Here are this month's best Minecraft seeds for the 1.9 edition.

Top 20 Minecraft Seeds for Minecraft 1.9 (November 2015)

Here are this month's best Minecraft seeds for the 1.9 edition.

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The Minecraft community never sleeps and keeps delivering new exciting seeds for our enjoyment. This month we present you the next batch of freshly discovered seeds for the latest Minecraft 1.9 snapshot. You will discover not only some great villages located in marvelously picturesque environments, but also a few really intimidating high mountains, and even an igloo amidst icy cold plains.

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Seed: -9188981165579129898
Coordinates: 23 76 -50
Biome: Savanna Plateau M

Are you afraid of heights? Spawn at the foot of one of the highest mountain peaks encountered in Minecraft 1.9 so far. The highest points contain many hundreds of blocks, as you can see how they stretch high above the clouds on the screenshot. You can switch to Creative mode, get on top and build something if you’re all up for Minecraft induced vertigo. In addition, you will find a desert temple at the following coordinates: 80 70 256.

Seed: 6065397071863418158
Coordinates: 175 64 231
Biome: Taiga

Time for mining some resources! Spawn next to a massive area with gravel. There’s so much gravel that you might think it never ends. This material is easy to break, but the best tool for mining gravel is a shovel. Occasionally you will get a piece of flint instead of gravel. Don’t worry, flint is perfect for trading, as some villagers will give you emeralds in exchange.

Seed: 470185116056819904
Coordinates: 168 69 45
Biome: Savanna Plateau

Spawn amidst some neat looking mountains and hill structures. It’s a rare occasion to see these unique extreme hill biomes alongside a desert. The mountains are great places for building. If you need additional resources you can visit a village at 258 70 -317, and a desert temple at 525 70 -272. They are very close to each other and the temple is located right on top of the end portal.

Seed: 3070979773322103579
Coordinates: 37 70 -12
Biome: Savanna

Spawn at the intersection area of some amazingly beautiful biomes with fantastic mountains and waterfalls. This is a perfect seed for fans of survival and multiplayer. You have all the resources you need to start a new adventure. Horses, cows and sheep are scattered all over the area, which give you an opportunity to build a village of your own.

Seed: -6555686778111491710
Coordinates: 1270 70 500
Biome: Desert

Spawn in the desert biome with a huge village and a temple. Two other villages are located not far away: just a couple of hundred blocks from your original spawn position. If you aren’t a fan of dry deserts, there is a village for you near a swamp at 700 70 500. The other one is located on the classic plains and can be quickly found at 1138 70 322. On top of that, you will discover a dungeon with diamonds at the following coordinates: 720 13 540.

Seed: -8728143792969733329
Coordinates: 291 67 -24
Biome: Cold Taiga, Mesa

You will spawn in cold taiga that shares space with a large mesa biome. There are a few small caves and ponds all around. This seed is unusual for its combination of icy cold and hot environments positioned so close to each other. It can be hard to settle in a place like this, as finding a flat enough area is pretty difficult. However, if you can find such place, then think no more, as cold taiga is one of the best places for survival.

Seed: 9004841547518918554
Coordinates: -49 70 258
Biome: Forest

Spawn inside a forest on a mushroom island. Another one can be found not that far away to the north. This must be one of the rarest seeds in Minecraft, as two mushroom islands so close to each other have never been discovered before. Keep in mind that there is a spider spawner with a golden apple inside. Also, you will encounter hordes of cows waiting to be domesticated.

Seed: 6053124876307745085
Coordinates: 175 64 187
Biome: Plains

Spawn in the village with a blacksmith and two butchers. As usual, you will find a chest with some nice loot at the blacksmith’s house, such as iron boots, obsidian, iron ingots, iron sword, bread and an iron helmet. The village is conveniently located right next to a dark oak forest and a couple of caves full of resources and other hidden treasures.

Seed: 3070928923073029792
Coordinates: 58 92 24
Biome: Savanna M

Spawn at the base of some amazing mountain formations in the savanna plateau biome. The highest point reaches over 200 blocks. There are no villages with NPCs, but you will find tons of dungeons and abandoned mineshafts around. This means that you have a great chance to build something nice near a lake or a waterfall.

Seed: 2958776707072848190
Coordinates: -201 64 200
Biome: Swampland

Spawn amidst a gorgeous swamp biome. In the northern direction behind the mountains you will discover a savanna biome with a small village and a couple of farms at 112 73 132. The village has a blacksmith and a chest to loot, which includes iron pickaxes, iron ingots, one golden ingot and some apples. There is also enough space around if you plan on expanding the village.

Seed: 6018974322486396671
Coordinates: -150 65 217
Biome: Desert

Spawn close to a desert temple with great loot inside: emeralds, gold ingots, iron ingots and a saddle for your horse. At the following coordinates: 17 85 305, there’s a really nice underpass that creates a fitting shadow as a place to build your house. If you go to 179 66 139, you will find a really small village and another temple.

Seed: 2548183131561182139
Coordinates: 293 64 99
Biome: Ice Plains

You will spawn in the plains area, but if you teleport to the coordinates above, you will find an igloo. It seems there’s nothing interesting inside, unless you break the floor. There will be a long passage leading straight underground into another room. Behind the grates you will see a zombie and a villager with whom you can trade. Also, there’s a chest full of goodies: golden apple, gold nuggets, coal and ordinary apples.

Seed: -5390585780221866495
Coordinates: -195 64 253
Biome: Plains

Ever thought of having a desert temple on a small island and a fun place to build a survival base? Here it is! Spawn in a village and have several temples within reasonable range, plus mega taiga, roofed forest, and a swamp nearby. Teleport to the following coordinates -888 70 744 to find a partially buried temple with a huge supply of gold and bones, iron ingots, diamonds and emeralds.

Seed: -6488597814845269095
Coordinates: 127 64 285
Biome: Desert

Spawn next to a desert village and a temple. It’s a really nice seed with a blacksmith and a chest with oak saplings (very useful items in the desert), iron boots, iron leggings and apples. If you go the temple, then be careful, as every so often zombies spawn inside. Otherwise, get some nice loot from the chests, such as emeralds, diamond horse armor, gold ingots and plenty of bones.

Seed: 242745834728107
Coordinates: 214 70 236
Biome: Savanna Plateau

You'll spawn in the general savanna area with pretty sunflowers scattered around, but where you really want to go is the village at 399 65 308. There are some nice farms with potatoes and carrots. The blacksmith’s shop contains a chest with iron chest-plate, iron leggings, iron ingots, gold ingots, oak saplings and some apples.

Seed: -2750952350580788267
Coordinates: 49 71 234
Biome: Plains

Spawn in a large village with a blacksmith and a church. The village is located on a small plain between swamps and extreme hills. The chest at the blacksmith’s house contains obsidian, a couple of apples and bread. As you may know, obsidian is an extremely resistant and difficult to obtain material in Minecraft. The only type of tool that can mine obsidian in its natural state is a diamond pickaxe. So, it’s a great luck to find it in the chest and ready for use.

Seed: -1316787974451790693
Coordinates: -175 64 205
Biome: Desert

Spawn just a few blocks away from a desert village that shares the same space with a small pyramid. It’s quite an unusual sight and totally worth it: the pyramid is full of valuable loot, such as diamonds, emeralds, iron ingots, gold ingots and diamond horse armor. There’s also a church, a couple of farms, but unfortunately, no blacksmith.

Seed: 8498612902243167991
Coordinates: -212 68 101
Biome: Plains

Spawn near the village that stands on the edge of the plains with a view of the ocean. The village has a church and a blacksmith. The treasure chest in the smithy’s shop includes gold horse armor. If you move upwards away from the settlement, you will find a ravine. This one is not very deep, which makes it much more convenient to explore.

Seed: -5702394862797902258
Coordinates: 211 64 261
Biome: Plains

You have another ravine relatively close to the village. Although the village itself is pretty big with some nice buildings, there is no blacksmith or loot. However, the ravine and a couple of caves in the close vicinity can provide you with some valuable resources. Additionally, large amounts of horses, sheep and cows can be seen all over the place.

Seed: -5010341250469283982
Coordinates: 218 68 266
Biome: Plains

Spawn on the bank of a small river that separates a desert biome and plains. There is a very small village, but this time with a blacksmith and a chest to loot. It contains iron ingots, apples and an iron chestplate. Not far away in the southern direction you will find a desert temple.

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