Top 5 Best 2015 RPGs

My top 5 list of best RPGs that had released this year so far.

I will be giving my opinion on what RPGs I have enjoyed in 2015 so far. I would like to note I have not beaten every single RPG listed here, so that is one point to keep in mind. Games that are mentioned are ones I personally have found enjoyable, in which it doesn't require one to "beat it" to enjoy the game.

The video posted above is one such listing I enjoyed watching back when 2015 was new, and we were not quite sure what kind of RPGs would release.

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#1 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

 I have enjoyed this title due to the fact it is open world, and has a lot of playable hours in it. You will never become bored of this lovely game title, as it does offer a lot of free DLC. Most of the DLC is cosmetics but also promises plenty of additional quests.

CD Projekt RED did an awesome job releasing a lot of free DLC for users to download. The most recent DLC, titled Hearts of Stone, is out now. I would highly rate this as a strong Game of the Year contender.

#2 Pillars of Eternity

Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, you will have to make choices in Pillars of Eternity, and with those will come consequences as well as you play along in the game's world. 

You'll have a blast, especially if you enjoy old-school cRPGs. However, it is a single-player only game, and friends are not able to hop and play with you. This made me a bit sad, but I had fun nonetheless.

#3 Tales of Zestiria

Developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, this is another top choice for me as well, as it offers many hours of JRPG goodness, and you'll be playing for hours as with previous Tales games.

You will be grinding a lot, but it's something I highly encourage! You will get further doing so, plus it does help to be prepared for future boss fights.

 #4 Pokemon: Super Mystery Dungeon

The Mystery Dungeon series holds a special place in my heart! They are quite fun, and are far different than the mainline Pokemon games. You will be controlling your own Pokemon squad team and doing some missions that offer rewards. This is one of the other titles I found to be among the most fun RPGs of this year. You will be able to play as all of the current Pokemon out there as well, which makes it even more fun to play.

#5 Darkest Dungeon

Ah, yes... Darkest Dungeon! If you are a fan of permadeath and rouge-likes, you will enjoy this title. Also, if you are a fan of dungeon crawling, you will enjoy this game. The difficulty curve may be a turn off to some people, but I actually find it quite rewarding. Many hours of replay ability is what to expect out of this gem, so yes, the game is worth the purchase.

That concludes my top 5 RPGs for 2015! I do hope you had a good read, and pick up some of these titles. Most of them are on PC aside from Mystery Dungeon, which is a 3DS release. However, The Witcher 3 is on PC, PS4, and the Xbox One if you are more of a console person.

As for the video linked above, this was another list I enjoyed watching during the summer whenever fall hadn't been here.

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