This Yoko Littner image

This is a great piece of Yoko Littner from the Guren Lagann anime. Again, nice use of the terrain, unknown artist.

This tribute to victory

It’s not as detailed as some of the other pieces, but I love how this kind of overlooks the whole landscape. Let’s ignore the fact that the creeper isn’t blowing up like it ought to and just enjoy the effect.

This Mona Lisa

I especially like how the Mona Lisa is juxtaposed with the One Ring right over there.

This Lich King

Again, notice the ice walls. This stuff matters people!

This Minecraft Box

Yo dawg, I heard you like Minecraft

What do you think of our list? Do you have some favorites of your own that we didn’t include? Leave a comment with your thoughts or some of your own favorites! We’d love to hear from you.

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