Overwatch just came out, and already it's got a huge lineup of merchandise! Check out these 10 items that'll bring out your inner hero!

Top 10 Overwatch merch to bring out your inner hero!

Overwatch just came out, and already it's got a huge lineup of merchandise! Check out these 10 items that'll bring out your inner hero!
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POP! Games - Overwatch Series

First on our list is the Overwatch series of POP! figures by Funko.

There's very few series that Funko's POP! series doesn't get their hands on, and Overwatch is no exception. The current lineup of adorable POP! figures for Overwatch includes Tracer, Reaper, Widowmaker, and a 6-inch Winston figure. Unfortunately, Soldier 76 (above) is only available as a GameStop exclusive in North America.

If you'd like to pick up a POP! figure for yourself, you can order them online at GameStop or pick them up at any retailer that carries POP! figures. They typically sell for $10.99 USD.

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J!NX - Primal Rage Premium Tee

Unleash your primal rage with this premium tee by J!NX. This cotton shirt is the ultimate tee for anyone who is a Winston fan. Alternatively, you could also give it to your resident bundle-of-smiles friend or family member who tends to have Hulk-like tendencies.

The shirt is a slim-fit type, but it does come in a wide range of sizes up to 4XL. If you'd like to pick up this tee you can find it here on the J!NX website for $21.99.

Blizzard Gear - Tracer Statue

Let's face it, everyone wanted this from day one! This Tracer polystone statue sculpted by Brian Fay and painted by Laurel Austin truly captures the look and feel of the iconic Overwatch hero. The statue also features an underlight in the shape of the Overwatch logo for the ultimate fan piece.

Problem is... it's just as popular as it sounds, and is still out of stock. If you'd like to test your luck, however, you can find it on the Blizzard official store here. Watch out for the price tag though. This comes in at a whopping $150 USD.

J!NX - "Justice Will Be Done" Premium Tee

Maybe you're not a fan of going berserk like Overwatch's resident scientist. Instead, maybe you're more of a fan of standing stoically as you prepare to march into battle as a power-armored knight in not-so-shiny armor? If that's the case then this Reinhardt cotton tee is probably up your alley.

Once again, this tee is a slim-fit and can be found in sizes up to 4XL. Unlike the Winston tee, this one comes in Women's sizes as well. If you'd like one you can purchase it here for $21.99.

Overwatch Razer Headset

While the Blizzard Gear store and Amazon carries other hardware like an Overwatch gaming mouse, and a mechanical gaming keyboard, the headset is probably the best item in the list if you want to feel like a hero. This Overwatch themed Razer ManO'War Tournament Edition headset is the closest most of us will ever get to sitting in an Overwatch base and speaking to the heroes in the field.

The headset features a unidirectional microphone, high quality speakers, and in-line controls. Since it's a brand name, the price lands at $109.99 USD for one set. If you want one you can order it from Amazon here.

Redbubble - Nerf This! T-Shirt

D.Va is by far one of the most popular characters in Overwatch, and has managed to surpass the frontwoman - Tracer - despite being one of the later additions to the game. If you're a D.Va fan who loves pulling off team-wiping ultimates you'll be glad to know that this shirt exists so you can proudly show off your favorite strategy.

You can find this shirt at Redbubble for $24.80 USD.

Redbubble - Mei is Bae Sticker

Is Mei your Overwatch waifu? If that's the case, then this Mei is Bae sticker awaits! The stickers come in various sizes ranging from 72mm x 102mm (2.8 inch x 4 inch) to 251mm x 356mm (9.9 inch x 14 inch).

You can pick up your own stickers at Redbubble for various prices ranging from $2.66 to $16.30 CAD depending on the size.

Etsy - Overwatch Hero Posters

Overwatch has its fair share of heroes, and no doubt everyone has their favorites. If the heroes found in the posters above are among one of your favorites then you should definitely consider picking up one of these poster prints! Shipping from the Netherlands, these posters feature 8 of the 21 heroes, each done in single-color illustrations that immediately catch the eye.

Each poster is A3 sized (11.7 x 16.5 inches). If you'd like one for yourself or as a gift, you can order them here. Just remember that they're being shipped from the Netherlands, so it'll probably take more than a few weeks to send outside of Europe.

Game Legends - Tracer Patch

A must have for any Tracer cosplayer, this Tracer patch is officially licensed by Blizzard Entertainment and is the very same design that can be found on the arm of Tracer's jacket. It's about 7cm in each direction and is made of 100% nylon. It's currently pre-order only, so pick it up at Game Legends for $5.55 USD while it lasts!

Widowmaker Tattoo T-Shirt

Looking for something a little more subtle? Look no further than this Widowmaker Tattoo Print t-shirt. Manufactured by Gaya Entertainment, this regular fit t-shirt is guaranteed to satisfy Widowmaker fans while simultaneously convincing people it's a regular design for some generic superhero comic. It's the perfect choice for an undercover agent!

You can find it here for $23.16 USD.

Blizzard Gear - Overwatch iPhone Case

Last but not least are these Overwatch iPhone cases brought to you once again by the Blizzard Gear store. These cases sell for $30 USD each, and are the perfect way to protect your phones while on active Overwatch duty.

The cases come in black for Blackwatch affiliates, and white for standard Overwatch teams.

Got any gear you think is totally awesome? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below!

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