Explore the nether deeper and deeper using this selection of top Minecraft 1.16.3 seeds for October 2020.

Top 20 Minecraft 1.16.3 Seeds for October 2020

Explore the nether deeper and deeper using this selection of top Minecraft 1.16.3 seeds for October 2020.

Mojang has pushed things forward with the Nether Update for Minecraft 1.16.3 version. The developer fixed two major bugs in the 1.16.2 version from last month.

Now nether mobs will have no problem finding their way to the player when attacking, but most importantly the gold ingot duplication bug has been finally fixed. This one may not go too well with all the people who enjoyed their extra free gold.

In any case, this month's selection of top seeds for Minecraft 1.16.3 looks further into the possibilities of both nether and overworld, so check them all out right here.

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Seed: 4062043321111218056

Coordinates: 250, 150
Biomes: Forest, Plains

As you spawn, look right behind you for a ravine with an exposed mineshaft and a village a little bit further at coordinates -200, 50.

Then, move eastward to coordinates 150, 200 for a woodland mansion that stands right next to a plains village with blacksmith.

At coordinates 350, 300 you can find a ruined portal, as well.

Seed: 5562294594996094337

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Mesa, Ice Plains

You will spawn on an eroded badlands biome facing an exposed mob spawner right in front of you.

If you move a bit further to the south, you will see a snow village standing on the border with mesa at coordinates 100, 250.

Further down there is also an igloo with a basement at coordinates -150, 550.

Seed: 9033216931289589291

Coordinates: -50, 50
Biomes: Forest, Taiga, Ocean

Spawn on a large survival island that consists of two different forest biomes. The taiga area also contains a village, which you can see right at spawn.

The entire island covers about 400 blocks, which is more than enough for an exciting survival gameplay.

At coordinates 150, 150 you will also be able to find a ruined portal under the water.

Seed: 2853152704266072989

Coordinates: 200, 150
Biomes: Basalt Deltas

Spawn in a village with a ruined portal. Walk through the portal and find yourself standing right above the two nether fortresses occupying a lush basalt deltas biome.

The two fortresses intersect, so it will be easy for you to explore both of them at the same time.

Seed: 8320337468956665174

Coordinates: -150, 50
Biomes: Plains, Forest, Extreme Hills

Double village at spawn!

This rare occurrence takes place in a nice little valley surrounded by hills and forests.

At coordinates -33, 12, -149 you will find a zombie dungeon, and at coordinates -63, 20, -192 you will encounter a skeleton one.

Seed: 8064911154327445921

Coordinates: -250, 100
Biomes: Jungle, Plains

You will spawn in the center of a triangle that consists of a taiga village, a jungle pyramid, and a ruined portal.

A little bit to the north at coordinates -350, -150 you will see another village standing on the plains biome.

The underground area between the two villages is connected by an abandoned mineshaft, which is also worth checking out.

Seed: -1251680664326302636

Coordinates: 150, 50
Biomes: Ice Plains

If you're searching for a way to enter the End, then head straight towards coordinates -1250, 700 for an exposed stronghold that can be seen in the water under a sheet of ice.

On your way there you will encounter two snow villages standing at coordinates -450, 150 and -750, 250. The latter one also has access to an igloo with basement.

Seed: -1712419607986680748

Coordinates: 100, 250
Biomes: Various

Spawn on a mushroom field that occupies an area between the plains biome with a village and ruined portal, and mesa biome with an exposed mineshaft.

You can clearly see two treasure chests in the minecarts on the surface with all its great loot freely available.

Also, the tree near the ruined portal has a bee nest, which is another great addition to an already amazing survival seed.

Seed: 6625167402970760166

Coordinates: 50, 150
Biomes: Plains

A village at spawn has generated a few of its buildings on top of a ravine. The frozen mountains nearby add up to the unusual environment of this seed.

At coordinates 500, 350 you will also find a double village. One stands in the cold taiga biome, while the other occupies an ice plains biome.

Not far from there you will also see a pillager outpost at coordinates 700, 500.

Seed: 2250265274754624110

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Soul Sand Valley

You will spawn between a village in the north and a ruined portal in the south that leads to one of the rarest sights in the nether - the double bastion remnant structure.

You can find both bastions at nether coordinates -112, 0 and -144, -80. One has hoglin stables, which is great for hoglin farming, and the other one has a treasure room with tons of loot.

Seed: -1078147565909100132

Coordinates: -50, 250
Biomes: Desert, Savanna

Spawn right next to a shattered savanna village, a desert temple, and a pillager outpost.

Then, travel up north a bit to coordinates -350, -300 for a double ravine and a plains village with blacksmith.

This village is located on the ocean shore that has both ocean ruins visible at coordinates -450, -200 and hidden treasure at coordinates -391, -327.

Seed: -2307109849386578930

Coordinates: 200, 050
Biomes: Jungle, Plains

A village that appears at spawn has a glitched ruined portal that merged with the blacksmith's hut.

This portal is actually very lucky and leads straight to nether fortress, so you can quickly bring all the goods back to your smithy.

Behind the village you will also find a jungle pyramid and desert temple at coordinates 200, 250 and 100, 150.

Seed: 1898304532412646518

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Roofed Forest, Ice Plains

Woodland mansions rarely spawn closer than a few thousand blocks in Minecraft. But this seed gives you one just a few hundred blocks away at coordinates -700, -400.

More than that, there is a snow village next to it and an igloo standing on the frozen river at coordinates -800, -200.

Seed: -8238454694166738334

Coordinates: -150, -250
Biomes: Taiga, Plains, Ocean

Two island villages at spawn!

You will appear on the taiga island with a smaller village and next to it you will see a bigger one in the ocean at coordinates 50, 50.

There are several large abandoned mineshafts under the second village, so keep digging until you find an entrance at coordinates 88, -56.

Seed: -1802753532848147637

Coordinates: 50, -150
Biomes: Forest, Plains

You will spawn in a small valley surrounded by forests that accommodates a double village with two blacksmiths standing on a ravine.

Use the ravine for mining and searching to find a spider dungeon located at coordinates -26, 53, 97.

Also, at coordinates -250, 50 you will see a ruined portal, if you feel like traveling through the nether.

Seed: 104511150983103562

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Crimson Forest

Nether world can be creepy, but it can also show some amazing things like this double nether fortress that is available right at spawn of the ruined portal.

In the overworld the closest ruined portal is located at coordinates 200, -300. It's easy to rebuild and use for traversing the two realms.

Seed: -4465908260829091585

Coordinates: -150, 150
Biomes: Jungle, Plains

Spawn in a jungle biome right next to a jungle pyramid and a plains village with blacksmith.

This couple is accompanied by a ruined portal that stands not too far away at coordinates -450, 150.

The underground is full of zombie dungeons that can be located at coordinates:

  1. -437, 43, 296
  2. -272, 32, 385
  3. -134, 19, 341

Seed: -2059223333382481759

Coordinates: 50, 150
Biomes: Mushroom Island, Taiga

You will spawn in the middle of a gigantic mushroom field that covers over a thousand square blocks.

To the east it shares a border with taiga forest that hosts a small village at coordinates 150, 300.

In the north there is an ocean biome with an ocean temple standing at coordinates 350, -200.

Seed: -6534769074239552554

Coordinates: -250, 150
Biomes: Extreme Hills, Plains

This seed offers two strongholds relatively close to spawn. The first one can be found at coordinates -1750, -750, but the second one, which stands at coordinates 1050, -800, is located under a village and is much better.

On your way there you will encounter another settlement located on a swampland at coordinates 50, -300.

Seed: -8346422542726227397

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Various

Minecraft has a few restrictions regarding structures, making it impossible for more than one structure to appear too close to each other.

But sometimes you get glitches that do make it possible, like in this seed, which offers a desert temple, a pillager outpost, and a ruined portal standing together at coordinates 750, 250.

That's it for this month's best Minecraft seeds for 1.16.3. Check out more Minecraft articles right here, including a huge catalog of awesome seeds for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!

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