Top 5 Changes In Pokemon Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon might bring some big change-ups to the worlld of Pokemon

As a franchise, Pokemon remains one of the most popular and endearing games, with an audience that includes children and adults alike. However, some fans have started to complain that the main series is feeling a bit stale, and that Nintendo will have to change things up to keep their fan's attention.

Here are five examples of changes in Sun and Moon that will be sure to do just that.

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Battle Royal

Not Battle Royale, that's a very different game. Battle Royal is a new game mode which pits four trainers against each other in free-for-all combat.  Each trainer has three Pokemon, and can attack any opponent's Pokemon on their turn.  At the end of the match, each trainer is ranked based on how many Pokemon they defeated and how many they have left standing.  This mode could bring life back into the casual multiplayer aspect of Pokemon.

QR Scanner

The QR Scanner might seem like something that would make the game too easy, but rest assured that you won't just get Pokemon from scanning codes. If you find the right code, it'll register the corresponding Pokemon to your Pokedex, and give you hints on where to catch it.  This is invaluable information for anyone trying to catch 'em all.

Character Customization 

Pokemon's character customization, or lack thereof, is a frequent joke among fans. Sun and Moon allows you not only to pick character's gender, typically the only choice, but also their race as well. While it's no Skyrim, it's nice to have a little more choice in how your character looks.

Changes in the Overworld

The new art style for the game finally presents the characters the same way as the anime, rather than the chibi-style squashed characters of the previous games. Not only that, but the camera has changed from the typical top-down view to a more traditional third person.

Rotom Pokedex

The Pokedex has been a staple of the series since its beginning -- but aside from minor visual differences, hasn't really changed much.  The new Pokedex, which is inhabited by a talking Rotom Pokemon, will give the player advice, tell them their next destination, and just generally be adorable.

What are you looking forward to in Sun and Moon? Let us know in the comments!

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