What is the last thing your character sees when they die? A game over screen.

Top 5 game over screens in video games

What is the last thing your character sees when they die? A game over screen.
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You stocked piled health potions and slept at the inn. On the final approach to the boss, the doors swing open and the boss instantly kills you. The screen fades to black, as two words appear: GAME OVER.

Gamers know these words quite well, they mean defeat. You were not fast enough or you did not time that combo as well. Game Over screens are as iconic as some of the games itself, here are our top 5 game over screens in gaming.

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Batman: Arkham series was superhero game fans deserved. You are the knight, the hand of justice, you are Batman. All of the Batman's iconic villains broke out and it is up to you to put them back. Rocksteady's game took the a game over screen and flipped it. They gave each of the villains their due in all of the games. There is no mention of game over but the villains taunt your play style and revel in the defeat of Batman.

The Metal Gear Solid series has one of the most unique and memorable death/game over screens in gaming history. When the main character Snake dies, he lets out a final scream. You hear "Snake? Snake?! SNAAAKKEEE!!!" on his radio as his partners try to contact him. There have been countless of parodies of this yell in games and other media. 

How do you portray the blood and guts of Friday the 13th movie in a video game? With a simple eight-word statement: "You and your friends are dead. Game Over." That is it, there is no continue screen, just a black background. Jason won and you are dead. Simple, to the point, and powerful. 

Resident Evil brought a whole new dimension of horror to video games: zombies, haunted houses and deadly traps. Saving and ammo in this game was sparse, so you had to plan each and every step you took. When you died, the game tells you. You might already know this but this screen rubbed it in, like salt in a wound.

The Grand Theft Auto series used "Wasted" and "Busted" instead of 'game over'. Rockstar wanted to create a world that used pop culture as it base. These words don't tell you to give up like others but in bolden your skill as a gamer to try harder.

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