Top 20 Minecraft seeds for Minecraft 1.9 (October 2015)

Our favorite seeds for October in Minecraft 1.9

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Last month we gave you the selection of the freshest Minecraft seeds for Minecraft 1.9, and it’s time for the second batch of the newest Minecraft seeds for October 2015. This top 20 includes various locations, such as forests, jungles, islands, temples, witch huts, villages, and many more. You can find your favorite biome and begin your own adventure of survival.

If you’re interested in Minecraft seeds with blacksmiths, then take a look at this list of 20 awesome seeds with smithies.

Seed: 8345769739875802293
Coordinates: 21 64 -208
Biome: Forest

Spawn at the edge of a cool tiny island with trees and some other useful stuff. This is a great opportunity to push your survival skills to the limit. Small remote islands are perfect for challenging yourself.

Don’t forget to check the underwater world – who knows what you can find there. Test your skills and become a rich owner of your own private paradise!

Seed: Madness
Coordinates: -26 70 46
Biome: Savanna

Spawn at the border of two beautiful biomes: savanna and desert. Just around the corner there are a few villages and temples for you to check out. Teleport to X: -297 / Y: 74 / Z: 63 and spawn in the village with a blacksmith. At X: 277 / Y: 84 / Z: 335 you will find another village, but this time without a smithy. You will also find two desert temples at X: 531 / Y: 70 / Z: -217 and X: 306 / Y: 70 / Z: -336 respectively.

Seed: annamunpliispäästätääpeliläpi
Coordinates: 161 63 248
Biome: Forest

You spawn in the middle of the forest that contains oak and birch wood. Right next to the spawn point you will find extreme hills and a pretty large plains area. This is an excellent starter seed for the survival mode. If you wish to develop your skills, then there is no better place.

Seed: 1459935170646539010
Coordinates: -28 94 -151
Biome: Savanna Plateau F

Spawn on a terrific mesa hill, and very close to your location there is a huge mesa cave – the place that spawns lots of mobs! Right next to the Savanna biome there is a jungle forest with a couple of caves and a flat open area where you can build anything your heart wishes, and you’ve got all the necessary resources nearby.

Seed: 634987911987528
Coordinates: -176 68 213
Biome: Taiga Hills

Spawn right beside the village, which requires some expansion. If you need diamonds, no problem, just teleport to these coordinates: -65 11 215, -75 10 195, -128 12 223. There is a cavern at -141 12 206 and a mob spawner at -129 18 88 with some treasure that includes an iron horse armor. Care for some more resources and valuables? Check out -25 13 202 and -59 11 196 for some gold, and -10 9 197 for emeralds.

Seed: -3838058926854493079
Coordinates: 132 63 254
Biome: Forest

Here is another super tiny island that hosts just a couple of trees for your hard-edged survival endeavors. There are actually three small islands that can be connected into a big one. As you know, small island seeds are extremely rare these days, so don’t let this seed go over your head.

Seed: 940080264251119585
Coordinates: -47 62 -37
Biome: Plains

Spawn in a swampy location that at first glance has nothing to offer, but look around and you’ll stumble upon a witch hut. If you feel lazy, then just teleport to these coordinates X: 3 / Y: 66 / Z: -48. Witch huts are spawn points for witches, who are hostile. If you manage to kill a witch, she will drop some useful items you may need, such as glass bottles, glowstone dust, gunpowder, sugar, and others.

Seed: -5545704836441377337
Coordinates: -110 65 226
Biome: Plains

Spawn above a massive ravine, then take a look around and spot a few more surrounded by a nice grassland with some horses and pumpkins. These cracks aren’t the deepest ones you can find, but they give you enough room for exploration. You may find diamond ore and some other caves connecting with different parts of the location, but beware of the mobs.

Seed: -1859071981
Coordinates: -253 66 221
Biome: Plains

You spawn right near the beautiful big village located on the border of three biomes – the rarest and most beautiful sight in Minecraft. They include Mesa Plateau, Desert, and Plains. The desert biome is the least dominant, but it adds that unusual white color to the rest of the palette. This is a fantastic place for a settlement and exploration.

Seed: -248235951331409013
Coordinates: 82 68 260
Biome: Jungle

Spawn at the beginning of the jungle forest that is located right next to a vast taiga biome with large trees. Both of these biomes are a rare occurrence in Minecraft. Also there is a plains biome with horses not far away from the spawn location. Teleport to X: 139 / Y: 89 / Z: 381 and find a river that creates a natural division between the two forests.

Seed: 8592227573401915141
Coordinates: -22 68 259
Biome: Beach

Another small island with some chickens, but this time also with an underwater temple close by and some massive ice hills in the distance. If you decide to check the temple, then be prepared, as the guardians spawning nearby will kill you in a few hits. Or you can check another water monument with an island in this great Minecraft 1.9 seed.

Seed: 231
Coordinates: -103 83 182
Biome: Flower Forest

Spawn in an incredibly beautiful place – a huge flower forest with a lake, right next to extreme hills biome. This is one of the coolest terrains, surrounded with valleys and islands, all covered with pretty flowers. Go up and see everything for yourself by teleporting to X: -102 / Y: 83 / Z: 181. If you get a flower fatigue, then head towards X: -311 / Y: 91 / Z: 246 to see some amazing extreme hills.

Seed: -8999344620815709888
Coordinates: -17 80 500
Biome: Swampland M

Spawn near a Swamp M biome. This is a rare case of the swamp biome, which is located very close to another flower forest. Go up to the large swamp peak at X: -15 / Y: 80 / Z: 502 and look around for a few good spots. At X: -76 / Y: 77 / Z: 612 the swamp creates a unique valley where two biomes mix together.

Seed: 8157094294781651305
Coordinates: 217 75 252
Biome: Taiga Hills

Spawn in the middle of a spruce forest with a large ravine only a few feet from the spawn location. This one is pretty deep and holds some treasure you can obtain. There's a normal forest nearby for a more generic Minecraft experience. There are also some mountains and a mesa biome, but pretty far away from the starting location.

Seed: -8616953386183978007
Coordinates: 206 73 170
Biome: Jungle

Spawn in the jungle forest with a desert and extreme hills biomes close by. This lush Minecraft 1.9 seed has a desert temple, which holds some valuables inside. This seed is perfect for players who enjoy plenty of resources, and some quick starter loot. This is also an excellent location to sight-see and maybe even find a great spot to build a house.

Seed: 5132472577713836028
Coordinates: -157 71 238
Biome: Plains

This is a good survival starter village seed, which unfortunately doesn’t have a blacksmith, but there is a library and lots of animals. In the library you can find bookshelves that can be used as furnace fuel to smelt items for 15 seconds. You can also break the bookshelves for some items that they usually drop.

Seed: -1842384466837849258
Coordinates: 354 63 -146
Biome: Mesa Plateau F

Spawn at a fantastically beautiful mesa plateau with a desert next to it. The seed spawns you underwater in the river that flows at the base of the canyon. If you want to quickly reappear on the ground, then use the coordinates indicated above for a convenient teleportation.

Seed: 634987911987528
Coordinates: -180 71 215
Biome: Taiga Hills

Spawn right near the village with NPCs. The flat plains biome allows for a broader expansion of the settlement. The blacksmith’s house contains a treasure chest with some iron boots and a saddle for your horse. The surrounding hills contain large amounts of spruce trees and simply create a pleasant atmosphere.

Seed: 997195340
Coordinates: 59 72 -235
Biome: Savanna

Spawn near a desert biome on the savanna plateau. There is a desert temple to the west and a village inhabited with NPCs at the following coordinates: 53 72 -246. The temple includes treasure chests with gold and emeralds. The blacksmith in the village has a sword, a helmet and a pickaxe waiting for you in his chest.

Seed: -931239397579225
Coordinates: -202 73 273
Biome: Jungle

You spawn in the jungle forest near a small lake and a jungle temple. It doesn’t have too many valuables inside, apart from a few iron ingots. But there are traps that shoot arrows if activated. The arrows can be picked up and used as your alternative weapons.

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