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Top 20 Minecraft 1.18.1 Seeds for January 2022

Venture into the new and unexplored world of Minecraft 1.18.1 update with our monthly picks of the top seeds.

Mojang decided to swiftly release Minecraft 1.18.1 due to a security vulnerability in the original 1.18 release. The problem has been now fixed! Players can once again safely enter Minecraft and explore all the new features of the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update.

The terrain generation is now more complex than ever, which also makes it fun to explore the different areas of both overworld and underground.

In this month's selection of the top Minecraft seeds you'll discover new biome variants, unexpected structure generation, and weird spawn points.

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Seed: 7583610616009964263

Coordinates: 50, -50
Biomes: Plains, Jagged Peaks

To the north of spawn, at coordinates -150, -750, you will find a cozy valley in between the jagged mountains that hide two villages. One has a blacksmith and the other one is completely abandoned.

There is also a third village outside of the valley at coordinates -350, -550, so check it out as well.

Seed: 2931446

Coordinates: -300, 50
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

Spawn on a giant survival island with another smaller island to the east that accommodates a village at coordinates 50, 50.

As you cross the channel between the two islands, you will also find an ocean monument at coordinates -200, 150.

There is another monument at coordinates -800, 100, which is on the opposite side of the big island.

Seed: 92182

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Various

Woodland mansion and double village at spawn!

This seed also gives you eight different biomes at spawn: plains, meadows, birch forest, darkwood forest, jagged peaks, frozen peaks, taiga, and regular forest biome.

The mountains in the background are extremely high and reach way beyond the cloud level.

Seed: 71196647

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Savanna, Plains

You will spawn in a savanna village with an exposed ruined portal right next to one of the houses.

This portal will take you right on top of the overlapping structures, such as nether fortress and bastion remnant treasure room.

The main chest in the bastion structure at the bottom holds a couple of diamonds, a diamond sword, and some spectral arrows.

Seed: 232053

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Plains, Meadow

Three villages, a pillager outpost, and exposed ruined portal at spawn!

There is also a fourth village with blacksmith nearby at coordinates 400, 150, and an igloo with the basement at coordinates 400, -150.

The whole area is covered with patches of snowy slopes, providing your survival game with cool white blocks.

Seed: 2068399

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Desert, Forest

It's really fun to find surprising things in Minecraft, when you don't expect them at all.

In this seed you will find a completely buried desert temple that cannot be seen from the surface, but only from the underground cave at coordinates 50, -150.

Once you get all the loot from the temple, go outside and find a village at  coordinates 150, 50 and jungle temple at coordinates 50, 50.

Seed: 181884

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Various

You will spawn next to a double village standing at the foot of the mountain, on top of which you'll see a glorious pillager outpost, overlooking the entire area.

There are lots of naturally-generated caves and cliffs in this spot, so check them out for hidden surprises.

Seed: 60916797

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Plains, Meadow

Spawn on the very edge of a giant hole in the ground with a small village next to it that has only five buildings and a single tree.

However, the cave down there is vast and beautiful with many pathways leading to dripstone caves and many other cool features.

Seed: 66269690

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Savanna, Plains

If you like funny glitches, then be sure to check out this Minecraft seed that has a village hut merged with exposed ruined portal at spawn.

Another cool thing about this seed is that the portal can take you directly to bastion bridges, which provides an easy access to bartering with piglins.

Seed: 42370

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Plains, Snowy Slopes

It looks like this seed has two of everything. For example, there are two villages at spawn, and one of them has two blacksmiths.

Also, to the north of spawn, there are two woodland mansions at coordinates 400, -650 and -800, -750.

Lastly, you can find two ocean monuments at coordinates -800, -150 and -1200, 250.

Seed: 40918

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Savanna, Badlands

Spawn in a ravine that separates two biomes: savanna and badlands. In the same ravine, there is an acacia village that has buildings occupying both biomes.

The underground area of the ravine leads to the massive dripstone cave that merges with lush cave at coordinates -550, 50. And, if you look on top at the same coordinates, you'll see a real zombie village.

Seed: 4120225

Coordinates: -50, 50
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

Island village at spawn!

This survival island is rather big and has a massive ravine on the western edge. This ravine is so deep that it allows the ocean waters to flow freely through it, which also leaves enough space for exploration.

You can also find an ocean monument that stands next to an island at coordinates 100, -250.

Seed: 12063455

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Taiga, Roofed Forest

It seems that the algorithm of Minecraft 1.18 update allows woodland mansions to appear at spawn more frequently than in the previous version.

Here you will find yourself standing right in front of a middle-sized mansion with a taiga village standing right next to it.

In the eastern direction, there is also a pillager outpost at coordinates 550, 50.

Seed: 3193826

Coordinates: 50, -50
Biomes: Desert, Windswept Savanna

One of the most fun things about Minecraft 1.18 update is that it tends to give two adjusting biomes similar characteristics.

For example, in this seed you will find a hollow mountain in the windswept savanna biome, and the desert biome standing next to it also generates as a hollow mountain with a village on top.

It's so unusual that you simply need to try it for yourselves!

Seed: 135725

Coordinates: 900, 450
Biomes: Desert, Ocean

In the previous update it was impossible to find a stronghold closer than a thousand blocks from spawn, but in the new 1.18.1 update you can finally get a lot closer.

In this seed, you will find a stronghold mere 300 blocks away from spawn at coordinates 1200, 1050. Conveniently, there is also a dungeon right underneath it with two chests.

Seed: 93424997

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Desert

When there isn't enough challenges in the overworld, it's always a good idea to delve into the nether.

Here you will find an exposed ruined portal right next to a village at spawn. This portal will take you directly to the walls of the nether fortress.

But before heading into the unknown, collect some loot from the desert temple standing in the village at coordinates -200, -300.

Seed: 2181401

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Jungle, Desert

Here is another example of a desert biome being influenced by the windswept savanna and jungle biomes near it.

The village at spawn covers the peak of the tremendous desert cliffs that can be a great hiding spot from all the hostile mobs lurking beneath.

Seed: 12033836

Coordinates: -150, 50
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

In case you were looking for a harder survival island, then here is a good opportunity to test your skills.

You will spawn in a small island village with an ocean monument being very close to the island.

There isn't much else around, and the closest settlement on the mainland can be found at coordinates 750, 200.

Seed: 124645

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Forest, Taiga

Woodland mansion surrounded by villages at spawn!

There are three settlements in total at the following coordinates:

  1. -200, -200
  2. 100, -200
  3. 300, 50

All three stand in different biomes, which makes this seed fitting for getting various types of blocks and resources.

Seed: 3042893

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Frozen Peaks, Forest

Spawn on the outset of a ring mountain with a pretty large village that occupies both the peaks of the mountain, as well as its base.

There is another village up north at coordinates 200, -250 and a double pillager outpost at coordinates 850, -850.

That's it for this month's best Minecraft seeds for 1.18.1. Check out more Minecraft articles right here, including a huge catalog of awesome seeds for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!

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